Chapter 26 – Being clung to

Shen Mo was being clung to by Tan Xiao.

For the latter half of the night, Tan Xiao insisted on taking on the night watch.
With a sense of righteousness, he said that he wanted to prevent that gang of people from coming back.
Even if they didn’t harm anyone, just secretly siphoning out the gasoline or puncturing the tires would be annoying enough.

Shen Mo wanted to tell him that according to the injury of those few people, they would need to rest at least one night to take revenge.
However, he really could not bear with Tan Xiao’s talkative personality, so he just let him be. 

The next morning, everyone set off together.

Tan Xiao stayed up all night, but surprisingly he was still in high spirits.

He got Teacher Cheng out of another person’s car and insisted the old man to sit on his motorcycle. 

His motorcycle was a mix of goth and punk style.
In front of it was a tassel, whereas at the back was a skull painting.
There were also metal rivets on both sides of the body of the motorcycle as decoration.

Teacher Cheng awkwardly waved his hand.
However, no matter how hard he tried to persuade Tan Xiao, he just would not let him go.

Bai Youwei coldly stared at them from not far away. 

She knew that this silly boy was warm-hearted.
Letting that old man ride the motorcycle was to protect him, but he should’ve known that the old man would suffer from the vibration of that broken motorcycle of his.

She inadvertently glanced to the side and caught a faint smile in the corner of Shen Mo’s mouth.

Bai Youwei frowned and spoke with an unpleasant tone, “Why are you smiling?”

Shen Mo held the steering wheel and shook his head indifferently.

After a while, he continued, “I’m just thinking…whether there’s more good people or bad people.” 

If you say there’s more good, during Bai Youwei’s mishap yesterday, the 30 people next door were pretending to be asleep.

If there’s more bad, the weak and skinny old man, and the hoodlum who was not well-educated could also step forward bravely.

Bai Youwei answered mockingly, “How old are you? Why are you still thinking of such a naive question?”

Shen Mo smiled disapprovingly, and spoke in a calm tone, “Perhaps soldiers are just more idealistic.”

Bai Youwei frowned.
She impatiently turned her face away and proceeded to look at the old and the young from afar: An old-fashioned old teacher, and a delusional jobless youth… What a strange pair.

Are there more good people or bad people in this world?

No, neither are.

There are more ordinary people, being good or bad is just one thought away.
They are not purely good, nor entirely bad.

“Let the old man ride in our car.” Bai Youwei said. 

Shen Mo glanced at her and lightly nodded.
“Yeah, in case something happens.”

He got out of the car and invited Teacher Cheng to travel together.

It was clearly out of gratitude for Teacher Cheng’s words of justice last night, yet Tan Xiao felt that it was because of “brotherly loyalty”.

Tan Xiao enthusiastically said to Shen Mo, “Brother, you’re really an affectionate and loyal person! Don’t worry, I’ll keep an eye on those people later.
They won’t have a chance to even play tricks on us on the road!”

Shen Mo really had nothing to say to him.
He nodded indifferently and took Teacher Cheng back to the car.

Teacher Cheng was a refined old man who gave people a feeling of kindness and generosity, his speech exuded the nobility and modesty of a scholar.

When he got in the car, he politely thanked Shen Mo and Bai Youwei and introduced himself, “…I’m Cheng Weicai, a teacher from Nanjing No.13 High School.
The school has stopped classes, so I wanted to go to Yangzhou to see my old parents, who live in Middle Jiang Yang Road.
I don’t know where you are heading but if it’s inconvenient, then just let me down nearby…”

Shen Mo looked at the road ahead and responded indifferently, “We are heading to South YangTze River Road.”

“That’s great!” Teacher Cheng’s expression was full of delight, “Jiang Yang Middle Road is not far from there, it’s on the way! Really thank you so much!”

Bai Youwei in the back seat sneered.

She thought, This military officer is not only an idealist, but he also likes to be a good person and do good deeds.
Furthermore, he wants to do them in a way that the other party wouldn’t feel burdened about it.
What a thoughtful person.

They had no intention of going to South YangTze River Road at all.

However, with how disorder the situation is now, it doesn’t matter to her where their destination would be.


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