Chapter 11 – One-tenth of Me

“That man attacked others too, why wasn’t he punished?” Shen Mo asked.

Gentleman Rabbit explained generously, “Supervisors have to make sure that the game runs smoothly and the final points tally proceeds without a hitch.”

Thus, after the end of the game, players that have passed the round cannot be attacked since it would affect the game’s final point tally.

For the same reason, attacking players before the beginning of the game was also not allowed because if the number of players decreased, the game would probably not be able to go on.

Only when the game was underway, could people do whatever they wanted.


“Congratulations to both of you for clearing this game.”

Gentleman Rabbit stood courteously in front of them, holding its top hat out towards them.

“The tortoise finally won the race over the hare, so naturally a reward is in order.
You will receive a tortoise victory badge.
And you can also choose any other objects in the field as a reward.”

Like a magic trick, it began to draw out several items from inside its top hat.

There was a small and exquisite starting pistol, the colorful banner flags from the starting line, and the red silk ribbon that had been used as the finishing line.

Shen Mo asked, “What’s the purpose of these things?”

Upon hearing this, Gentleman Rabbit smiled faintly.

It had been expressionless all this while, and thus many people had been under the impression that it was wearing a fursuit head.
But now, it smiled! It’s mouth curled into a creepy curve, as if it had just caught sight of an interesting toy, and was feeling delighted.

“The use of the reward will only be known after you obtain it.”

Gentleman Rabbit looked at them smilingly, unwilling to disclose more.
“So, what will your choices be?” 

Shen Mo chose the starting pistol. 

Although it was not a real gun, it could at least intimidate others.
Besides, he had a hunch that there was something unusual about this gun because during the competition, every time he heard the gunfire, he would be filled with an uncontrollable desire to run.

As for the other objects, Shen Mo temporarily could not guess their function.


“Then, what about you?” Gentleman Rabbit tilted its head to scrutinize Bai Youwei’s expression.
“You’re very special.
You didn’t run at all, not even a single step, yet you won the game.
I really want to know, which reward will you choose?”

Bai Youwei bit her lips and slowly raised her hand, pointing in one direction.

Gentleman Rabbit looked at her in doubt and then lowered its head to look at itself.
Puzzled, it asked, “The reward you want to choose, is me? But, choosing the supervisor as the reward doesn’t seem to be in accordance with the rules…”

“There’s no such rule!” Bai Youwei immediately interrupted!

When she heard the words similar to “violation”, the image of the girl who had been suddenly burnt to a crisp by a random lightning bolt popped up in her mind.
She tensed up and shouted, “The fact is, since you did not declare this rule that means you cannot convict me of violating the rules! Arbitrarily judging someone else for violating the rules without clarifying those rules beforehand is the biggest violation!”

Gentleman Rabbit silently stared at her.

Bai Youwei bit her lips firmly, stubbornly holding her ground against him.

She knew she was taking a huge gamble, but she was still unwilling to resign to such fate! Having been taken for a fool by a doll and participating in this gruesome competition where so many had died, yet all she got was just a few toys.
She was really pissed!

Hence, she wanted to take a chance!

She stared at Gentleman Rabbit and enunciated each word, “In your own words, you said that we can choose other objects in the field as our reward! You are also in the field!”

The silence lasted for a long time.

So very long…


“Fine.” Gentleman Rabbit gave in.

Bai Youwei was startled and a little surprised.
It’s this easy…

“According to the rules, the supervisor is not part of the reward, but what you said does make sense.
It’s my oversight for not explaining the rules clearly.” Gentleman Rabbit was courteous and spoke softly.
“I’m willing to give you one-tenth of myself as a reward…”

One-tenth of him?

What does that mean?

Bai Youwei furrowed her eyebrows.
Gentleman Rabbit once again reached its hand into the huge top hat.

It took out a rabbit doll.

“The rewards of the game have been settled, so…farewell.” Gentleman Rabbit smiled at her, “I’ll remember you.”

Upon hearing this, Bai Youwei widened her eyes.
Before she could even ask anything, a dazzling layer of white misty light flashed across her eyes once again!

She could not resist closing her eyes.
Once she opened them again, she was already back inside the car.

And, in her hand, was a furry rabbit doll.


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