Chapter 10 – The Giant Lightning Bolt

Bai Youwei’s heart almost stopped beating!

At this critical moment, if Shen Mo died, she would not survive too!

The girl with glasses, who was running at the outer side of the track, reached the finishing line panting.

The middle-aged man also stumbled towards there.
His body was covered in bruises but he managed to stay alive.

Whereas Shen Mo and the yellow-haired youngster were still stuck in that piece of white.


The droves of hares were isolated from the finishing line, surrounding those two people layer by layer, clawing, biting, roaring, and attacking like rabid dogs!

Bai Youwei watched as closely as she could, trying to see clearly the situation in the horde of hares.
Her pupils constricted.
She was afraid that the next moment what she would see would be a monster with hare fur! 

A red body was thrown over here!

It was the yellow-haired youngster covered with cuts and bruises.

He was bitten on the throat, his blood flowing onto the ground!

Right after that, Shen Mo broke through the encirclement, and jumped vigorously over the finishing line!

The moment he passed the finishing line, the horde of hares outside immediately stopped and became sluggish and stiff, just like bloodthirsty zombies who suddenly lost their target.

The hares were retreating.

They headed to the meadows outside the track in knots.

The middle-aged man kneeled down, his whole body was limp, without even a shred of strength.
His lips quivered as he uttered, “I…I survived…”

They survived…


They survived.

The last four people.


However, Shen Mo did not care about this.
He walked towards the yellow-haired youngster to check and found that the mutation had already stopped.
Although there were some places that grew out white hare fur, he did not turn into a hare, still maintaining a human appearance.

Shen Mo then checked his breathing.

He’s not breathing anymore.

Did the mutation stop because of his death, or because of him reaching the correct finishing line?

Shen Mo thought while frowning.

Bai Youwei felt Shen Mo was abnormal.
How could he still have the time to care about others when he had just escaped from death? She asked suspiciously, “What are you doing?”

Shen Mo shot her a glance and was about to say something when a scream suddenly sounded nearby!

Bai Youwei and Shen Mo turned their heads around almost simultaneously!

They saw the girl with glasses, who was panting while holding her knees, came behind the middle-aged man at some point.
With all her might, she knocked the man out of the finishing line! 

That scream was from the middle-aged man!


The scattered rabbits were restless and swarmed back once again! They were extremely quick!

The middle-aged man was in terror.
He wanted to crawl back to the finishing line but his limbs were limp.
He ended up moving too slowly.
He was torn, devoured and drowned by the hares! …Then, he disappeared.

Again, there was one more demented hare in the horde of hares.

Bai Youwei was at a loss for words.

She did not expect this kind of situation.

The girl with glasses knelt on the ground and broke down weeping while covering her face, “He deserved to die! He deserved to die! …He got so many people killed, got Ah Xiao killed, and he deliberately told everyone wrong answers! He deserved to die ahhh! …”

The hares had already hopped away.

Not a single one remained.
All of them had disappeared in the vast surrounding forest, and silence returned .

The rabbit-headed person slowly walked over from a distance and said in its gentle, almost spooky tone, “Attacking a participant is foul play.”

Bai Youwei had an ominous feeling in her heart.

Just as expected, at the next second, the blue blaze reappeared.

That was a giant bolt of lightning! It flew out of the rabbit-headed person’s palm and directly struck the girl with glasses! Incalculable electric current and unimaginable heat made the body of the girl with glasses burn to a crisp in an instant!



She fell to the ground and crumbled into pieces.

Silence filled the air.

Bai Youwei felt cold all over.

The girl who was still weeping bitterly a second ago had been burnt to a crisp right in front of her!

She looked at the ashes on the ground and felt chilled to the bone.
Everything that had happened was just too horrible…



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