Chapter 16 – A Couple

Shen Mo touched his nose, feeling that he was too gentle.

…Next time, he should try being fiercer.

He left the wheelchair at the entrance of the cubicle before turning around and left.

While waiting for her outside the ladies’ room, he heard thumping and banging from time to time inside.
It sounded like the walking sticks were hitting something, or maybe she’d bumped into something?

What ordinary people can easily do on a daily basis is like a battle to her. 

That tiny spark of anger in his heart gradually dissipated.

Why bicker with her? She’s just a child.
Her health hasn’t been good since young and she lacks a sense of security.
It didn’t matter since she lived an extravagant life before this, but now she had to survive in this kind of world.
So it’s normal for her to lose her temper.
She’s all bark and no bite anyway.

Shen Mo stood by the entrance, listening attentively to the movements inside.

Bang, splash, rustle.
Bai Youwei lifted her clothing and accompanied by the sounds of her walking sticks rubbing and scraping against the floor, she slammed open the cubicle door with a bang!

Bai Youwei walked out with her walking sticks.
Her palm-sized face in a grimace.
“Quickly bring me to wash my hands! It stinks in here!”

Shen Mo smiled amusedly.
He approached to help her into the wheelchair and pushed her over to the washbowl.

” ”

The automatic faucet was not fully functional, Bai Youwei tried a few times but no water came out.
She almost cursed out loud, only then did the faucet cough out a few streams of water like an old woman over her eighties.

After washing her hands twice with disgust, her sullen expression finally eased a little.

“The facilities in the rest area are lacking.
Just try to put up with it for now, it will be better once we reach Yangzhou,” Shen Mo said.

Bai Youwei lowered the corner of her lips in silence as she thought to herself, It’s not necessarily better in Yangzhou.

Shen Mo moved to the back of the wheelchair to push her.

At this moment, she reached out to grasp the corner of his clothes.

She had just washed her hands and had yet to dry it.
A layer of limpid water was covering her fair skin, soft and weak, and tips of her fingers were a cherry pink.

Shen Mo’s gaze swept across his hands that were holding the handles of the wheelchair.
It had distinct joints and rough texture, each crease exudes masculinity.

Both were hands but they were so different.
The difference in gender was embodied in every single detail.

Bai Youwei frowned, “Are we still going to the supermarket? There’s no signal in this rest area, the food and water had also been cleared off by others.
It doesn’t feel comfortable.
We might as well leave, otherwise, it would be dark soon.”

It was already dusk and she did not want to travel at night.

After thinking for a while, Shen Mo nodded.
“Then let’s not go to the supermarket.
If we leave now, we should be able to reach Yangzhou before it turns dark.”

Once they reached Yangzhou, with an internet signal and a place to stay, everything would be easier to settle.

Both of them returned to the parking lot.

To their surprise, they saw a man and a woman standing by the side of the SUV at a distance, waving at them.

When they were closer, they realized the man and the woman were about 40 years old, looking like a couple.
Their appearance was the honest and kind type.

“Are you guys going to Yangzhou?” The woman warned kindly, “We also wanted to go to Yangzhou but the road in front was congested, which is why everyone is staying here.
It’s not safe for you guys to leave now.”

“Is it very congested?” Shen Mo asked.

The man continued, “It is for at least a hundred meters.
The cars were full of dolls, no one dared to go there.”

“What about walking around from the side if the car can’t get through?” Bai Youwei spoke up and questioned, “Has anyone tried walking to Yangzhou?”

The man and woman looked at each other with blank expressions.
They had obviously not thought of this method.

“But there are so many things in the car…” The woman said hesitantly, “Food, everyday items and the clothes…are all in the car.”

The man also added, “If something happened to Yangzhou too, you can’t escape without a car.”

Cars are sometimes more than just a means of transportation.
They can also function as a safe haven.
Unless there is a major crisis, people won’t abandon their vehicles on a whim.

However, in Bai Youwei’s opinion, it’s better to spend more than ten hours walking to Yangzhou than to be stuck in the rest area.

Besides, sooner or later the car would have to be discarded.

Because if the world continues to be in chaos, petrol will soon become a scarce commodity.


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