Chapter 12 – Communication Collapse

Bai Youwei’s complexion was slightly pale.
She immediately looked at Shen Mo who was in front of her.

He was holding a small toy gun!

They were still on the highway with their car parked at a random spot.
Their surroundings were quiet with only the sound of the wind.

They both exchanged glances.
It was clear to them that everything that happened just now was not a dream!

Without uttering a single word, Shen Mo got down from the car to check on the situation in the other cars.

Aside from the two of them, the people who participated in the “The Tortoise And The Hare” game had all transformed into dolls.

They could not talk and were not breathing, rubbery flesh connecting the ball joint, soulless glass eyeballs… These people had lost all signs of life.

Bai Youwei mumbled, “So that’s how it is… If you lose the game, you will become a doll; If you clear the game, you will be rewarded…”

So that’s the case…

That’s the reason why the world came to this state.

It was as if the dense fog had cleared up at once, yet fear of the unknown pervaded her like tides shrouding everything in endless darkness.
She trembled with hidden thrill and excitement subtly concealed within…

Bai Youwei held the rabbit doll quietly in a confused state of mind.

Shen Mo returned to the car with a sullen face.

“Let’s leave this place first.”


The highway was straight and flat as if there was no end to it.

There was only one car speeding along the empty highway.

Bai Youwei sat in the car, staring at the receding landscape outside the window in a trance.

This is ridiculous…

Game, doll, reward… These realizations were absurd to her.

If a game exists in all the places with dolls, then wouldn’t the entire city become an instance dungeon? Wouldn’t the world become a game map?

What about Yangzhou?

Is Yangzhou really safe?

Thinking of this, Bai Youwei grabbed the bag beside her and took out her phone only to realize that the signal bar was empty.

The call would not go through and the network could not be connected.

“Turn on the radio.” Bai Youwei realized something.

Shen Mo seemed to notice too.
He raised his hand to turn on the car radio.

Crackling sounds came from the radio.

Bai Youwei stared at the radio unblinkingly.

Shen Mo kept his eyes on the road.
He had one hand on the steering wheel while the other was constantly tapping the channel button, stopping for two seconds after each tap.

Continuous white noise reverberated in the car.

After repeating this for more than ten times, he stopped and switched off the radio.“There’s no signal.”

The communication systems were down.
Phones, network, radio stations…had all lost their purpose.

When did this happen?

Was it when the game started?

No one knows.

Bai Youwei’s face seemed paler than before.
She couldn’t care less what this world would become, but she did care about herself.
If the apocalypse actually happened, how should she continue to survive?

She clutched tightly onto her rabbit doll and thought to herself, “It’s more enjoyable to have a bloodbath akin to Resident Evil than this kind of annoying game!”

Shen Mo glanced at her from the rearview mirror and asked, “Do you have any clue about the rabbit doll in your hands?”

The seemingly childish and ridiculous plush toy was the “one-tenth of me” reward for clearing the game.

Bai Youwei moved her lips, a little hesitant.

Of course she had a clue.
In fact, the first time she touched this rabbit, information about it emerged in her mind.
It felt strange yet indescribably natural.

However, is Shen Mo trustworthy?

Bai Youwei pondered for a moment before replying, “This rabbit can release electricity within a 2-meter radius.
The maximum electricity output is one-tenth.”

While talking, she slightly lowered the corner of her lips and continued, “No voltage or current values are specified, so it’s unclear how great the effect this one-tenth is.
Besides, it needs to be charged before use.”

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