All the live streams were very lively, with fighting, fishing, survival, and death in the sea… all kinds of things.
These live stream covers sometimes disappeared, sometimes fell to the edge, and sometimes rushed to the second and first circles, changing constantly.

Only in He Yu’s live stream did the audience stay put, always maintaining their position in the third circle.

It was like they had purchased their spot and were not moving.

Many people were very puzzled.

They didn’t know that those viewers were waiting for 2333, who was sleeping on the giant fish’s body, to witness the cruelty of the ‘Top Stream Competition’ sea audition on this night!

However, they waited and waited, waited until dawn, waited until the sun came out, waited until their dark circles turned dark purple, and they finally realised:

Oh, the giant fish is a “small boss”.

As long as they don’t encounter a big boss, no other marine creatures will actively attack them, and the attributes of this giant fish are well-known… it can sleep a lot.

Perhaps now they need to add two words to the giant fish’s attributes: too stupid.

The first district of the main star, also known as a corner on the battle star.

Citizen Ke Ai, with dark circles under his eyes, stared blankly at the huge live broadcast screen in front of him.

Thanks to the advanced technology of the federation, sitting here is like sitting next to the giant fish and watching He Yu… sleep in real-time.

He watched all night, and He Yu slept all night.

Finally, the person in front of him moved.

He slowly opened his eyes, and his just-woken-up eyes were a bit moist, with the sun shining directly on his face, making his eyes sparkle like stars.

He sat up and rubbed his eyes.

Ke Ai stared intently at him, as if trying to see through him.

He Yu straightened his hair, smoothed his clothes, and spoke in a hoarse, lazy voice, “I’m hungry.”

The audience in the live stream: “…”


What, do you expect someone to bring you food or something!!

The barrage opened up with ridicule;

“Yesterday you were lucky that nothing happened, but what now? No water, no food, I want to see how you can survive!”

“2333 can’t hide on top of the giant fish forever.
As soon as he leaves, he’s dead.”

“Waiting for 2333 to die.”

“I won’t leave the live stream until 2333 dies!”

Now, at this moment, He Yu saw the barrage.

But he didn’t react at all.
An excellent idol must have a strong mentality to calmly deal with all comments.

And he knew that if he showed that he could see the barrage here, the Federation would definitely study him.

The Federation’s technology was powerful, but not powerful enough to cross dimensions.

He calmly pushed up his glasses and said, “Big fish (Da Yu), let’s go find something to eat.”

After speaking, he fastened the buckle on his head.

With a ‘pop’,the fish tail slapped on the sea water, stirring up huge waves.
The ferocious eyes opened, and the cold and indifferent gaze made people shudder.

Ke Ai stepped back instinctively.

Hei Yu threw the small piece of meat, about the size of a thumb, and said softly, “Big Fish, let’s go.”

The gill of the giant fish moved as it swam towards the falling meat.

When it reached the spot, it fully awakened, but did not stop and continued to move forward.

-It was hungry too.

It was easy for the giant fish to catch prey; it could find food, sneak up on it silently, and then suddenly open its mouth to suck in other fish.


A look of confusion passed through the giant fish’s eyes.

Why, after having eaten so much, did it still feel like something was missing?

Normally, it should have been full after eating so much.

Could it be that it had grown again?

The giant fish happily flicked its tail and continued to rush towards the smaller fish ahead.

— It’s food! Growth requires food!

On top of its head, He Yu piled up the fish he had caught with his belt from the giant fish’s mouth, maintaining a very tricky posture, waiting for the next opportunity to snatch food from the giant fish’s mouth.

The audience: “…”

Wei Jiaguo and others: “…”

–Let us reiterate, how can the little boss be so stupid! So stupid!!

In the chat room of ‘Top Stream Competition’, a topic suddenly appeared, attracting the attention of everyone in the universe –

#The team of Ten-thousand-killers successfully killed the giant fish! Another giant fish is coming for revenge, and the big battle is about to start again.
Go and watch it now!#

2L: Oh my god, Wanrenzhan is so powerful!

3L: They are truly the champions of the last season of ‘Top Stream Competition’.
Wanrenzhan is amazing.
They can kill one when one comes, and kill two when two come, haha!

4L: Let’s go watch it.

5L: Wanrenzhan, my idol!!

As a result, countless people rushed into the live stream of Ten-thousand-killers, or entered the live streams of several other experts, to watch them fight against the second giant fish.

This giant fish was even more ferocious, but Ten-thousand-killers and his team were equally fierce, wielding the equipment dropped by the first giant fish, and the battle was evenly matched, making it difficult to distinguish between the two sides.


Clang, clang!

The sound of battle was enough to make one’s blood boil, and the bloody and brutal scenes made the audience extremely excited.

Ten-thousand-killers gripped his axe tightly and swung it heavily towards the giant fish.

The giant fish threw him away, and Anni caught him.

Wiping the blood from the corner of his mouth, the scar on his face pulsing, Wan Renzhan’s voice was ferocious: “Is that all you’ve got? Watch how I’ll deal with you!”

After speaking, he pounced again, along with Anni and several other top players.

They fought together, not afraid even if they were covered in wounds.

The barrage exploded —

“Ah ah ah, so cool! Wan Renzhan and Anni are forever gods!”

“I want to vote, quickly, I want to vote for them!”

“This is what a real master looks like, they’re so amazing!”

“Is there any other live stream room that dares to compare with our Lord of Ten Thousand Slashes?! Anyone?!”

In the midst of such excited and enthusiastic bullet comments, suddenly there appear several extremely discordant comments:

“Um, seeing these experts trying so hard to survive, I suddenly feel…it’s not worth it.”

“Likewise, someone is probably still sunbathing now, right?”

“No, 2333 is not sunbathing anymore, he is sun-drying small fish/smiling.”


The appearance of such discordant content immediately angered the fans of people like Wan Ren Zhan, who fiercely cursed and mocked them.

Of course, some people were also puzzled and curious.

So they followed the key information “2333” and stumbled into another live stream.

Author’s Note: He Yu: Life in the audition is all about sunbathing and drying fish.

Other contestants: ???

Audience: ???


Divinelyme: I just found out that “2333” is an internet slang used in Chinese to represent laughter, similar to “lol” or “haha” in English.

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