Chapter 18 – Act Coquettishly

The bespectacled man sat in the middle.
He seems to be the “leader” whom they had guessed.

But this leader must not have had a good time, for there were a lot of wrinkles in his shirt, his hair was also greasy.
It seemed that he had not properly groomed himself for days.

Shen Mo asked, “What do you mean by exchange of information?”

The leader lightly pushed his glasses and said unhurriedly, “You can understand this as information sharing.
Everyone has to give out valuable information without reservation.
Only this way can everyone discuss strategies with each other.
If everyone hides their information and expects others to come out with a plan, then that will never solve the problem, right?”

This was not wrong.
Fighting alone is not as safe and effective as working together as a group.
Since time immemorial, humans have solved countless problems through teamwork.
Thus, it could be considered as one of human’s greatest wisdom. 

However, once there are too many people in the team, it’s inevitable that some will be fishing in troubled waters.

Bai Youwei hugged her rabbit doll while saying softly, “But we don’t know what type of information is valuable…”

Hearing her suddenly speaking in such a coquettish voice, Shen Mo was instantly startled, goosebumps prickled across both his arms that were holding the wheelchair.

Yet, she still insincerely raised her head and glanced at him with a pitiable look.
“Brother, do you know?”


Shen Mo choked.

Perhaps Bai Youwei’s appearance was too deceptive, the bespectacled man felt soft-hearted and gently explained, “Don’t worry, since you are able to reach here, you’ve probably encountered those dolls on the road, right? You can tell us everything related to dolls, the more detailed the better.
Even if it’s something you can’t figure out, sharing it with everyone might shed light on it and help us gain some new information. 

Bai Youwei pursed her lips and acted like she was thinking hard.

“Hmm…On our way here, we met a bald uncle driving a pickup truck.
He drove through the road section with dolls but nothing happened, so my brother and I followed him…but the people further back all transformed into dolls.
So, I think…there’s probably a limit to the number of people? If there are fewer people, perhaps we can safely pass through?”

As she finished speaking, she looked at the bespectacled man unsettlingly.
“Does…this count as valuable information?”

The bespectacled man’s expression softened even more.
“It counts.
Your discovery tallies with the results of our recent observations.
Come and sit.”

With a relieved expression on her face, Bai Youwei smiled gratefully at the bespectacled man.

Seeing her acting so enthusiastically, Shen Mo could only passively play the role of a “reticent” brother and push the wheelchair over without uttering a single word.

Everyone spontaneously moved aside to free up some space for Bai Youwei and Shen Mo.
This also indirectly displayed the status of the bespectacled man in the group.

Shen Mo pulled a chair over and sat beside the wheelchair.

Bai Youwei raised her naive little face and asked, “If nothing will happen when there are fewer people, then isn’t it safer to go alone?”

“There are all sorts of circumstances.
The limit to the number of people is merely the most obvious one but there are surely some hidden conditions.
After all, the first batch of people who turned into dolls all transformed suddenly when they were alone, so it’s hard to make a certain conclusion for the time being. 

The bespectacled man halted the topic of the conversation and looked at the others.
“Let’s continue the previous question first.
Our companions who went out to explore the road today have yet to return.
Everyone, what do you think we should do now? Should we continue waiting?” 

Everyone exchanged glances, no one uttered a word.

The bespectacled man’s gaze swept around and said in a solemn tone, “It’s definitely risky to go immediately but water and electricity in the rest area might be cut off at any time.
We can’t last long here.

“What about…” someone hesitantly began to speak, “sending a few more people to go out to explore?”

This suggestion was rejected instantly.
“Who will go? Those few people who have yet to come back had probably died on the road! Who would still dare to go? You?”

“…But we can’t just wait for our death here.”

“Maybe there’s no danger on the road and so they ran away first!”

“That’s not possible right? Their luggage is still in the rest area…”

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