Chapter 14 – Won’t Leave You On Your Own

After moving some distance away from the section of the highway where the game occurred, the SUV slowly decelerated.

Shen Mo stopped the car.

“Why did you stop?” Bai Youwei asked.

A bottle of mineral water was handed to her.

She hesitated for a moment before taking it.

“I’m very thirsty after running a few rounds in the game.” Shen Mo opened another bottle and tipped his head back to drink it.
His Adam’s apple connected to his lower jaw slowly moved up and down.
It was a solid masculine curve.

Bai Youwei watched him for a while.
Then, she also raised her chin and drank water in small sips, like a lamb drinking water by a stream. 

Once they were free from danger, the demands of all the body’s senses came into play.
Not only did she feel thirsty, but she began to get tired and her muscles felt sore.

“This game isn’t merely a simulation of reality, the exhaustion felt by the body is very real.” Shen Mo crushed the empty mineral water bottle flat, releasing a creaking sound.
“Let’s not rush to set out.
We should find a rest area and inquire about the situation, as well as make a call to Yangzhou if possible.”

Pausing for a moment, he continued, “We can also charge your rabbit en route.”

Whether or not it actually unleashes lightning, they will have to charge it first to observe the effects.

Bai Youwei nodded.

Having to find a place to rest and recuperate was inevitable.
Based on their state now, if they were required to play “The Tortoise And The Hare” again, perhaps they would be unable to clear the game.

Shen Mo started the car once more, preparing to hit the roads.

At that instant, Bai Youwei asked, “If something happened in Yangzhou too, what will you do?”

Shen Mo was slightly stunned, and his action in twisting the key halted.

Bai Youwei stared at the cold side profile of his face and said calmly, “You only promised my mother to send me back to Yangzhou.
You are not obliged to care if I survive or die there.
Besides, you’re on a mission.
You probably have to return to report on the mission.
Therefore we will part ways after reaching Yangzhou, am I right?”

Her eyes darkened as she spoke.
“It’s the end of the world, who cares if others live or die? It’s a duty, a good deed for you to come and pick me up.
But if you are not going to bother with me after sending me there, it would be better to just let me off and fend for myself right now.
I won’t blame you.”

The atmosphere was stiff.

Regardless, Bai Youwei did not care since she had always been a person who was not well-liked by others.

Shen Mo put down the car key and turned around.

Bai Youwei’s clear, dark eyes stared straight at him, not avoiding him in the least, her pursed lips showing her stubbornness.

“Come here for a bit.” Shen Mo beckoned her with his index finger.

She frowned while leaning closer to him.

Shen Mo reached out and pinched her lower jaw.

Her small face still filled with baby fat instantly contorted.
Her lips were pouted, her stubborn expression became childish.

“…” Bai Youwei furrowed her eyebrows tighter, cursing in her heart.

“Listen properly, I will only say this once.” Shen Mo pinched her face and said in an impatient yet gentle tone, “I won’t leave you on your own, understood?”

“…” She turned her face, unable to break free from his grasp.

Shen Mo pinched her again, as if kneading a doll.
“I’m asking you, do you understand me?”

Bai Youwei moved her lips.

Shen Mo was finally satisfied.
He released his grip and turned back forward to twist the car key.
The engine rumbled in a low tone.

He then took a glance at the backseat through the rearview mirror, spying Bai Youwei who was covering her face while glaring at him with indignation.

The corners of Shen Mo’s lips curved upward as he drove on the road.

At last, he’d managed to grasp Bai Youwei’s temper.
She’s the type that’s susceptible to force but not persuasion.
If you treat her nicely, she will think you are pitying, sympathizing with her, and then pick a quarrel with you.
So you might as well be a little fierce which saves yourself the trouble.

“I’m at least a few years older than you, you should have some faith in me,” Shen Mo held the steering wheel and said with a faint smile.

The girl’s expression in the rearview mirror became more twisted in disgust.
She stared out the window with a chilly expression, ignoring him.

As if she loathed him.

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