“Sir Asher.”

Leone called out to the Guardian.

The Guardian, who had been assimilated into Lia’s story, was startled at the sound of his name and turned to look at Leone.

The Guardian was worried inwardly.

It was a fact known to all members of the Cheshire Merchant that Leone was a cold-hearted man.

If it were him, it seemed that even after hearing the story of that little child, he would turn away apathetically.

However, at the words that followed, sir Asher’s speculations were shattered.

“Go home with that child and take her little sister to our affiliated clinic.”

“Pardon…? But isn’t that clinic only for the members and their families?”

That child was irrelevant.

Sure Lia’s story was pitiful, but that alone couldn’t break the principle.
Then there would definitely be those who oppose it.

But Leone looked away indifferently and said.

“And afterward take that child to Ms.
Yuphon for guidance.”

“Yes? What do you mean by…?”

The guardian, who belatedly understood Leone’s intention, opened his mouth.

Of course, it was not that surprising for a commoner to join the Cheshire Merchant.

However, Lia was young and did not even go through the proper procedures.

This was clearly unusual.

At this point, the Guardian became curious about the identity of the person whose card Lia had brought.

He was clueless, but he thought she must be a great person to be able to control the vice-president of the guild, Leone Finisis!

Did the little child in front of him know? How her life had changed because of someone’s grace.

The Guardian, who belatedly came to his senses, took Lia to Yuphon’s office on the second floor.

In the meantime, Yuphon, who received the official document, was displeased with Lia, who was parachuted (previously explained), but she quickly accepted er hbecause she was a lovable child.

And Tia was admitted to Cheshire’s clinic.

The guild also arranged time for Lia and Tia to meet once a day.

Tia became chubby by the day and regained her smile.

Fortunately, Lia had adjusted well to the guild.

The members, who had rejected her at first for she was parachuted, came around and opened their hearts to the hard-working Lia.

It all felt like a dream to Lia.

The vivid touch to the paycheck envelope was proving to her that it’s not a dream.

I wouldn’t have been able to protect Tia if it wasn’t for her.

Lia clasped her hands, thinking of the beautiful aristocrat with platinum hair, who had changed her life.

I wish I could see her again before I die.

Were that to happen…

I will definitely return the favour.

Lia vowed.

Moments later, she arrived at the front of her room.

Come to think of it, which room was the lover of the vice-chairman assigned to?

She heard that she was enlisted as an apprentice.

Apprentice members must live in the guild for one month after joining.

It might be a different case since she’s His Lord’s lover.

Though she did not know who it was, she felt sorry for the person sharing the same room as her.
With that in mind, she turned the doorknob.

However, on second thought, wasn’t she in the only remaining room with a single bed available?

Then wouldn’t that person be assigned to her room?

And just as expected.
Someone was lying on the other bed.

Lia was very wary.

If it was His Lord’s lover, she must be a person of great status.

If she shared a room with such a person…!

Surely she would commit some discourteous act toward her.

Lia was about to run to Yuphon right away when she caught sight of her hair, which was disheveled on the bed.

It’s the colour Lia adored the most.

She had platinum hair.

“Could it be…”

Lia slowly approached the woman.

As she got closer, the visage of the other person became evident.

Moments later, Lia’s paycheck envelope dropped to the ground.

At the same time, the woman’s eyes blinked open.

They were deep blue.


When I opened my eyes, it was already evening.

The sunset light coming through the window told me that I had slept longer than expected.

Promptly, I lowered my gaze and looked at the girl who was frozen in stone.

A child…?

It was a cute girl with pink hair and pink eyes.

I could tell at once.

We’re roommates.

But my roommate’s reaction was strange.

It was because even though our eyes met, she just stood staring blankly at me without budging.

It’s like she’s looking at something she shouldn’t be seeing.

Soon I came to conclude that she was feeling repulsed by me.

Chances were some kind of rumour about being parachuted had spread about me, so it must have been difficult for her to openly talk to me because of reluctance.

But it would be difficult if I go ask for a room change now.

Yuphon already hated me, I didn’t want to look even more hateful for nothing.

Hence, I decided to talk to her in a friendly manner.

“Nice to meet you, young miss.”

She looked a lot younger than me, but since she was a colleague at work, I thought I should show some respect by using honorifics.

The girl was startled, stepped back, and suddenly fell over.

What-, what is wrong with her?

To my surprise, the girl exclaimed.

“Noble lady!”


“Is this a dream? To see your ladyship again…Oh gosh.”

As if trying to determine whether it was a dream, the girl pinched her cheeks hard, seemingly hurtful.

Soon the girl’s cheeks turned red, but she smiled.

“It’s not a dream…”

“Excuse me,… huh?”

As I was thinking about what to do since the kid seemed a bit abnormal, I suddenly noticed that the girl looked familiar.

Pink hair and pink eyes.
Watery eyes looking up at me.

“Don’t tell me you’re…?”

I finally recognised her.

It was the child I helped a month ago.

Tears began to well up in the girl’s eyes as I realised who she was.

Before long, tears were rolling down her cheeks and she bumped her head to the ground in front of me.

“I really wanted to see you one more time.
But to think it’s like this… like this… hic.”

“Ca-calm down…”

“Thank you, thank you, my lady.
Thanks to you, I was able to save my sister.
How… should I repay this favour… ”

Her cracked-up voice was mixed with occasional sniffles.

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