of the list.

Of course, that is Fu Ting Chuan.


While she waits for the male lead, Jiang Tiao informed the assistant and went to the washroom.

As makeup artists, they would often have to restrain themselves from using the washroom, especially in the case when the makeup takes a lot of effort and time.
They would frequently have to stay in place for three to four hours.
Occasionally after they are done applying it, the actors would be dissatisfied and they have to remove and do it all over again.

In front of this huge star, it is hard to say what temper he has.

Filming itself has to be done hurriedly, so every second counts.
How can they let you leave in the middle of everything?

So on a daily basis, Jiang Tiao would minimize her water intake and only relieve herself in between gaps of the actors.

Jiang Tiao walked out of the female washroom and headed toward the vanity unit.

The faucet is motion censored so when she waved her hand, cool water flowed out.

She squeezed a fair amount of soap on her hand.
When applying makeup, inevitably, there would be some colors that would stain the fingers and palm.
Because shooting time takes a long time and to avoid the actor’s makeup from coming off too quickly, they have to apply long-lasting makeup so that it will stick to the skin.

Jiang Tiao bent down and carefully rubbed away the residue on her hand.

After a while, both her hands were covered in gray foam, not white.

Seeing that almost all of it is washed away, she waved her hand over the faucet again.

The water did not flow out.

She waved her hands again, closer and farther, but still, the water did not pour out.

Jiang Tiao moved to another sink.

While she was fighting with the faucet, she didn’t notice a tall and lean figure emerging from the male washroom on her left slowly walking her way.

One hand didn’t work, so she waved two hands.
She put it under the faucet and waved her hands, completely focused on the faucet.

She feels like she is seriously suffering from Parkinson’s disease.

Is it because her hand is covered in too much foam which is why it couldn’t sense it?

At this time, a distinct hand passed over the top of her hand.

The hand past by very fast like a slight breeze.

The water flowed out and poured onto Jiang Tiao’s hand.

“Go wash your hands.” The man’s bright and spring-like voice penetrated her ears.

He walked to the sink next to hers.

Jiang Tiao nodded her head in thanks and washed her hands.
The dirty foam flowed down into the drain, disappearing from sight.

She swings her hands drying them off and turned to try to dispel the awkward atmosphere with the kind-hearted man.

The man had already finished washing his hand and walked over to the paper towel dispenser on the wall.

Jiang Tiao was only able to see 60 degrees of his profile.

Her blood abruptly stopped flowing and then immediately rushed into her heart and brain.
Jiang Tiao stood in place and stared at him.

She stared at him with wide eyes.

Jiang Tian’s ear blasted countless sounds.

It’s like, for a moment, all the flowers in the courtyard are blossoming.

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