their equipment and abilities, and combat power rating..

Based on past experience, those with a combat power rating of 100 or more have a chance to advance to the finals.

Those with a rating of 30 or below, unless carried by an expert, are unlikely to pass the preliminaries.

As for He Yu, his equipment is just a fancy but useless pair of glasses and clothes, so his combat power score reflects his most basic strength – 2 points.

It’s too embarrassing.

Zheng Ke shook his head.

He couldn’t see the live barrage anymore.

However, it doesn’t matter.
As long as He Yu knows that the camera is recording him from all angles and that someone is constantly watching him, he feels good.

Everyone is here to watch him and look at him.

The current audience is still too small, and his popularity is still too low.

Thinking of this, He Yu lowers his eyes slightly, and his eyes become unfathomable.

When he raises his head again, he wears a calm smile on his face and pushes his glasses up with his middle finger.
He scans the area covered with countless fish and looks ahead with narrowed eyes towards the direction of the rising sun.

In this vast sea, only the sun can guide the way.

The giant fish keeps moving forward.
During the day, it likes to stay on the surface of the sea.
Whenever it wants to stop and bask in the sun or rest, its back would start to itch or food would appear ahead, which forces it to continue moving forward.

This requires a lot of energy, and the fish needs to eat to sustain itself, so it continues to move forward and catch food.
It doesn’t realise that more and more dried fish is piling up on its head.

Barrage: “…I give up, this fish is unbelievably stupid!!”

It’s unclear how long it has been, but the sun is now directly overhead, and there is some movement on the calm sea.

Boom –

Bang Bang!!

Clang clang clang!!

He Yu looked up.
His exquisite and beautiful face was transparently white under the sunlight, as if he didn’t even have pores or hair follicles, and his skin was smooth as jade.

He squinted his eyes, the distance was a bit too far, he could only vaguely hear the commotion, unable to see it clearly.

Suddenly, the barrage appeared in front of him-

“….why do I feel like I’ve heard this noise before?”

“I feel the same, it seems like I’ve heard it somewhere.”

“!!! This is where they battled the giant fish in the Ten-thousand-killers’ livestream room!!”

“Damn, 2333, how did you end up here with the giant fish?! We’re doomed!”

“Don’t always call him by the number 2333, he has a name, which is He Yu.”

He Yu’s eyes flickered slightly.

Then, he curled up the corners of his mouth and said in a hoarse and pleasant voice, “Oh? There’s some movement, let’s go and take a look.”

【”Don’t go there! It’s where the federal experts and the giant fish are fighting.
You’re just a small fry, why are you trying to join in the fun?”】

Countless people roared in the barrage.

Whether it’s the federal masters or that giant fish, dealing with He Yu would be too easy.

This is a competition with only one winner, and the contestants are in a kill-or-be-killed relationship, especially Ten-thousand-killers who is the champion of the previous session, having killed countless people and is extremely ruthless.

The Federal and Blue Star audiences are both extremely anxious.

Federal audience: “What a death seeking fool.”

Blue Star audience: “Ah ah ah, quickly get off the giant fish’s head and escape!”

There were also viewers who came from the live broadcast rooms of Ten-thousand-killers and others, immediately switching to Ten-thousand-killers’ live broadcast room.

The situation here is not bad.

The giant fish is formidable, but Ten-thousand-killers and his team are elite players of the Federation.
Even though their weapons and resources are insufficient, it is not too difficult to deal with the “mini-bosses” in the qualifying stage.

Especially since they have equipment that dropped from a giant fish they defeated.

The giant fish is already heavily injured, and its blood has stained the sea red beneath their feet.
Ten-thousand-killers, Anni, Tang Ke, and others are also stained with blood, both their own and that of the giant fish.

Ten-thousand-killers took a deep breath and tightened his grip on his axe.
“We’re only one strike away.
Let’s all go together!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he and everyone else moved.

The giant fish seemed to know that these people were after its life.
Its crimson eyes flashed with something, and it suddenly opened its mouth wide,


A fish actually let out a roar, and it was such a shrill roar.

The faces of Wan Ren Zhan and the others changed!

The giant fish entered a frenzied state.
If the giant fish had a health bar, it would have suddenly increased when it let out that roar.

It was increasing its combat power in a suicidal manner!

This vengeful giant fish wants to die with them.

“Retreat!” Ten-thousand-killers suddenly shouted.

Tang Ke gritted his teeth.
“Quick, retreat! Its berserk state won’t last long!”

The group of people who had just been prepared to rush forward turned around and immediately began to retreat.

The giant fish, completely ignoring its injuries and pain, pounced over with its bloodied mouth wide open, extremely ferocious and angry, making the atmosphere of the entire live stream tense.

At this moment, some viewers suddenly flooded in and started commenting in the chat:

“Ah ah ah, another giant fish is coming! He Yu is bringing it over!”

“Hurry and run, He Yu is bringing the fish, and that giant fish is not weaker than this one!”

“Oh my god, I can’t even imagine what will happen next.”

At this moment, the live stream of Ten-thousand-killers and his team is the most-watched live stream in the entire ‘Top Stream Competition’ show.
After seeing these comments, they also looked to the distance of the sea and saw a shadow approaching.

Suddenly, everyone’s breath caught in their throat.

Some people immediately switched to No.2333 He Yu’s livestream and began cursing:

“Fool! Are you looking for death? Don’t harm others and yourself!”

“Get out of here, you trashy contestant! If you end up killing Wanrenzhan and his team, I’ll curse you to death.”

“Who is this idiot from a trash star? His combat power rating is only 2, he dares to approach? And he’s been using dried fish to lure the giant fish closer to the battlefield here?!”

As the barrage of insults flooded in, He Yu’s lips curled slightly and his eyes calmly gazed towards the bloody center ahead.
He calmly tossed a fish in that direction.

At this moment, the giant fish caught the scent of blood and no longer needs his enticement, it rushes over.

Author’s note: He Yu: I make a lot of outrageous moves, but stay calm.

Audience: ……

Blue star people: ……

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