Chapter 27 – Dolls Again

One car after another left the rest area, and drove into the highway.

The exploration team led by Tan Xiao and Brother Hui were driving at the front of the motorcade

Tan Xiao rode his beloved motorcycle nimbly between cars.
He was so energetic that he observed the situation of the road ahead while keeping an eye out for the hoodlums from yesterday.

Perhaps his surveillance worked or it was because those people were scared after being beaten by Shen Mo, the journey was peaceful, and there were no problems along the way.

The motorcade continued for around an hour.
When they were about to enter Zhenjiang, clusters of figures could be seen on the road ahead.

Brother Hui’s car was at the front, so he was the first one to see it.

“…It seems like dolls.”

“It’s those people from the food processing factory again, right? The same trick again and again, I think those people are just too free!”

“They probably hold a grudge since we snatched away their food.

“Don’t bother about it, just drive straight through!”

“Is it fine though…”

“Tsk! This is the only road we can go, even if it’s not fine, we still have to dash through it! What are you afraid of, we still have a group of sacrificial lambs behind us!”

After a few simple conversations, the car sped up instead of decreased.

The humanoid dolls on the road were knocked into pieces, and were then rolled with the wind, causing a mess.

Shen Mo sensed the anomaly, so he decreased the car speed and waved at the motorcycle not far away.
He asked, “What’s the matter?”

His voice drifted over along with the wind.

Tan Xiao slowed down and kept riding parallel to the SUV.
He shouted at Shen Mo, ”There are dolls again! It’s probably done by those people in the food processing factory! That factory is just nearby!”

Shen Mo frowned.
As he saw the fallen dolls at the side of the road, he felt an indescribable sense of contradiction in his heart. 

The actions and expression of these dolls looked out of place.
It was as if they were chased by something.

Bai Youwei in the back seat also saw it.

She wrinkled her eyebrows, maintaining silence.

At this time, Tan Xiao suddenly burst out cursing—

” ”


The motorcycle suddenly sped up and rushed to a doll with a white cloth apron in front of it!

“I know this aunt! She scolded me when I snatched her sausages yesterday! How did she turn into a doll?!”

Tan Xiao’s expression changed greatly.
He hurriedly looked at the other doll and suddenly turned around right after! He’s speeding in the opposite direction on the road!

“The people in the food processing factory have all transformed into dolls! Don’t drive any further! Everybody stop! Stop!!!—”

One after another car stopped, everyone’s faces were filled with confusion and dismay.

“What happened?”

“…They seem to say that dolls appeared in front.”

“What should we do? …Should we drive back?”


Where else could they drive back to?

They already had no way to go.

After informing the last car, Tan Xiao stopped his motorcycle and turned back to look at the front of the motorcade.
He thought, Perhaps we should start arranging for the cars to drive separately now, otherwise it’s too easy for things to go wrong when everyone is gathering together.

Fortunately, they noticed it in time this time.
If they continued to rush forward, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Just as he was feeling relief, the next second, a strange voice sounded in his ears—

“Ding! Welcome to The Dolls’ Game! The theme of this game is “The Frog’s Golden Ball”, and the rules are as stated below:

If you refuse the game, you will become a doll!

If you lose the game, you will become a doll!

If you clear the game, you will be rewarded! …”

“Dafuq?” Tan Xiao looked left and right in surprise, “Where did that voice come from?”

This familiar narration also sounded in Bai Youwei and Shen Mo’s ears at the same time.

A dazzling white mist shone, making others could not help but to close their eyes.
Once they reopened their eyes again, the world became different too.

This time, they were greeted by a dark cave, smelly mud and an incomparably damp and stuffy smell. 

“F*ckF*ckF*ckF*ckF*ckF*ck! …” After a series of curses, Tan Xiao jumped out from the mud, and asked angrily, “What the fuck is this trap?!”

“This is not a trap, this is a game.” The bespectacled man sat on the mud, his expression was full of frustration and despair.
“Don’t you know? This is…The Dolls’ Game.”


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