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Edited by Shiny

Chapter 23 – Save Me

She had anticipated what would happen to her after the collapse of order.

However, she had not foreseen that it would be this quick.

When they were walking towards her, her mind was full of thoughts as she started overthinking.

She recalled her family physician who had always taken advantage of her every time he examined her body.
Initially, she had not understood as she had been ignorant, but she had called her mother to report it once she realized it.

However, the physician had claimed that he had been doing his job conscientiously and without the slightest neglect.
He had also accused her for lying on purpose just to show off her authority as a pampered young lady.

Her temper was indeed terrible.

Which was why the physician’s words sounded convincing.
Her mother paid the physician a large amount of money when she dismissed him to comfort his “wounded heart that was tortured by the pampered young lady”.

As Bai Youwei thought of her past, she slowly squeezed the rabbit tightly…

She made up a decision in her mind.

The three youths came up to her and surveyed her with a blatant look in their eyes.

They were scruffy hooligans with bleary eyes.

Not only that, she supposed that these people weren’t particularly smart either.
They must have managed to survive until now due to a mix of pure fearlessness and primitive brutality.

They were once people who had been rejected and detested by society, but now, they were the leaders of a surviving team, receiving respect as they were followed by others.
What else could make them more conceited than this?

Bai Youwei sat up with the support of her arms and screamed in panic, “What are you doing? Don’t come here! Don’t you come over…”

The restaurant next door suddenly became silent.

The soft noises of chatting all disappeared, as if everyone had simultaneously fallen asleep at this particular moment.

Three hoodlums; one grabbed Bai Youwei’s arm, one took off her dress and the remaining one stood to the side as he gleefully filmed the affair with his phone.

“Let go of me! No! …Don’t! Help…”

She struggled with all her might and called for help in a weak voice.
The creaking of the metal shelves beneath her and the mischievous laughter of the hoodlums sounded exceptionally clear and piercing in this silent night.

No one helped her.

Humans… They were always generous when it did not jeopardize their interests; while at other times, they would be selfish and indifferent to the utmost.

Perhaps it was due to the noises that were too loud so he could not pretend to be asleep, but the bespectacled man from the restaurant side came over with his jacket on.

The hoodlums stopped their actions.
However, the slim and tall one who was wearing a necklace stared at the bespectacled man with a provocative look.
He lightly weighed the dagger in his hand, throwing it up and catching it back in his hand.
The tip of the knife was pointed forward, filled with threatening implications.

The bespectacled man looked at that dagger before glancing at Bai Youwei who had curled up into a ball.
He frowned and averted his gaze as he said, “Be quieter, her brother will return soon.”

The slim, tall man smirked and glanced at his brothers next to him.
The corner of his mouth was full of mockery, “Did you hear that? President Zhang asked us to be quieter.”

The other two, “Yes! Be quieter!”

They laughed uproariously as they finished speaking, filled with defiance.

The bespectacled man’s complexion turned more and more ugly.

However, in the end, he didn’t say anything further and turned around to return to the restaurant, unwilling to bother with this trouble anymore.

“Loser!” One of the hoodlums spat at his back, his eyes full of contempt.

After challenging the authority of the leader, the hoodlums felt a great sense of achievement.
However, they did not notice that Shen Mo had already returned and he was standing at the entrance of the supermarket, his face frigid.

Bai Youwei clutched the rabbit doll and shook her head slightly at him.

Shen Mo’s brow furrowed, he knew what she was thinking.

When they just entered the rest area, they had charged the rabbit doll for a while.
Bai Youwei probably wanted to test the power of “one-tenth of me”.

But the voltage of this thing was not that easy to control.
Bai Youwei was not sure whether it could precisely strike on people like the supervisor had done.
She did not want Shen Mo to get close in case he might accidentally get caught in the fray.

If the power was not enough, it wouldn’t be too late to call him to save the day.

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