Weeks go by every night is worse than the last don wait in a locked drawer every day till Sam comes home. Then every night the drawer opens the light overwhelming and tony is picked up griped and brought to sams special place and used ” oh yeah Im a bad girl she screams and shouts oh tony Im your Goddess! ”

So as Sam pulls tony out and licks him clean off her juices she puts him down next to her and she falls asleep tony tries to think of a way of how to get out of her house just then sam rolled across the bed. Just then her massive ass that was as wide as a city block fell on top of him and he had to pry his way out. But this just tickled her and she said softly oh tony I like that as she pushed him in her ass and she farted right in his face and he passed out from the gas.

The next morning Tony finally woke up and he was on the floor in a pile of sams dirty underwear. She was naked and Tony had a massive boner. ” oh now u go up thats not fair. ” Just then Sam looked around ” what was that? ” No way she heard me say anything. As she walked every part of her giggled and everything went up and down tony was mesmerized by how big she was and he said if she can hear me that means she may be able to see me soon.“

Just then Sam turned around and saw Tony on the floor and walked over to him and picked him up. ” There u are my small boy toy I may take u with me to school later but first I may want to have some fun with u my little boyfriend. ” Tony accepted his life and he started to enjoy it and then Sam took him into the bathroom and started to turn the water on. Sam got in the tub and washed and then grabbed Tony, dunked him in the water, and masturbating using him on the tub.

After that escape Sam was so happy she threw tony in her bag and took him to school only if tony knew how much worse his day would get once he was at school!

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