However, seeing her so confident and relaxed, in the corner of Yuphon’s mind, ‘Could it be… ?’ doubts arose.

It was uncomfortable to have such doubts.

Her feet unknowingly headed for the new lab.

…I must have been possessed.

She would admit it on her own.
That the vice-chairman’s lover, Eureia Craycia, was a great beauty.

Even though she was the woman Yuphon hated, when she smiled at her, Yuphon was mesmerised.

I was fascinated by that face.

If not, why would she believe such a baseless statement?

“…But since I’ve come this far.”

It would be good to check the current progress.

Yuphon muttered as she entered the first laboratory where the development of Locara tea leaves was in full swing.

“Huh? Ms.
Yuphon, what’s the matter?”

One of the researchers, who happened to catch sight of her, approached happily.

How many nights had he been up? His eyes were hollow and his cheeks were sunken.

“Nothing… I was just wondering if it’s going well.”

“Oh, that.”

The researcher’s smile turned distorted and Yuphon was a bit taken aback by it.

“It’s the same.
I’ve tried everything from standard manufacturing methods to new methods, but it’s not working.
To waste such precious Locara grass… it’s killing me.
There is no way I can try again, and I’m afraid this is how we fail as a team.”

Anxiety cast over the researcher’s face.

The remark about him being unable to try again stuck firmly in Yuphon’s mind.

Her lips opened then closed.
She suppressed herself, thinking that she shouldn’t say anything unnecessary.
 However, the moment she saw the researcher’s gloomy face, as if he was going to collapse at any moment, the words came out without on its own.

“…There is still another way, though.”

“What is it?”

The researcher asked in haste.

Yuphon replied in a small voice.

“Instead of oxidation, it’s kill-green.”

“No oxidation work?”

The researcher was puzzled and asked back.

“No what?”

Since it was break time, other researchers approached with interest.

As soon as she was placed in the centre, Yuphon deeply regretted what she had said.

Oxidation was essential for tea leaves, so as the scent became stronger and lasted longer.
It was common sense.

Yuphon tried to hold back her words, but she no longer had time to hesitate since the researchers were already greatly invested.

“What if we don’t do oxidation?”

“I heard she said we should ‘kill-green’.”

“What’s that?”

“About that, it’s the work that we have to go through when making tea like green tea.
While regular tea is ground and fermented, green tea leaves are steamed.”

“What? No fermentation? Then the scent wouldn’t be strong!”

“So that is why green tea cannot be sold and is hoarded away.”

Words from Yuphon divided the opinions of the researchers.

There were strong opinions on what to do with something like ‘kill-green’.

Locara grass itself had a strong fragrance, it would be such a waste to not emphasise it.

“As expected, you should just pretend you didn’t hear…”

“How about giving it a try?”

Yuphon was about to withdraw her words when someone boldly said.

“There is no other way now.
Isn’t that better than not trying at all?”

“That’s true…Maybe it’s better than just letting go.”

“But there’s not much Locara grass left.”

The researchers’ expressions became serious.
Were they to use up all of the Locara pool provided for research, they would have to report it to their superiors.

However, if the report was made without any practical results, the first laboratory might be at a disadvantage.
No, more precisely, they would definitely be rebuked.
And it was clear that the team in charge would be removed.

That meant this experiment could be the last one.

It had gotten grim because all the efforts put in so far could be in vain.

Among them, Yuphon blamed herself countless times.
Why did she say that and lead to this situation?!

After all, she should have never listened to the words of a parachuted.

“Okay, let’s do it.”

“We’d better try something than stand still!”

“Come on, move!”

A conclusion has been drawn.

All of the researchers then moved in perfect order.

Yuphon thought about stepping down, but she kept her stance, thinking that she should take responsibility for what she had done.

If they failed, she would report directly to the superiors and take responsibility.

Unlike before, the kill-green process was carried out.

Locara grass was put in an airtight steamer to prevent oxygen from entering and steamed at a constant temperature.

As time passed, the strong scent of Locara covered the interior of the laboratory.

Everyone became cautious because it was their last chance.

How much time has passed?

Eventually, the entire process was over.

The completed Locara grass maintained its original distinct red-green colour.

Everyone held their breath while getting the tea leaves off.

Finally, a cup of tea was put out in front of Yuphon.


Swallowing nervously, Yupon smelled its scent first.


The scent didn’t seem to be that different from before.

Everyone seemed to feel that way, and their complexion turned dark.

However, the moment she took a sip, Yuphon’s eyes bulged in amazement.

The same went for other researchers.

(Gulf, gulf).

In silence, only the sound of swallowing tea spread quietly.

The moment they drank all the tea and put the cup down in sync, someone muttered softly.

“…This is it.”

Those words became a signal flare, and excited voices burst out from here and there.

“This is it!”

“This is the authentic Locara tea!”

“Oh my God, unbelievable!”

The atmosphere in the lab was almost festive.

Among them, only Yuphon looked down at the teacup with bewilderment.

One of the researchers found Yuphon standing there and ran over to hug her.

The awful night’s sleep was now over!

Yuphon! How did you know this method?”

“That’s right, Ms.
Yuphon! I have never noticed it, but you have a great sight! Aren’t you a genius?”

“Hahaha, I now notice it too!”

Praise poured in.


Yuphon muttered with a dark expression.

“Huh? Pardon? I didn’t hear you.”

“This…This is not something I found out.”

“What are you talking about? So who figured it out?”

Yuphon replied.

“Vice-chairman’s lover, no…”

She corrected her words.

“Eureia Craycia.”

The researchers, who had not heard about Eureia because they were stuck in the lab the entire time, looked at Yuphon with puzzled faces.
However, it did not really matter to Yuphon at that moment.

Yuphon was reminded of Eureia Craycia.
And she realised…

She’s not just someone parachuted.
She might be a much greater person than Yuphon had thought.

At the same time, an indescribable burning feeling spread inside Yuphon, and she had yet to figure out what it was.

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