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Edited by Shiny

Chapter 24 – Brother Outside

In short, these three people were lab rats that had sent themselves to her doorstep.
Bai Youwei was going to use them to experiment.

Even if they were accidentally struck to death, they deserved it.

Shen Mo slightly tilted his body to the side and leaned against the door outside.
He furrowed his eyebrows tightly, an intense irritation suppressed beneath his eyes.

He had no objections with Bai Youwei experimenting with the people who offended her, nor was he in a position to comment about it.

However, she kept tearing up.

Of course, he knew it was fake.
In fact, she had been “acting” since they had arrived at the rest area.

The reason he was irritated was that…she kept crying but no one helped her.

The supermarket and the restaurant were just half a wall away.
There were almost 30 people on the other side of the wall but no one lent her a helping hand.

The more she cried, the more it showed the selfishness of humans! This feeling…really made him feel displeased.

“Let go of her!”

A sudden low bellow, with an old, hoarse trill, cut through the silent night.

Shen Mo raised his eyebrows in surprise and turned his head to look.

Bai Youwei was also taken aback.
She clenched onto the rabbit doll tightly, suppressing the pent-up electricity back into it!

The skinny old man stood solemnly in the aisle between the restaurant and the supermarket as he held onto a wooden stick that he picked from somewhere and condemned.

“How can you do such a thing?! Do you not have mothers? Or sisters? Or daughters? You, you… You’re flouting the law! You have no conscience! …What are you doing?! Let go of me mmm mmm…”

The old man was lifted up and a pig trotter was forcefully stuffed into his mouth!

It was a braised pig trotter with soy sauce that Bai Youwei just received.

Even the packaging had not been opened yet.
They used too much force to stuff it in and made a bloody cut at the corner of the old man’s mouth.

The tall and slim hoodlum lightly patted on the old man’s face.
He jeered, “Teacher Cheng, this is not the place for your lectures.
Here you go, a big pig trotter for you.
If your mouth is itchy then bite it!”

He subsequently reached out and pushed Teacher Cheng.
The old man stumbled backwards and fell down.
His legs were trembling so much that he could not get up.

“Who else is still unconvinced?” The tall and slim hoodlum took a few steps forward and glanced lazily at the restaurant.
“Whichever hero still wishes to save the beauty, just come out quickly.
This is a rare opportunity.”

” ”

His comrade sneered, “Don’t try to poke your nose into our business, if it weren’t for Brother Hui, you’d still be starving tonight! All of you have no sense of gratitude…”

“Who are you talking about that has no sense of gratitude?”

Another person slowly walked in from outside the supermarket.

“Tan Xiao?” The tall and slim one frowned.

Tan Xiao had just returned from the toilet.
With one hand in his pants’ pocket and another ruffling his short gray hair, he smiled roguishly.
“Brother Hui, you and your two brothers are really capable of…bullying women and old men.
How did I not notice you guys are this kind of people?”

Brother Hui’s expression darkened.
“Buddy, don’t spoil the fun.”

“Don’t, don’t ever call me your buddy.” Tan Xiao shook his hand hastily.
“I, Brother Xiao, make a living relying on my uprightness and frankness.
I don’t dare to befriend a buddy like you!”

The hoodlums laughed instead of getting angry.

“We’re giving you face (respect) by calling you Brother Xiao.
Why? You don’t want it today?”

Tan Xiao pointed at his face and approached them.
“Here, my face is here.
Take it, take it…”


Tan Xiao suddenly attacked.
He grabbed Brother Hui’s head and headbutted him into confusion! 

“F*ck!” The other two were instantly incensed and retaliated, “Let’s beat him to death!”

The three of them fought with each other!

There was nothing entertaining about the fighting style of the hoodlums.
Beating the face, kicking the crotch and poking the eyes—every move was extremely brutal and rough!

Whereas Tan Xiao had numerous insidious moves.
He could fight neck to neck against them even with two of them against him!

But after Brother Hui who had been headbutted by him recovered from his stupor, his situation deteriorated to a three on one fight! He was immediately pinned down to the ground!

His hands were twisted behind his back and his face was trampled on by the soles of Brother Hui’s shoes!

“You’re tired of living, aren’t you?”

The slip-resistant grooves on the soles of the shoes left red marks on his face.

Tan Xiao inhaled in pain and shouted, “Brother outside! Come and help! What are you waiting for?!”

Shen Mo was at loss for words.

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