enefit him if we were to all die?” a middle-aged aunt muttered in a low voice.

    Even with their condemnations and accusations within their hearts, there was no time to question him as the countdown was drawing to a close.

    Shen Mo placed Bai Youwei in a corner of the cave, with the stone wall behind her, a large field snail on the right, and mud on the left and in front of her.

    This is the perfect place to hide or escape.

    But Shen Mo didn’t plan to stay here himself because this place was too remote to observe the trajectory of the golden ball.
He was someone who preferred to be in a position where he could take the initiative instead of being a sitting duck.

    He took off his military boots, rolled up his trousers, and stood barefoot in the mud, his dark eyes staring silently at the ball in the distance, just waiting for it to find a starting position before taking action.


The golden ball moved.


    It stopped, the sphere wobbled, floated up towards a fixed position in the air, and filled the cave with it’s nasal child-like voice—

    “Game, start!”


    The area shook once more!

    Bang! Rattle! Echo! The entire cave was shaking!

    There was a large muddy hill splashing in front of Bai Youwei’s eyes so that she couldn’t see where the others were at all, she could only hear them screaming and crying one after another! The sound was deafening!

    “Shen Mo!!!” she shouted at the top of her voice.

    She was uneasy when she realized she couldn’t see his figure.

    It’s fine to call her hypocritical or selfish, but the truth of the matter was that it would be impossible fo there to survive without Shen Mo! He was her legs! He’s her life!

    A man covered in mud scrambled about, pausing in shock for a moment when he saw Bai Youwei, before rushing over! He shouted vaguely: “Get out of the way! That position is mine!”

    Bai Youwei’s eyes widened.

    A round shadow covered with golden light suddenly appeared behind the man, and in the next instant, both the man and ball slammed against the stone wall!

    The Golden Ball bounced away, but the man remained…

    He was crushed, his body fragmented.  Slowly it slipped into the mud and disappeared under it.

    Only a touch of red and white tofu-like brain matter remained splattered on the stone wall.

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