Chapter 15 – Rest Area

Half an hour later, Shen Mo and Bai Youwei arrived at the rest area.

A number of people were gathered around the rest area, about twenty or so.
There were men, women and children, all in the restaurant.

Whereas the original staff of the rest area were nowhere to be seen.

As Shen Mo pushed the wheelchair in, the gaze of those people all fell upon the doorway.
When they noticed that the ones entering were merely a man and a disabled girl, they all simultaneously looked disappointed. 

Since the world had undergone abnormal changes, humans had been waiting for salvation.
Whether it’s from the rescue army organized by the government or the salvation force under the religious faction, or anything at all, even if it’s just a glimpse of hope, it’s better than the current feeling of lost and hopeless despair.

Shen Mo casted a glance on everyone in the restaurant and reckoned that the situation in the rest area was not favorable either.
Then, he pushed Bai Youwei to the supermarket at the side.

The shelves in the supermarket were basically cleared off.
They found an electrical outlet and charged the rabbit. 

Although the charging setting was on the lower end, the charging method was quite high tech.
They just needed to let the rabbit doll sit against the outlet to charge it.
No power plugs or contacts1 were needed.

It’s just that they had no idea how long it would take to fully charge it.

This toy was not like the common electronic products that are able to display its percentage, it all depends on the user’s perception.
Bai Youwei tried perceiving any changes for a while but she could not tell anything. 

“Describe it,” Shen Mo said.

Bai Youwei asked him, “Do you have a swimming pool in your house?”


“It feels like taking a thin hose to fill the pool with water, guess how long will it take to fill it up?”

Shen Mo was speechless.

Well, that’s a vivid description.

Since charging was going to take a long time, Bai Youwei, who was impatient to wait, took the rabbit and said she wanted to go to the toilet.

She resented this physical need that’s out of her control.

The foldable walking sticks have to be hung at the side of the wheelchair.
Whereas the toilet paper and wet tissues were kept in the pocket on the other side.
If she couldn’t find a seat toilet, she also had to prepare a stool.

Shen Mo pushed Bai Youwei to the toilet.
He exclaimed in an atypical manner, “For the first time in my life I’m entering the ladies’ room.”

Bai Youwei said in a frigid tone, “It’s just entering the ladies’ room.
It’s not like I’m asking you to take off a woman’s pants.”

After finishing her sentence, she was reminded of the past.
Not only going to the toilet, but also things such as scrubbing, bathing and massaging were all done with the help of the nurse’s aide and the housekeeper.
Yet now she had to rely on a man whom she wasn’t even familiar with. 

She felt disgusted.
She loathed Shen Mo but loathed herself even more.

“But taking off a woman’s pants should be very familiar for you right?” Her mood worsened and she became more and more malicious. 

Shen Mo shot her a brief glimpse.

Taking a woman’s pants off, this was his first time.

However, if he were to argue about this, it would be too childish.

He clearly knew that Bai Youwei’s emotions were erratic.
Once you touched her weak spot, she would become aggressive and sharp like a hedgehog.

It must have been hard for her to put on a fierce front with such a soft and cuddly look.
She’s just like an agitated kitten. 

Shen Mo felt amused.
He pushed the wheelchair to a somewhat clean cubicle and asked Bai Youwei, “Take it off while sitting down or standing up?”

Bai Youwei pulled a long face and bit her lower lips.
After that, she awkwardly took out a packet of something from her side pocket and shoved it into Shen Mo’s hand with great force.

“Put this on,” She commanded in a chilly tone like an arrogant queen.

Shen Mo opened the packaging.
There was a disposable toilet seat cotton cover in it.
She must have always prepared this when going out.

He bent down and padded the toilet seat.
When he turned around again, he realized Bai Youwei had already stood up on her own with the help of the walking sticks.

She looked exhausted with tiny, shiny beads of sweat on the tip of her nose.

“You really don’t need my help?” Shen Mo sized her up.

Bai Youwei replied with a glare.
“Go and guard the door, don’t let anyone in!”

Shen Mo asked, “Women are not allowed in either?”

Instantly, she was like a cat that had been stepped on its tail.
Her voice was cold and sharp.

“Yes! Women are not allowed in either! Anyone that enters will affect my physiological excretion! Do you think I’m troublesome?! Even if you do, it’s too late! Suck it up! If you hadn’t insisted on taking me away, I wouldn’t have had to go to the bathroom in this disgusting place!”

She walked into the cubicle with her walking sticks and slammed the door close.

How rude and unreasonable.

T/N: I finally got this chapter out! I’m posting Chapter 16 in a bit too!


I think the author is trying to say that the doll doesn’t need to make contact with the outlet to charge.

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