Chapter 5 – Little White Bunny, Oh So White

Everyone soon arrived at the starting line of the track.

Although there were only two lanes, they were each very wide, and it did not seem crowded even when 16 people stood side by side in a line.

Behind them were the huge ghastly hares.
The hares were pushing and shoving each other, baring their teeth, huffing and puffing, and exhaling stenchy warm air from their noses.
The thin soft whiskers at both sides of their noses were almost brushing the ankle of the person in front, seemingly to be able to bite a piece of meat if they got any closer.

The long-haired lady was so frightened that she had gone weak at her knees.
She tightly grasped the lower hem of her husband’s clothes with one hand, tears were uncontrollably rolling down her cheeks.

Her husband berated her in a low voice, “Let go of me! How can I run if you are pulling me?!”

The yellow-haired youngster coldly watched them squabble and squatted down to retie his shoelaces.

The girl wearing glasses took off her high-heeled sandals.
After thinking for a while, she picked her sandals back up and held them tightly in her hand.

The middle-aged man, who was wearing a suit, took off his jacket and anxiously stared at the finishing line in front.

…16 people, and every single one of them was silently making preparations.

Bai Youwei laid on Shen Mo’s back, feeling disturbed.
She asked him softly, “Do you run fast?”

Shen Mo replied, “Not bad.”

Bai Youwei thought for a moment and continued questioning, “Am I heavy?”

Shen Mo pushed her a little higher while saying in a flat tone, “Not bad.”

Why is it all ‘not bad’? Bai Youwei felt uneasy, and was about to continue asking when she heard Gentleman Rabbit said, “Ready—”

Gentleman Rabbit took out a starting pistol from the huge top hat and held it high.

Everyone tensed up in an instant!

A figure suddenly dashed out the starting line!


The blue lightning was like a huge knife, flying out of Gentleman Rabbit’s palm! Bai Youwei could clearly see that the target that it hit seemed like it was being struck by real lightning! The shape of it immediately distorted on contact, then it was burnt to a crisp, before finally turning into ashes.

Silence filled the air.

No one uttered a single word.

He turned into ashes just like this…

Gentleman Rabbit kept back its hand.
Its voice was gentle and indifferent.
“Making a false start is a foul play, participants please listen attentively for the sound of the starting pistol.”

Bai Youwei’s limbs were icy cold.
She quietly lied on Shen Mo’s back, the last hope she had in her heart had disappeared.

She said softly, “Shen Mo, later you should run after they run, don’t worry about me getting bitten by the hares.”

If she got bitten by the hare, at most she would just lose some of her flesh, but if they made a false start, they would lose their lives instantly.

“Don’t worry.” Shen Mo slightly bent down to be in a ready position.
“Both of us won’t die.”


Gentleman Rabbit once again raised the starting pistol. 


The moment the starting pistol rang, everyone dashed past the starting line in unison.

The man aside was one-step slow when they started to run, and was immediately pounced on by the hares, letting out a shrill scream!

“Hubby!” The long-haired lady teared up, her pace slowed down, not knowing whether to continue running or go back to save him.

Someone shouted, “Don’t care about him! Quickly run!”

However, it was still too late.
Those hares were like zombies that smelled human flesh, pouncing on and tearing at anyone who slowed down.

The lady screamed again and again, but no one dared to look back.

Everyone ran forward desperately!

Run faster, run faster!


Shen Mo was carrying Bai Youwei on his back while running in the middle of the group.
Running in front of the group was a man with a slim figure, he ran extremely fast, leaving others a great distance behind.

The 200-meters distance was neither long nor short, they soon approached the finishing line.

At that moment, the translucent finishing line signboard had a sudden change!

The two words of “finishing line” disappeared, and it was replaced with a new sentence.

[Little white bunny, oh so white]

T/N: “Little white bunny, oh so white” is the title of a Chinese nursery rhyme.
This is the lyrics:

Little white bunny, oh so white

Two little ears, standing upright

” ”

Loves eating carrots and veges

Bouncing around, it’s so cute! 

Here’s how the song sounds like.
(You can watch it if you’re interested! It’s just a nursery rhyme so don’t expect much.)

Hehe now, based on the lyrics, try guessing which is the correct lane! (The answer is quite obvious XD)

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