r needs to ensure the smooth progress of the game.” Bai Youwei smiled sarcastically.

    First, meticulously protect the player’s personal safety, and then brutally plunder the player’s life.  It was just like the name of the game – the doll game.
All entrants are the puppets of the game, without rights, personality, and freedom.

    “Okay! I’ll choose this position!” The childish voice sounded again.

    After some difficulty in choosing, the Golden Ball finally chose a position.

    Everyone’s hearts were raised.

     The golden ball was suspended above the head of a middle-aged fat man, about halfway between the top of the cave and the mud pit.

    “You’re all optimistic, the game will officially start after the demonstration.
Remember, you only have 20 seconds to find the ball!” The Golden Ball raised his voice, “I’m about to serve!—”

    Everyone’s eyes were focused on the ball.


    The sphere flew out, leaving an afterimage!

    It smashed into the mud puddle with unimaginable speed and force! Splashing muddy water up to two or three meters high!

    Everyone’s faces turned pale in an instant.

    But the ball didn’t stop!

    It bounced high after the impact, and hit the solid stone wall, making a loud metallic sound! –

    Bang Bang Bang Bang! ! !

    A series of bounces!

    The splashes of water mixed with black mud rose and fell one after another, and the sounds of impact were deafening! Never following a predictable trajectory, it was hard to guard against, and the momentum that follows is like a boulder falling on a mountaineering road!


    A young woman screamed and rolled off the shell.
The Golden Ball had almost smashed her head,  before it crashed into another snail shell, and disappeared from her vision! The whole cave is full of banging and echoes!

    When everything stopped the scene in the cave was completely different.

    It was as miserable as a blender exploding.


Jae’s Notes

Hello Everyone!

Im currently trying to get 3 chapters out so that I can begin to stockpile and start to plan for regular updates.
This is chapter 2/3 of this mass (?) update.
Hope you all enjoy! Don’t be afraid to point out any mistakes/ errors, this is a learning process for me!

1A starting pistol or starter pistol is a blank handgun that is fired to start track and field races, as well as competitive swimming races at some meets.
This gun was won by Shen Mo in the first game.

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