Chapter 2 – A Bizarre Situation

What’s going on?!

Bai Youwei tightly grasped the green grass under her body.
Her fingers dug into the soil, the moist and cold texture felt real.

This was not an illusion, nor a dream!

They really had arrived at this unknown place from the highway in an instant!

The voice had mentioned something about a game… Could that be the reason why people transformed into dolls? If they were unable to leave this place, would they transform into a doll too?

Tendrils of fear began to creep into her heart.
Her calm heart began to beat faster and harder.
Bai Youwei held her numb legs, as cold sweat began to bead upon her skin.

Shen Mo was standing nearby, vigilantly assessing his surroundings.
His expression was unpleasant.

The warm sunlight illuminated the ground and there were white clouds spread out in the sky.
The breeze blew gently, bringing with it the light fragrance of the grass.
Although it was the perfect weather for a picnic, no one dared to move recklessly. 

“Where is this…?” The long-haired lady raised her frightened face and said, “Weren’t we in the car just now? Hubby, I want to go home.
Let’s go home and not go anywhere anymore…”

The lady’s husband pushed her away, and said with distaste, “Where’s that bald man? Didn’t he say it’s fine?!”

We only followed because he said we could!”

“F*ck! I knew that he had no goodwill! Otherwise, why would he have dared to be the first one to pass? I think he purposely led us there!”

“Damn it, this motherf*cker…”

Everyone was cursing and scolding as if they had forgotten just how thankful they had been towards the bald man mere moments before.

Bai Youwei quietly counted the number of people.

There were a total of 17 people including her.

Indeed, the bald man was not here.
Why? Everyone had walked the same path.
Why hadn’t he come here? Or was there some other factor that triggered the game?

It was really weird… Under such strange circumstances, why was it, that apart from fear, she could feel a sense of excitement in her heart?

What was she looking forward to?

“Everybody listen to me…” A middle-aged man wearing a suit spoke up, “Things have already happened, complaining won’t change anything.
Only if we all unite and work together, will we have a chance at leaving this place.
I took a brief look just now.
This seems to be a sports ground, and there’s a track in front.
Is anyone willing to follow me to take a look there?”

He had been driving a Mercedes-Benz just now.
He was dressed like a successful businessman too.
Thus, his speech was very convincing.

Many agreed to his suggestion.

A young girl wearing glasses asked shyly, “Will it be dangerous?”

Another yellow-haired youngster criticized her, “So what if it’s dangerous? Are we supposed to wait here with you until death comes for us?!”

The girl looked at her boyfriend, feeling aggrieved.

The boy was quick-witted.
He immediately came to her defense and said, “Brother, chill.
She’s just worried that we will encounter a mishap since no one knows where this place is…”

The middle-aged man hesitated for a moment.
“It’s not impossible that what she’s worried about might occur.
Although it’s not dangerous now, this place is after all, still unknown to us.
How about this, the women and the elderly can stay behind, all the men should follow me up ahead to explore.”

After pondering for a few moments, Shen Mo turned his head and said to Bai Youwei, “Wait here for me, I’ll go in front and check it out.”

“No!” Bai Youwei grabbed his arms hard.

She said it loud and clear in a firm tone, attracting others to look at their direction.

Among all the men present, Shen Mo was the tallest one there.
He was slender and exuded an imposing aura.
His sleeves happened to be rolled-up, and his sturdy forearms could be seen.
One look was enough for anyone to be sure that he was definitely physically strong.
If he did not go with them, this “exploration team” would definitely lack a valuable fraction of strength.

The yellow-haired youngster from just now shot her a disapproving glance.
“Little sister, this is a matter of life and death, don’t be so unruly.
If we don’t understand what the situation is now, how do you expect us to find our way back?”

“If that’s the case, why are you separating men and women when our lives are at stake?!” Suddenly, Bai Youwei seemed like a different person.
In a sharp tone, she said, “I don’t even know any of you.
If something were to happen to him, who would bother with a cripple like me? In all likelihood, all of you would probably run away faster than a rabbit!”

Bai Youwei pulled Shen Mo close and stared straight into his eyes.
“Shen Mo, you promised to send me to Yangzhou safely! Are you going to abandon me so soon?!”

A few women also hesitated and looked at their own partners.

With the men all gone, all those left behind would be these helpless women and elderly, what if something happens? Even though Bai Youwei would definitely be the worst off, they wouldn’t be much better than her.

“Hubby, I’ll go with you.
I’m afraid of staying here…” The long-haired lady also changed her mind.

“I think it will be better if everyone goes together?” Someone tried to be the peacemaker and suggested, “I think there’s nothing to explore here.
There’s nothing here except the meadows, the track, and the forest which is a little bit further up ahead.”

“Don’t tell me we have to go through the forest?”

“I have no idea.
Let’s go to the place with the banner first, I have a weird feeling about that banner…”

“Let’s go and check it out, there might be some clues there.”

While talking, everyone walked towards the banner with “The Tortoise And The Hare” written on it.

Shen Mo bent down to carry Bai Youwei in his arms and followed the group in front.

Bai Youwei hugged his neck, her eyes were red.
Her voice returned to her initial soft tone, but her stubbornness remained unchanged.

“Do you regret it now? Don’t you think I’m burdensome? …Even if you were to regret it now, it’s too late! Shen Mo, don’t even think about getting rid of me!”

As if trying to prove that she meant what she said, Bai Youwei hugged his neck tighter with an unyielding expression.

Shen Mo was hurt by the force of her grip.
To his surprise, the strength of her hands was not weak.

He instantly recalled that perhaps her sense of insecurity was due to her parents being absent from a young age.

Thinking so, he calmed down, and said gently, “I won’t leave you on your own.”

Bai Youwei was not quite convinced.

Shen Mo also had his own doubts.
It was obvious that Bai Youwei’s physical and mental condition was not very good, why didn’t Aunt Wang bring her back to take care of her?

“Look, someone seems to be under the banner!”

Upon hearing this, everyone looked in that direction.
Shen Mo’s train of thought was also interrupted by the voice.

As they got closer, the figure below the banner gradually became more visible.

That figure was dressed like a gentleman.
It was wearing a white-collar shirt, a black tuxedo blazer, and a rabbit fursuit head.
The long rabbit ears were particularly conspicuous, while its pair of red eyes were staring at them unblinkingly.

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