Jiang Tiao has a pair of good-looking hands.

It’s just like her name: delicate, slender, and fair.

Even when her fingers are spread out, her joints are not as dark as the average person's.
On the contrary, it looks like thin wisps.

She doesn’t like to do nail art so her nails look natural.
Even when it is painted with polish, it would glisten like gemstones.

Under the bright sunshine, it appears as fine and translucent as jade.

At the moment, both hands are working in an orderly fashion.

One is steadily holding a makeup palette and the other is holding a brush, sweeping back and forth against the cheek.

The owner of this pair of hands had her back facing the mirror, her slender body slightly trembling with her small gestures.

In front of her is the face of a beautiful girl who is facing the mirror.

Her upper body is leaned slightly forward to make sure her facial features are illuminated by the light in front of the mirror.

If her makeup is applied under poor lighting, it would accidentally look exaggerated.

This is also true for a makeup artist’s occupation.

The beautiful girl followed Jiang Tao’s hand and then glanced at her own.
She couldn’t help but ask.

“Sister Jiang, your hand is really pleasing to look at, what hand cream do you usually use?”

“Huh?” After Jiang Tiao finished applying blush on the girl’s left cheek, she puts down her makeup palette and looks at her hand, “I just use Pechoin during the fall and winter.”

She replied as she looks down at the girl’s hand.

Very small, and the fingers are a little plump.

It looks cute, very suitable for her age.

“That’s it?”

There’s no need to squander on high-quality products for my hand.”

The girl curled her lips, “Do you use any hand masks?”

“No.” Jiang Tao walks over to the palettes on the table.

The girl coldly stared at her and sighed, “If I have hands like yours, I would definitely get manicures every single week.
Every night before going to bed, I would meticulously apply La Prairie hand cream and when I post a selfie on Weibo, I include my hands in it.” She shook her hands back and forth, “My hands are so ugly I want to cut them off my body.”

“It’s not ugly at all.” Jiang Tiao replied but didn’t turn her head.
She accurate extract a small brush from the brush bag and tapped some light brown powder on the girl’s lid.
“God spent so much time and thought on your facial features, the hand is not so important.
Look at your nose, it is so tall and straight that I don’t have to spend my time contouring.”

“Hehe, you really know how to talk.” The girl looks at herself in the mirror and revealed a brilliant smile.

The girl’s name is Tong Jing Nian and is a recently debuted young actress.

Because of the public support she got from the advertisement broadcasted on CCTV, in a short period, she became famous.

In the advertisement, she played a female college student to volunteer to teach in the mountains.

The mountain road is very remote so after class, she would send the students home.
Because of this, she would long hours a day.

On the way back, it started to rain.
Careless, the young female teacher slipped and fell.<

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