Chapter 3 – Where’s The Finishing Line

Maybe it was because this situation was too bizarre, everyone slowed down their speed and looked vigilantly at Gentleman Rabbit.

“Hello, everyone, I’m the supervisor of this particular game.
Welcome to The Dolls’ Game.”

Although there was still quite some distance, the voice of Gentleman Rabbit could be heard clearly in the air.
It was a gentle female voice.

However, at that moment, even the gentlest voice would not be able to calm the fear in everyone’s hearts.

“Who are you? Are you the one who brought us here?!” Someone boldly questioned.

Gentleman Rabbit, who was holding a huge top hat, said with a calm and gentle voice, “All participants, please stand at the starting point.
The competition will start right after the starting pistol is fired.
You can enter the next round of the competition after crossing the correct finishing line.
There are three rounds in this competition…”

“Hey! I’m asking you a question, can’t you hear?!” The robust man, who was extremely anxious, strode forward to Gentleman Rabbit and reached out to strangle it.
“Quit trying to act mysterious by wearing a fursuit head! Tell me now! How can I get out of this awful place?!”

Although Gentleman Rabbit was tall, it had thin limbs and a gentle female voice, which made people feel that it was harmless.
And it was because of this that the robust man had the courage to strangle its throat.

Even with its thin neck in the tight grasp of the robust man, its voice still managed to be projected without any difficulty.

“This game has three rounds.
The competition will start when the starting pistol is shot, those who dash past the correct finishing line…”

“Enough!” The robust man roared, “I’m not here to play games! Quickly tell me how to get out of here! Otherwise, I’m gonna strangle you to death!”


Blue flames burst out! At the same time, it let out a low sound!

The body of the robust man began trembling violently in an instant.
As if struck by lightning, his whole body was burnt black, and shattered into pieces like a piece of charcoal when he fell to the ground. 

Gentleman Rabbit tilted its head and lightly brushed away the black ashes on its shoulder.
The fur on its neck was clearly exposed, making people finally understand that it wasn’t wearing a fursuit head! It truly had a rabbit head! 

“Ah…monster, monster!” The long-haired lady collapsed to the ground, her legs trembling.

Her husband grabbed her arms, and they tried to run away together.
However, they turned around just to realize that hundreds of hares had suddenly appeared across the originally wide and flat meadows!

Every hare was as huge as a wolfhound!

Their entire body was as white as snow.
They had bloody red eyes, their sharp teeth between their lips were rubbing continuously, making an intimidating teeth grinding sound.

The scene before her eyes was too horrifying, Bai Youwei could not help but hide in Shen Mo’s arms.

She did not forget to look up at Shen Mo.
She noticed that although his expression was unpleasant, he was still calm, unlike others who were frightened to the point of bewilderment.

Gentleman Rabbit stood calmly in front of them and said, “All participants, please get to the designated starting point as soon as possible.”

Bai Youwei looked at the starting line following its instructions.
Those huge hares were moving there too.
They were crawling to the track one by one, crowding behind the starting line.

…The tortoise and the hare.

The hares were here, so, are they the tortoises?

“Excuse me…” Bai Youwei gritted her teeth and asked after raising her hand, “In my case, do I have to participate in the competition too?””

Gentleman Rabbit tilted its head, and laid its eyes on Bai Youwei.
After pausing for a moment, it apologized gently and politely, “I see.
This is my oversight.”

Its hand, which was wearing a white glove, subsequently reached into the huge top hat, and a pair of walking sticks was taken out by it!

Bai Youwei’s heart suddenly skipped a beat!

It looked exactly the same as her own walking stick! …No, these were her walking sticks! the foldable walking sticks she put in her luggage!

Gentleman Rabbit could easily take objects from the outside world.
Did that mean that if they wanted to leave this place, they would have to follow its instructions?

But even if it gave her a walking stick, there was no way she could race against that drove of hares that were bigger than dogs.

At that moment, Shen Mo, who was quiet all this while, asked, “Where’s the finishing line?”

Gentleman Rabbit raised its hand and pointed at the other end of the track. 


T/N: Sorry for the late update.
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I’m fine now and I will try my best to update more regularly (ง •_•)ง
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