am today.
I must see him die!”

The Blue Star Live conference room fell silent as well.

After a long time, Zheng Ke said, “Let’s switch to another live stream and see how Bo Jingshan and the others are doing.”

They couldn’t bear to watch this live stream anymore.

After narrowly escaping danger, why isn’t He Yu trying to leave? He even fell asleep?

Is he waiting for death?!

They didn’t want to see a Blue Star contestant die, so they left.

There was almost no barrage in He Yu’s live room, but if you looked at the number of viewers in the upper left corner, you would find that the number was very surprising, higher than some of the outstanding main contestants!

Moreover, the number representing the number of viewers has been jumping, indicating that a large number of people are constantly coming in and going out.

After all, he is currently the only person who is sleeping on the head of a dangerous giant fish.

Someone entered the live room and asked, “Is he still sleeping?”

Someone in the barrage replied, “…yes, still sleeping.”

That person left.

Two hours later, he came back and asked, “Is he still sleeping?!”

The barrage replied, “Yes, he hasn’t even moved.
If the live broadcast wasn’t still on, we would suspect he was already dead.”

That person: “…”

Even in the Blue Star’s live broadcast conference room, the leaders kept switching screens.

They looked at other contestants, but always ended up switching back to see if He Yu was still lying down…

Very strange.

This person… he’s poisonous!!

On the chat square of ‘Top Stream Competition,’ a topic quietly emerged–

#It’s been two hours and he’s still sleeping… when he wakes up, kick me, thank you.#

2L: It’s been two hours and five minutes, and he’s still sleeping.

3L: Two hours and ten minutes, still sleeping.

4L: What are you guys talking about? Can you explain?

5L: Link: He Yu’s live broadcast room.
Go and see for yourself.

6L: I just watched it and was shocked.
Please kick me too when he wakes up.

321L: He finally woke up!!

322L: Is it worth your attention for someone from an unknown junk planet? Haha.

323L: I agree.
Why should we pay attention to a junk planet contestant who doesn’t even have citizenship in the universe? He’s nothing special.

324L: I really don’t understand why the organisers invited these junk contestants from junk planets!

Blue Star residents who were only able to watch but not speak saw someone calling Blue Star an “unknown garbage star” and were so angry that their faces turned green.

However, Blue Star still does not have citizenship in the universe and can’t even engage in debates!

In a dormitory on Blue Star.

Zhang Yu slammed the table in anger, “Why do these people mock us Blue Star?”

“There’s nothing we can do, they are universe citizens and just think they are superior! I really hope we have a contestant from Blue Star who can slap their faces and vent our anger!”

His roommate took a deep breath and said, “Take a look at Bo Jingshan, Zhao Pingqi, and Gao Jianming’s live broadcast rooms.
They have a good chance of making a name for themselves.”

One is a special forces soldier, one is a boxing champion, and the other is a serial killer, all of whom are people they are more optimistic about.

Although the latter has a terrible personality and entering this competition is another kind of torture for him, in terms of ability, he should be able to go further than many of the Blue Star players.

Zhang Yu hesitated for a moment before saying, “Or maybe we should just look at He Yu first? He’s awake now, and I want to see how he reacts…”

Roommate: “…”

His fingers swiftly switched screens, muttering to himself, “Don’t be fooled by He Yu’s current popularity, he probably can’t even pass the preliminaries.”

Zhang Yu sighed, “The giant fish is about to descend, and He Yu… sigh, it’s a pity that he was so agile in dodging the previous two descents, but alas, it’s too bad.”

He shook his head, almost certain that He Yu was in danger.

After lying down for five hours, He Yu opened his eyes when the giant fish was about to dive into the sea.

The audience had been waiting for him for five hours, and the sunk cost was too high.

As a result, just five minutes after he opened his eyes, a large number of viewers flooded into his live stream, and the number of viewers skyrocketed, even directly causing the cover of He Yu’s live stream room to appear in the middle of the selection area.

With so many contestants in the ‘Top Stream Competition’, when viewers browse through the live stream covers, countless ones appear in front of them.
The more viewers and support a person has, the larger and more central their cover appears, making it easier for others to notice.

And those with fewer viewers and lower support are squeezed into countless small corner covers and must be zoomed in to be found.

In the audition, there is no need for viewers to vote, so the size of the cover is determined only by the number of viewers.

The position of He Yu’s live room is in the third circle layer, with many famous contestants in the middle, but even this position is enough for many contestants to dream of!

The leader of the Blue Star has a very complicated mood, yes, they also switched over after He Yu opened his eyes.

-Curiosity, it’s just irresistible curiosity.

On the screen, He Yu sat quietly on the head of the giant fish.

Then, he took out the ‘not very useful’ glasses that he had taken off, and slowly put them on.

His posture was too calm and elegant as if he was not on the head of the giant fish at all, but leisurely at home.

General Ye Kaijun looked anxious as he couldn’t help but urge, “Quickly escape! It’s already five o’clock in the afternoon, and the giant fish is about to enter the sea!”

Beside him, Wei Jiaguo pursed his lips, loosening his clenched fist due to nervousness, his voice hoarse.
“He can’t hear us…”

General Ye Kaijun’s expression immediately stiffened, and then he let out a long sigh and sat down helplessly.

He put on his glasses and straightened his hair and clothes.

His fair and smooth skin, delicate and attractive face, and perfect facial features combined with a pair of frameless delicate glasses made him suddenly seem to be glowing, and when he was expressionless, he was extremely cold.

The five hours of rest just now made him feel much better from the pulled muscles.

And he also discovered a problem –

The bullet comments (a popular feature on Chinese streaming platforms where users can send real-time comments that appear on the screen) are not always visible, but rather random.
For example, at the moment, he cannot see the content of the bullet comments.

However, this is not important, as He Yu probably knows what they are saying.

At 5 pm, the giant fish goes into the sea, and the bullet comments are filled with messages hoping for He Yu’s death –

“Waiting for this person to die, haha, he didn’t know how to escape in the previous five hours, he deserves it.”

“I wish for his death too.”

“This person is useless, die quickly, I want to go watch the livestream of the mechanical star Eugene!”

They were convinced that He Yu was going to die.

The giant fish completely submerged into the sea, with more than half of He Yu’s body submerged in water.
If he went down a bit more, he wouldn’t be able to stay stable on the head of the giant fish!

—The giant fish would discover him.

At this moment, a sharp light flashed in He Yu’s eyes.
He suddenly took off the buckle of the belt on his jeans, gripped it, stabbed it down, and stabbed it into the flesh of the giant fish.
He knocked out a small piece of meat the size of his thumb and threw it out with force.

“Bang!” With a soft sound, a small ripple was splashed on the water’s surface not far away.

Zheng Ke suddenly stood up and looked at the screen incredulously.

“Has he gone crazy?! Is he provoking the giant fish?!!”

Author’s note: He Yu (adjusting his glasses): In a world of provocation, you will soon understand.

Everyone: …

Fancy and useless glasses: Hello everyone, long time no see!

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