Chapter 28 – Conical Space

*The drawings are drawn by the author but cleaned and typeset by me.


“The Dolls’ Game? What Dolls’ Game?”

Tan Xiao dragged his leg out of the mud and walked to the bespectacled man strenuously, “Leader Zhang, what do you mean? What dolls? What game? Why can’t I understand?”

The bespectacled man powerless lowered his head.
Sinking into depression, his lips opened and closed stiffly.
“Even without my explanation you’ll soon understand… I’ve also only experienced it once.
That time…out of 16 of us…only I survived in the end.”

Tan Xiao looked at him in a daze, and scratched the back of his head, his expression was a little blank. 

Suddenly arriving at this kind of place was as if entering the nest of an unknown monster.
Everyone was trembling, and some even started crying softly.

Shen Mo carried Bai Youwei from the mud and looked around just to realise that there was no place for him to put her down.
At first glance, it was full of wet mud, and there was not even a clean place available.

Bai Youwei pointed at the huge river snail from not far away.
Shen Mo then carried her there by stepping on mud pits. 

Perhaps they had been shrunk, or the river snails had mutated that the river snails here were as large as a double door refrigerator! However, it did not seem to be that hard to accept seeing such river snails after seeing hares as large as big dogs.

Luckily, there were only snail shells left which were empty inside, otherwise it might turn into a horror movie.

Bai Youwei sat on the rough protruding surface of the shell.
Her long dress was thick and heavy after being soaked with muddy water, so she had to struggle to maintain her body balance.

The environment they were in now was a huge mud pit, surrounded by wet and slippery stone walls.
The higher up the narrower, and at the center of the top, there was only a small circular gap left, which went straight up like a well.

Sunray leaked through the gap, brightening the middle of the cave, whereas the surroundings were dark.
The further it was from the gap, the darker it got, and it was almost pitch-black at the corners.

To put it simply, this was like a conical space full of mud. 

After finding a place for Bai Youwei, Shen Mo helped Teacher Cheng, who was not far away, up.

They were sitting in the same car, so the place they landed was pretty close.

The poor 60-year-old man, his face was deathly pale, and was covered in mud.
His feet were soaked in muddy water, and his knees could not stop shivering.

Shen Mo helped Teacher Cheng up on another snail shell, then he looked around again.
Others had also climbed up on the shells to avoid soaking in the mud.

For now, there was no supervisor. 

However, this place was very large and dark, and there were countless snail shells that could be used as cover.
Perhaps the supervisor was hiding somewhere?

The sound of cursing could be heard not far away.
It was those three hoodlums grabbing the bespectacled man.

The leader among them, Brother Hui grabbed the bespectacled man’s collar and spoke with coercion and fear, “Zhang Hua! How dare you lie to us! Why didn’t you mention the game back in the rest area?!”

He (Hui) used to politely call him Leader Zhang, but now he (Hui) simply called him by his first name.

Tan Xiao grabbed Brother’s Hui’s arm and also meddled in the battlefield, “How dare you touch him?! Is last night’s beating not enough for you? …Let go of him!? …I’m talking to you! You letting go or not?!”

The few jostled and pulled in the mud pit.
It was difficult to distinguish the winner, and soon they were out of breath.

The bespectacled man, Zhang Hua, slumped against the mud, and stared at them like a dead person.
“So what if I mention it? Can you avoid it if I mention it?”

“Bastard!” Brother Hui cursed furiously and turned around to climb the stone wall. 

However, the stone wall above was wet and slippery, whereas the mud below was soft and sunken, there was no place for their hands and feet to work on/exert force on at all.

Zhang Hua sat on the mud and looked at them with a smile, “Stop wasting your time.
If I were you, I’d take a good look at the terrain, so that I won’t be caught unprepared and have to wait for my death when the game starts later.”

“Who the f*ck are you saying will die?!” Another hoodlum who was difficult to deal with, came forward and tried to teach him a lesson.

The light of the cave suddenly dimmed.

It was dark everywhere.

A young childish voice sounded right after—

“Hm? There’s a lot of players this time…” 

Everyone got a shock, and instantly held their breath.

They heard a rustling sound from the darkness, as if something was slowly coming down along that vertical circular gap.

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