“As you can see, this is a place that sells medium-level magic tools.”

As Yuphon briefly explained, I nodded and looked around.

Since the whole floor was being used, the view was wide.

On the shelf, magic tools embedded with purple magic stones for various purposes were displayed.

Although they were medium-level magic tools, their value was enormous, so security was tight.
If someone tried to touch it, they would be dragged away by the Guardians on the spot.

Not long after, Yuphon and I went down floor by floor and she introduced me to the members of each department.
Strange enough, almost all the members gave me a similar look.

Eventually, we reached the basement.

“This is the floor where apprentice members live and dine.
Miss Eureia’s room is over there.
As per the rule, each room is for 2 people.
There are no exceptions.”

The room Yuphon pointed to was room 9.

“You will have to work starting tomorrow, so take a good rest.
Do you have any other questions?”

I promptly asked Yuphon after much consideration.

“When is the time to eat?”

As if my question was unexpected, Yuphon responded after a moment stunned.

“7 a.m, 1 p.m, and 7 p.m, in the dining room.
Anything else you’re curious about…?”

“No, thank you for your kind explanation.”

Despite Yuphon’s giving me the weird look, I smiled brightly and turned around.

I entered room 9, the one that Yuphon had told me.

The interior was of a suitable size, neither too narrow nor too spacious.

There were single beds at both ends, and a desk in the middle.

I sat down on a neatly arranged bed.
It wasn’t as soft as the one at the viscounty, but it was moderately stable.

Has my roommate not come yet?

It was still time for the members to do their work, so it seemed it would take quite some time for my roommate to return.

In the meantime, I unpacked my things.

Then, as I sat down on the bed, I looked down at the rings I was wearing.

One was a ring with the crest of the Craycia family on it, and one was a magic tool with a magic stone embedded in it.

This was given to me after Leone linked it with his ring.

If I rub the magic stone with my finger, a signal would appear on the other person’s ring.

It was also cast with simple self-defense magic.

It was a signal to let him know that I had safely joined.

Even if it wasn’t for my doing, someone would have already reported it to Leone, but he’s a very restless guy.

This should be enough.

I thought about going out and looking around some more, but I gave up.

Who knew what might happen if I wandered around for no reason.

And above all.

…I’m tired.

This body was just too weak, it’s beyond my capacity for now.

I don’t think I had been around much, but I was already tired.

Well, to prepare for the enlistment, I solved all the household-related affairs at once.

I had just inherited the title, it wouldn’t be good to be away for a month.
If this got to my relatives’ ears, there may be talks about my lack of qualifications or something, so I rather had finished all the work in advance even if it was too much.

For that, I was already exhausted from overdoing it until the night before…

Besides, I left early in the morning, so I didn’t get much sleep.

Even so, I’d have to do a lot of work in the future, so it would be better to build up my stamina.

Should I ask Hillary to train me?

It might be okay to relearn swordsmanship.

I glanced at my watch.
3:30 p.m.

It would be 7 o’clock when the members finished their work.

“Shall I stay awake until my roommate arrives?”

Before I could even make a decision, drowsiness hit my body, which was now lying on the bed.
And my eyelids were forced to close.


Lia, one of the apprentice members, returned to her room earlier than usual.

It was because Tom, who had made a bet with Killivan, was in charge of all the cleaning work today.
Thanks to that, she was able to finish work earlier than usual today.

Everyone was curious about the rumoured lover who came in through the connections of vice-chairman Finisis, but that was not important to Lia.

I can buy Tia lots of delicious bread with this!

Today was the day she got her first paycheck.
It was the first time she has ever received a wage ever since she was born.

She had certainly gotten into a lot of trouble for making several mistakes, but Lia was truly grateful that she was still able to make money.

It’s all thanks to her.

In the elevator going down, Lia recalled the moment her life was turned upside down.

It was the day Lia decided to throw away her own life.

She wanted to change her own insignificant life and at least fill her sister’s stomach.

Hence, she recklessly threw herself in front of a carriage that seemed to belong to an aristocrat.

She could be hit by the carriage and die, or she could be beaten to death for obstructing the way.

In fact, Lia had seen countless children die like that.

Still, as long as she could fill her sister’s stomach, it was okay to die, it’s not scary, or so Lia thought.

The carriage came to an abrupt stop and the coachman spat out a curse.
Her body trembled as he seemed about to swing the whip at any moment.

It was at that moment that the carriage’s door opened and a woman stepped out gracefully.

Lia still couldn’t forget that moment.

Without a doubt, she was the most beautiful woman Lia had ever seen since she was born, with dazzling platinum hair and blue eyes.

For a moment, she wondered if an angel had descended.

Lia, who barely came to her senses, fell flat on her face and begged.

Apart from her beauty, her nobility was what brought Lia fear.

It was because she often heard rumours from the kids around her that nobles were cold-blooded and had no tears.

Though she had already prepared to die, what if she really got whipped? The little girl still couldn’t help but shudder at that thought.

What if she was to be cut off an arm or a leg?

Thinking that she might be losing consciousness anytime soon, she struggled to think of her younger sister, Tia.
But then…

‘But I can’t just move on and ignore what I’ve already seen.’

Hope, dazzlingly beautiful hope, was getting closer to her.

‘Go to the Cheshire Guild.
Go there and show them this.
That way, you should be able to get help.’

T/n: At this point you must have already known who Lia is.
It was previously stated that she had a brother, since back then the novel only referred to that charac simply as Lia’s ‘sibling’.
But since the name ‘Tia’ showed up, it shall be changed to sister.

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