br>Mud splattered onto her.

She was already so sore and her eyes are red but she stubbornly stood up.
She looks back at the mountainside where a cabin with an orange glow coming from the window stood.
It is where the students live.

The girl couldn’t help but smile.
She raised her hand to wipe away her years.
Mud stuck to her cheek but she was unaware of it.


At this moment, the camera lens moves close up and magnifies this childish face.
Like a drop of morning dew on a white camellia, the beauty is so shocking that it convinced many viewers.

In fact, the 20-year-old Tong Jing Nian hasn’t even graduated from the Beijing Academy of Film.

This advertisement made her famous overnight and her popularity has increased dramatically.
Product endorsements and film offers arrived in all directions.
It can be regarded as a bright and beautiful beginning to stardom.

Although Tong Jing Nian is young, there is an experience manager backing her in the entertainment circle, Teacher Song.

He has very keen and precise eyes when picking endorsements and scripts.

It took a whole month before Teacher Song selected a costume drama most suitable for Tong Jing Nian.

The teenage Princess Taiping.

The name of this large costume drama is “Taiping.”

One word, harsh and simple.

At a glance, you will know that the story is about the life of Princess Taiping.

Tong Jing Nian’s next audition was very successful.

When wearing everyday clothes she would still look classically elegant.
With her graceful bearing and posture, she could pass off as a noble lady in ancient times.

Moreover, she is a natural beauty and can act well.

The director immediately decided that the role of teenage Princess Taiping is perfect for her.

Jiang Tiao is the stylist for the drama “Taiping.” She had been in the industry for a few years.
Plus, her talent is not bad, her makeup techniques could be described as a point of perfection.

However, she is not the main stylist in the crew.

There is another more powerful stylist above her and that is her master.

The main leads’ makeup and hairstyle are usually the responsibility of her master.

At present, Jiang Tiao can only be regarded as his help.

Her master had gone abroad for half a month to study, leaving the work to Jiang Tiao and some newcomers.
However, because Jiang Tiao had the most qualifications, most of the work fell on her head.

For example, in the past two days, she had to do the makeup of the first batch of young actors who arrived first.

Tong Jing Nian is the youngest of them.

When Jiang Tiao is highlighting the center of her forehead, the stage manager probed his head into the dressing room door and asked, “Are you done applying makeup on the young Taiping? The male lead is about to arrive! The cameraman said that they will be filming their scenes today.
Quickly hurry!”

Jiang Tiao spread her hands and said, “I’ll be done after putting her hair in a “double hooped immortal-seeking” hairstyle.
It will only take a few minutes.
After I’m done, I’ll send her to the costume room.
Go tell the costume designer to meet her there.”

“Okay, can I have a drink of water?” The stage manager swept his eyes on the floor.

There is a whole box of mineral water there, only two or three bottles were taken away.

Jiang Yan already said of course when Tong Jing Nian playfully contradicted, “Whose water is it supposed to be for?”

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