Chapter 9 – The Final Round

The third round of the race—


The pistol went off, and everyone rushed out of the starting line in unison!

 Despite sparing no effort, after running a mere ten meters, everyone’s pace had begun to visibly slow down!

Shen Mo unexpectedly dashed to the front, running at the forefront while carrying Bai Youwei.

At first, Bai Youwei was surprised, but after some thought, she quickly understood that Shen Mo had deliberately kept his stamina in the first two rounds.

Although doing that was risky, it gave them a better chance of survival in the third round.


Panic-filled screams and curses sounded from behind.

Bai Youwei tilted her head to look and noticed the middle-aged man looked deadly pale, and he was sweating profusely, his eyes were red as if filled with blood! He had unbuckled his belt at some point and swung it, lashing out like crazy at the people running ahead of him!

The unlucky people who were hit either stumbled or fell down instantly! Even those hares that were chasing them got hit.
They seemed to have some intelligence left and all of them avoided the middle-aged man, instead targeting those injured people by  pouncing and ripping into them.

Another two people died.

Fortunately, Shen Mo was leading the group and he was quite far from the middle-aged man.
Otherwise, the consequences of taking lashes under such harsh circumstances would be unthinkable. 

“You guys wait for me! Wait for me! …” The middle-aged man tried to catch up from behind with all his might.
The belt in his hand was constantly being waved about by him, but now there was no one left near him to be his scapegoat, only more and more hares!

The fact that he could persevere until now must have been due to his sudden burst of potential.
Honestly, Bai You Wei originally expected him to die when he first started the race.

“You guys wait for me… I don’t want to die, I know the answer!” The middle-aged man was at his limit.
He ran as fast as he could while yelling at the top of his lungs, “I’ll tell the answer to anyone who comes to my rescue! Wait for me ahhhh…”

It did not matter if this sentence was his last struggle before death, but someone was actually convinced and slowed down!


The yellow-haired youngster took off his T-shirt and threw it behind as hard as he could, and it landed exactly on a hare, covering its head! 

No one knew if it was the sweat or blood on that shirt but the hares had a brief moment of madness, and actually attacked the hare that was covered by the shirt!

Hence, the middle-aged man had once again escaped from death!

At the moment, the finishing line signboard had already displayed the new puzzle.

[The uterus of a rabbit]

“Left side!” To prove that he’s worthy of rescuing, the middle-aged man eagerly shouted, “Rabbits give birth to one litter a month! The answer is 1! Pick lane No.1 on the left!!!”

The answer was there, but no one was that gullible.

The yellow-haired youngster first looked at the girl with glasses.

Having learnt her lesson from the previous round, the girl with glasses kept running at the outer side of the track, maintaining a distance from everyone.

The yellow-haired youngster then looked at Shen Mo as an intense murderous intent emerged from his eyes.

To test the answer, Shen Mo who was carrying a cripple was undoubtedly the best choice at the moment.

Bai Youwei had been wary of him.
When she saw him approaching, she unceremoniously took out the folding fruit knife in her pocket and opened it with a flick!

The yellow-haired youngster could not help but be puzzled for a moment.

However, his expression quickly returned to normal.
He actually showed no fear towards the knife in Bai Youwei’s hand.

There was nothing fearsome about a pitiful cripple.
Shen Mo said, “Pass me the knife.”


Bai Youwei passed it to him and said, “I coincidentally know this question.
Rabbits have duplex uterus, the answer is lane No.2, right side!”

Her voice was neither loud nor soft, the remaining few could all hear her, but no one dared to believe her.

Who knew if she was just lying to try and mislead the yellow-haired youngster?! 

“Hang on, it’ll hurt a little,” Shen Mo suddenly said.

“What?” Bai Youwei did not understand.
As she was puzzled, her body suddenly rose to the sky!

She was “shoulder thrown” into the finishing line on the right by Shen Mo!

Bang! Bai Youwei felt her bones were about to break!

However, she had no time to bother about the pain.
She hurriedly climbed up to search for Shen Mo, only to see the droves of hares arriving in front of her, sweeping across Shen Mo and the yellow-haired youngster like a white nightmare!



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