When our eyes met, he looked away.
I wondered if he was embarrassed.

Looking back at Leone, I parted my lips.

“Leone, what do you know about Heights Henness?”

“If it’s Heights Henness, you mean Duke Henness?”


I whispered into Leone’s ear as the sound of the music overlapped the sound of words.
All the while, I did not take my eyes off Heights Henness.

Naturally, Leone bent his back.

“I am only aware of the publicly known facts.
Shall we find out about him?”


I nodded and looked away from the back of Heights’ head.

“From trivial things to interpersonal relationships, I don’t think it would be bad to know.
I’ll have to renew the contract concerning the exploits of manastone mine soon.”

“All right.”

Briefly after, someone came to us.

Judging by the clothes, it was a servant.

He bowed towards us and said to Leone.

“Your Grace, Duke Leone Finisis, His Majesty would like to see you.”

“His Majesty?”

My head naturally turned around at the unexpected words.

He, who was on the highest position, was looking down at us languidly like a lion on its pride rock.

Precisely, he was looking at me.

He was said to be looking for Leone, then why was he staring at me?


“Please go ahead, Your Grace.
I will be waiting for you.”

I added the honorifics because we were in front of the servant.


At the Emperor’s order, Leone moved away from me.

He looked uneasy, so I waved my hand at him as an assuring sign.

That just seemed to have aggravated his anxiety.

Leone disappeared and the ball grew riper.

As the men and women who came together began to come to the corner for a chat, I decided to move.

There was little space between the scorching heat, so being alone was my spec.

While thinking about where to go, I found an empty balcony.

I went there thinking it would be nice since no one would approach me if I put up the curtains.

“Oh, I should bring a drink along.”

On the way to the balcony, thirsty, I picked up a glass of white wine from the tray of a passing servant.

As I stepped out onto the balcony, a cool breeze ruffled my hair.

At the tickling hair strand beside my cheek, I tucked it behind my ear with the other hand resting on the railing.

I leisurely swirled my glass while looking at the expansive garden of the imperial palace.
After taking a small sip, a tangy, sweet scent sank in.

It tastes pretty good.

I liked the white wine I brought with me, so I down a few more sips and rested my chin on my hand relaxedly.

The stardust and the purple moon were beautiful in the dark night sky.

Come to think of it, how long had it been since I could last be this carefree?

As soon as I entered this body, I was distracted by the succession issue.

Even before I died, I suffered from overtime work.

Besides, it had also been a long time since I last attended a ball like this, so it was a quite new feeling.

I just wanted to go back and rest right away, but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to stay a little longer.

However, soon after, an uninvited guest appeared.

“Eureia Craycia?”

A man’s voice broke the silence.

I turned my head slightly and glanced at him.

“It is you! Eureia Craycia the Glass doll!”

“Who are you?”

“You don’t remember me? It’s me, William Acreman.
I’m quite disappointed.
We had such a good time at the academy though.”


I responded indifferently.

He seemed to want me to recognise him, but how was I supposed to know? I was not the real Eureia.

The man was bewildered as my reaction was blander than he expected.

I just didn’t like the guy for breaking my peace.

What’s more…

I definitely came in with the curtains down.

Pulling the curtains down meant that there was someone on the other side, which also meant that the person wanted to be alone.

But the man knew I was here and followed me in.
He was after me all along.

How annoying.

I was too lazy to deal with him, so I just walked past him.

“What is this? What’s with your reaction? We were still the representative couple of the Academy in name, so is this really okay?”

When I heard he mentioned ‘representative couple’, I took a glance at him.

He stared back at me and said with a low chuckle, as if he had expected it to happen sooner or later.

“Are you still mad? Please forgive me.
To be honest, having an affair is not that much of a big sin.
Isn’t that so? I reflected on myself, too.”

The man leaned close to me.
He held my wrist firmly.

“But Eureia, you seem to have gotten prettier since then.
Is it just me? Back at the academy, you looked like a sick person…”

“I don’t care what kind of relationship I had with you nor what you did wrong.”


The man tilted his head.
Promptly, his mouth drew a smarmy smile.

I couldn’t understand what was going on or where this was heading.

“It’s annoying that you’re clinging to me like this.”



The man could no longer speak.

It was because I abruptly threw wine at his eyes.

“Ah! You…!”

The man with wine in his eyes screamed in panic and let go of me.

That’s going to sting a lot.
It’s carbonated after all.

I took this opportunity to get out of the balcony.

I could never understand such a shameless kind of human.

It’s best to just give them a shot and get away quickly.

I was about to leave behind the man covering his eyes in pain, but at that moment, he pulled my hair hard.

I was dragged and thrown to the floor.


“You-, you crazy b*tch!”

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