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Chapter 21 – A Scene Of Elation

“Dolls that appear on a large scale usually have a fixed movement, for example, in a car, at a gathering, or standing still, but the dolls we meet on the road—”

Tan Xiao squinted his eyes and whispered “hehe”, deliberately creating a bizarre atmosphere.

“The dolls we met… did not have a unified movement, but were all disorderly lying on the ground…as if someone intentionally threw them on the road!”

Everyone stared at each other with their eyes wide open.

“What does that mean?”

Someone could not figure it out.
“Why are they throwing dolls away?”

Normal people would want to avoid them at all cost so why would they purposely dispose of dolls focusing at one place? Besides, this is easy to mislead latecomers.

“Because they don’t want to let people pass by that route,” the bespectacled man calmly spoke.

Everyone was enlightened by that statement.

“Who will do this?!”

“Why not let people pass?! That’s so vicious!”

“Don’t let me meet those guys, otherwise, I’ll make them pay for it!”

“Brother Xiao, did you find the one who threw the dolls?”

Tan Xiao extended his thumb and swiped it across, below his nose, then gave a roguish smile.

“Of course.
Not only did we find them, but also taught them a lesson! Guess what? A group of people took over a food processing factory with enough food for years! They were afraid of others going for their resources which led them to purposely throw the dolls in their houses on the road to frighten passing cars! But your Brother Xiao, I, have Fiery Golden Eyes! Hey! Like a fierce tiger leaping down from a mountain, I swung my left fist! Then, I struck forward with my right leg, kicking him with the force of a dragon’s tailwhip! I beat the hell out of those guys! You see all that stuff out there in the car? It was all taken back from the processing factory by your Brother Xiao, me with Brother Hui and the others!”

“Great job!!!”

The crowd cheered and gave a round of applause!

At the corner, Teacher Cheng let out an indistinct sigh, “Those people wanted to survive too…”

Someone heard it and accused him in a bad mood, “Teacher Cheng, look at you.
You are doing it again, aren’t you? We almost can’t leave because of those people! They want to survive, don’t we too?”

Teacher Cheng lowered his head.
He did not defend himself.
Yet, his mouth kept breathing out utter sighs as if he was lamenting the current situation similar to the law of survival of the fittest.

” ”

This little divergence was soon being drowned out by the scene of rejoice.

The bespectacled man assigned some people to move the things in the car down.
There were smoked meat, sausages, braised duck and a mountain of vacuum-packed cooked food.
The atmosphere became livelier, everyone was exceptionally excited.

Shen Mo and Bai Youwei also receive a share of the food.

It was unknown whether they felt sympathy for Bai Youwei’s disability, but she got an extra braised pig trotter with soy sauce compared to others.

After distributing the food, the bespectacled man told everyone to rest early, and that they would leave once the sun peeks out the horizon tomorrow.

Everyone was extremely excited because they were finally going to leave the rest area where they had been trapped in for long.

They rearranged the tables and chairs in the restaurant to form a wide bed with thick and wide European curtains as bed sheets, people of all ages lying side by side.

Whereas Bai Youwei and Shen Mo slept on the floor in the supermarket next door.

The shelf that was laid down would make a makeshift bed frame.
It was then padded with a folded packing carton and a soft blanket.
Although it was decent, it was more comfortable than sleeping in the car.

Moonlight silently flowed as the night immerse itself in tranquility.

The branches and leaves outside were soughing, whereas the people indoors were tossing and turning.
The rustling of clothes rubbing against each other was especially clear too.

Bai Youwei quietly lay down, with her head slightly tilted, she could see the view in the restaurant.
Some took out their phones to browse pictures of their family, some were softly discussing plans after leaving, whispers permeated the dark, making the night grow quieter…

Shen Mo sat at the other side of the shelf.
His hand was holding a map that he had gotten from somewhere while he carefully looked at it by the moonlight.

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