Eril chattered as we were on the way downtown in a carriage.

“There are a total of 14 boutiques in the capital, and the most famous of them is Azang Boutique.”

I nodded at her words.

“The Azang Boutique became famous when Princess Velvet wore one of their dresses, but the price of a dress was so high that even average aristocrats could not afford it.”

Upon saying that, Eril glanced at me.

In truth, I was not even what she called ‘average aristocrats’.
I was nothing like them in term of status or weath.

Money aside, she saw me and Leone together.
And for the record, Eril no longer held me back like when she first set foot into Cheshire Group.

In addition, not only was her pay that had been delayed until now solved at once, but her monthly salary was also increased.
Therefore, she was sure that I must have had a source of money that she did not know about.

That’s true, but…

She would never know that that money was from ‘Duke Leone Finisis’ and ‘Cheshire Group’.

Then I turned to Hillary, who was sitting next to Eril, silently staring straight ahead.

She really does not have any inquiries.

Usually, one would ask questions to find out about the person they’re serving, but Hillary didn’t even seem curious one bit.

She literally felt like a ‘doll’ made to wield a sword…

It’s probably not just my misunderstanding.

I was not very interested in people.
I could not care less about the things that had nothing to do with me.
I was not the nosy kind.

But when it came to my people, it was a different story.

At least, I had to figure out what kind of background and personality the one that would accompany me had.

That way, I won’t be afraid of being stabbed behind my back.

I put on a bitter smile.

Around the time the Guild was just established and growing, several people came to me with ill intentions and backstabbed me.
I got betrayed so many times that I lost count.
From that, I gradually lost trust in people.

No matter how friendly and harmless one appeared on the outside, I could never read their innermost thoughts.

I constantly kept watch on them and found out that the majority were scammers who had approached me with ulterior motives.

So there weren’t many trustworthy people I could keep by my side.

Of course, since Hillary was the person Leone personally picked, there was no doubt about her deed…

Still, it wouldn’t hurt to know what kind of person she is.

I was lost in thought.
And before I knew it, the carriage had entered the busy street of the downtown area.


Just as the form of a complex as the Merchant, many boutiques centered on this street.

From the beginning to the end of the road, boutiques were lined up on both sides.

On the sides of the boulevard, there were lined up from carriages with no crest to luxury carriages engraved with colourful symbols.

“Why are there so many carriages?”

At my question, Eril answered.

“I think many nobles are visiting boutiques to look for attires to attend the third anniversary of His Majesty’s accession, which is coming soon.”

The third anniversary of the emperor’s accession to the throne…

I pondered over what Eril had said as we moved on.

The Azang boutique was right nearby, so I decided we would drop by there first.


As the door moved, the sound of a bell ringing could be heard.

I took a look inside.
The lobby was spacious and comfortable.

There weren’t many gowns on display, but at first glance, I could tell they were of the highest quality.


The owner who came out to greet the guests was startled.

His gaze swept me up and down once.

“This is the Azang Boutique.”

The owner added.

The meaning behind those words was clear.

I think you’re mistaken, so go away.

“I am well aware.
Can you show me inside?”

Upon reading the obvious meaning, I ignored it with a bright smile.

Then, the owner’s face crumpled as if she had chewed on a stone.
It only lasted for a moment though.

Apparently, she was quite good at managing her facial expressions as she had dealt with a lot of nobles.

Still, she can’t hide her displeasure.

I was just thinking about leaving a while back.

I wasn’t in desperate need of their dress, and there was no reason for me to be treated like this.

Shall we take a look around then?

But I was curious to know how arrogant she could get in front of a nobleman since she was selling such wonderful designs.
So I followed her inside.

There were five more guests inside.

They were chatting while having tea.
They all turned to look at me as I entered.

“Wait here and I will bring you a design book.
You can look at the book and name the design you like.”

“Very well.”

I nodded lightly and sat down on the sofa.

When the owner came back with the design book, I slowly turned it over and looked through it.

There were many designs that stood out.

They were glamourous, yet not cumbersome, and the highlights were elaborately tailored, making them quite eye-catching.

At the bottom of the design, the price was specified, and it certainly seemed too burdensome for ordinary aristocrats to pay.

The cheapest design was 7 diamonds.

Which design would be better?

Should I just grab something and quickly go back?

As I was contemplating, someone spoke to me.

“Oh my, Craycia, aren’t you overdoing it?”

It was one of the women who came first.

Does she know me?

I rolled my eyes without saying a word in response.

If she called me by my last name without the honorifics, it seemed that she knew me well… 

No matter how I look at it, I don’t think we’re friends though?

My doubt turned into certainty at her next words.

“I heard that you are still struggling with debt… Are you sure it’s appropriate for you to come to a place like this? Oh, in case you don’t have a job, come to my family.
I will hire you as a maid without an interview.”

At her words, the party who was with her burst into laughter.

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