Chapter 29 

Machine Translated and Edited by Jae

The Frog’s Ball

The darkness lasted for only around five or six seconds, yet it felt as long as a lifetime.

    Bai Youwei narrowed her eyes and saw a sphere sliding down from the opening at the top of the cave – its diameter was exactly the same as that of the gap, and so when it came down, the only light source was blocked.

    After the orb continued its descent, the light reemerged, and everyone saw a golden sphere suspended under the gap.  The light of the sun enveloped it, releasing a dazzling glare.

    “Hello everyone! I’m the inspector of this game.
Welcome to the doll game!”

    The Golden Ball spoke.

    It had a lively and childish tone, like that of a child of five or six years of age.

    It made a circle in midair, and floated in front of everyone, Its movements generating strong winds –

    “There are really a lot of players this time! Five, six, seven, eight, nine… uh, so many?! Twenty-eight, twenty-nine, thirty… Thirty-three! There are a total of thirty-three players in this competition! Please play the game seriously and work hard to clear the level!”

    Everyone stared at the golden ball in fear, their nerves tense.

    Even Brother Hui’s gangsters forgot to move.

    “Why are you all looking at me like this? Hey! That woman, and you there, why are you crying? Games are fun!  They make you happy!” The Golden Ball twisted, expressionless, but its tone was very rich.

    “Don’t you want to play games?” It grunted unhappily, “If you refuse to play the game, you will become dolls.
You should already have known that when you came in! It’s impossible not to play!”

    “How do we play? Tell us the rules.” Zhang Hua stood up, and flicked the sprinkles of mud off of his glasses, before putting them on again, his face was numb, “Between sooner or later… I hope that this would end sooner.”

    He seemed to have given up struggling, there was no desire to survive in his eyes.

    “Soon.” The Golden Ball smiled, “The game is only 20 seconds long, after all, it will end sooner!”

    Shen Mo frowned.

    This place is dark and muddy.
It took a lot of effort to move about.
If the game time is only 20 seconds long, it may not necessarily be a good thing for players.

    Bai Youwei also frowned slightly.

    She knows her own weakness.
If the game is an action game and the time is limited, she may have to wait for death.

    She couldn’t expect to be carried everywhere.

    With all the mud everywhere if Shen Mo was to carry her on his back would only cause both of their deaths!

    “Now I will introduce the rules of the game, everyone should listen carefully! I’ll only say it once, and if you can’t remember the rules, you’ll easily die~”

    The word “die” at the end was stressed.

    This kind of child’s milky voice was jarring to hear, but no one cared.
At this moment, all they could feel was worry.  They listened to the golden ball announce the rules hanging on to each and every word –

    The sphere spun.

    Its golden texture shone in the light.

    “Have you all seen it? This here is a golden ball.
After a while, I will serve at a randomized position, at a randomized angle, and with a randomized force.
Your mission is to find me (the golden ball) within 20 seconds.”

    The Golden Ball spoke proudly: ” As long as one person finds the ball, everyone clears the level! It’s easy, right? Simple and fun! It’s better than the other Supervisor’s games, right?”

    “How does ‘finding it’ count?” The chatter continued without a care in the world1, “Does it count as finding if I see it with my eyes?”

    “How does ‘finding it’ count?” The chatter continued without a care in the world1, “Does it count as finding if I see it with my eyes?”

    “It doesn’t count.” The golden ball floated in the air and swayed left and right, simulating the motion of a human shaking their head.
“There are two criteria for finding the golden ball—

    One, the hand must touch the ball;

    Two, the ball is at rest.”

    It floated up high once more and said understandingly: “In order to ensure that everyone understands, let me demonstrate it first!”


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Jae’s Notes:)

Hello Everyone!

I’m a newbie MTL-er who decided to pick up the dropped novels that I’ve come to fall in love with, so much so that I would brave the murky waters of reading machine translations and even edit them.

I decided to pick this up after I noticed that the previous TL from Fox, Chan, dropped it and the TL from Webnovel also dropped it around a year ago (painpainpain).
They’ve don’t an amazing job so feel free to go check out their work by pressing the (previous) button.

I’m unsure of where they (TL from Fox) got the drawing of the game explainers so if you wish to have a detailed view of how this game is set up they also have a drawing which I will link here.

Happy reading!


1 The term used here is 大喇喇, which is translated to ‘Dá lā lā’ in pinyin.
Loosely this is translated as “behaving casually and without care’

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