Chapter 13 – Person Whom Others Detest

“Charge?” Shen Mo could not resist laughing.

It was obviously made by an extremely advanced technological power that could even drag them into the game.
It was not even exaggerating to say that they were aliens from some sort of high civilization.
Yet the reward of a civilization with such great technology actually needs to be recharged?

That’s really down-to-earth.

“Mine is a one-time item.” Shen Mo exchanged information with her while driving.
“Starting pistol, with the person holding the pistol as the center, everyone within a 10 meter radius will run at full speed.
The effect is influenced by the distance, whether far or near, the environment and the strength of an individual’s willpower.
The person holding the pistol will not be affected by the gunshot.”

He picked up the toy gun and threw it to the back seat.
“This thing is of no use to me.
Take it, it can save your life during crucial moments.”

Bai Youwei caught the gun and said thoughtfully, “Could it be that the effect was forcibly weakened because the level of the players was too low and doesn’t deserve that level of reward?”

She made a guess, “It was probably for the sake of maintaining the balance of the game, otherwise this is just too useless…”

During normal circumstances, who would need this kind of thing? Firing the gun to make others run wildly without any reason, then strike them with a thunderbolt when they are close? These items were obviously made for the games.

“Do you think there are more games like this in other places?” Shen Mo asked.

Bai Youwei replied, “Isn’t it obvious?”

Shen Mo kept quiet while gripping the steering wheel.

Bai Youwei suddenly recalled his odd behavior in the game.
She frowned and asked, “Do you know something?”

Shen Mo raised his eyebrow and glanced at her through the rearview mirror.

Bai Youwei continued, “Just now in the game, there was no need to save that yellow-haired youngster, yet you were determined to risk your life and save him from the hares.
After that, you kept observing the changes of his body, do you care a lot about him? …No, you don’t know him.
You are the senior officer of national security, there’s no way you would know this kind of street thug.”

Upon thinking of that fact, Bai Youwei had a sudden realization.
“You came here to investigate?”

Her expression swiftly darkened.
She suddenly said coldly, “You didn’t come to pick me up.
You were just stopping by here during the investigation.”

Her speedy change of attitude made Shen Mo somewhat amused.

She had just experienced a life-and-death situation yet she was still fussing over these trivial matters.
He did not know whether to call her childish or unhinged or both.

“I came to pick you up.” He answered, “I was carrying out a mission nearby when I received your mother’s phone call.
I specially came here to pick you up.”

Bai Youwei’s complexion did not improve because of this.
She spoke with an indifferent tone, “We’re unrelated.
There’s no need for you to purposely come to pick me up.
I was coincidentally nearby so it was just a favor done at no cost.
I understand my situation.
You don’t have to coax me with nice words.
It’s not like you’re my babysitter.”

She’s intelligent.
Shen Mo had nothing to say in response.

Silence fell over the car.

After the SUV moved for some distance, Bai Youwei broke the silence first.

“You came to carry out a mission.
Did u succeed?”

Shen Mo gazed at the road condition ahead and shook his head indifferently.

“What was the mission?” Bai Youwei questioned.

Shen Mo replied.
“To find a person.”

Bai Youwei asked tentatively after thinking for a bit, “A scientist?”

Shen Mo smiled.
An old professor.”

Bai Youwei said, “Then you…”

“We couldn’t find him.
The laboratory was empty.
There were neither human nor dolls.” Shen Mo added on, “We searched nearby, all my teammates had transformed into dolls, I don’t know why I was the only one unscathed.
Then, I received your mother’s phone call.”

Shen Mo lifted his thin lips and asked, “Satisfied?”

Bai Youwei curled her lips and sneered coldly, “You almost lost your life yet you still have the time to fetch someone else’s daughter.”

“It’s on the way.” Shen Mo smiled faintly.


After saying so, she felt disinterested.
Shen Mo picked her up because he promised her mother, so she should not have expected more in the first place, nor had she the right to blame him.

She was a person whom others detest.
Shouldn’t she be extremely grateful when others treat her with a little kindness?

Thinking of this, her face then became calm, without anger nor expression.

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