t this point, most of the mud holes had collapsed into themselves and were mixed with the surrounding silt, leaving only a few faint dents.

    No one knew where the Golden Ball was.

    Everyone was shocked by the speed and strength that was just displayed, the mud and water which splashed high into the air, obscuring their vision, and no one knew where the golden ball finally landed.

    After 20 seconds, an area in the mud suddenly bulged, and the golden ball burst out of the mud!

    It shook up and down, spinning left and right, tossing the mud off of itself, returning it to its golden appearance.

    “What are you doing—” The complaining tone dragged on, in an unusually dissatisfied tone, before the Golden Ball asked, “Why don’t you come find me? I just said that there is only one demonstration! For a full 20 seconds, You actually didn’t find a hole?!”

    Everyone looked at it with ugly expressions.

    Look for a ball?

    If you were not careful, your brain would be hit into a patty! Nobody even had anywhere to hide, how did anyone have time to find it?!

    The Golden Ball glanced at everyone angrily (although it had no eyes at all), and said angrily: “Forget it, anyway, the demonstration is over, Let’s start the game now! –

    The name of the game is The Frog’s Golden Ball, the inspector would serve the ball at any position, at any angle, and at any strength, and players can clear the level within 20 seconds by finding the ball.

    The criteria for finding the ball are: one, a hand must touch the ball, and two, the ball is at rest.

    Are you ready? Let’s drive…”

    “Please wait.”

    A soft voice came from the crowd.

    Everyone heard the news and found that it was Bai Youwei.

    She was sitting on a snail shell with her arms propped up, her messy long hair clumping into wet strands, and her wide skirt soaked in muddy water.  She clinging to the snail shell, like a stranded mermaid, quiet and weak.

    It was just that her gloomy gaze and the sneer her lips were drawn into formed a strange sense of incongruity with her embarrassing state.

    Bai Youwei raised a hand and asked, “The rules of the game, isn’t there something missing?”

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