Chapter 6 – A Way That Will Guarantee Our Win

“Little white bunny, oh so white”? What did that mean? 

At the same time, while the brain was thinking, they did not stop running.

The first person ran like crazy and dashed past the finishing line on the left without thinking twice.

The second person ran to the bottom of the signboard, hesitantly looked at the first person, and then turned to look at the hares behind that were gradually approaching.
He did not dare to waste any time and went to the left too. 

A third person stopped and hesitated for two seconds, then ran towards the finishing line on the right.

One after another, people continuously arrived at the finishing line.

With no time to think, some went to the left, and some went to the right.

“It’s the one on the right.” Bai Youwei said while lying on Shen Mo’s back, “Little white rabbit, oh so white, two little ears, standing upright! ‘Two’ is also ‘2’, the answer is track No.2, on the right-hand side!” 

Shen Mo sped up and dashed past the finishing line on the right!

The last few people also arrived one after another.


At this moment, the people on the left suddenly seemed to come to their senses and all of them soon felt a slight inkling of doubt that they might be wrong.
With horror, they tried to backtrack but to their dismay, they noticed that there was an invisible barrier between the two lanes.
They could not pass through or go over it!

At the same time, the hares that were chasing them pounced towards lane No.1! They were like billowing white waves, bringing a salty and pungent, cold wind with them!

Humans were shrieking, cursing, and desperately fighting in a life and death battle with the hares!

After that, they ran out of utter despair!

The track was a circle with barriers on both sides.
To dodge those demented hares, those who had crossed the wrong finishing line had to continue moving forward along the track!

The girl wearing glasses sat on the ground crying, she could not bear to see any more casualties.
In a hoarse voice, She shouted to those people, “Faster…run faster…”

But it was too late, much too late…

Sprinting a distance of 200 meters was already about the limit for an average human, and if they continued to run, it was inevitable that their speed would fall.
However, the speed of the hares would not slow down, in fact they managed to catch up to the people very quickly and—with a pounce! They tore right into the running humans, and a cacophony of bloodcurdling screams echoed around the sports ground.  

The people who fell to the ground struggled and writhed uncontrollably, before transforming into skinless humans, all their flesh exposed out in the open.
Then, as though thorns were growing from inside out of their bodies, white fur began to emerge from their flesh. 

The white fur continued to grow more and more, getting thicker and thicker! All the people ultimately became gigantic demented hares, their eyeballs dyed red with blood. 


On a day of warmth and sunshine at the sports ground, everyone watching felt as though they had fallen into a pool of icy water, and chills traveled up their bodies.

They had just witnessed all their companions on the opposite side being forcefully turned into hares!

From a distance, they could still see the rabbit-headed person waving at them, its voice clearly entering their ears.

” ”

“Participants please return to the starting line.
The second round of the competition is about to begin.”

Second round…

Everyone’s complexion was deathly pale.

They did not have the option of opposing him, neither did they dare to resist nor had the time to try and calm their terrified minds.
Everybody walked woodenly like lifeless dolls, each and every step bringing them back to the starting line.

Yes, that’s right.

At that very moment, they were like dolls, completely at the mercy of the rabbit-headed person, their freedom and liberty lost.

Bai Youwei lay on Shen Mo’s back, her heavy heart kept on sinking, deeper and deeper. 

When they had just arrived, there had been 17 of them, but now, after only one round of the competition, there were only 9 of them left…

Could she and Shen Mo really survive three rounds of the competition?

“Walk slower.” Bai Youwei whispered to Shen Mo, “Walk slower, and rest a little.”

“I still have the stamina for this.” Shen Mo whispered, “It’s just that the puzzle is a bit troublesome.”


The difficulty was just a part of it, the most terrible thing was the time allocated to find an answer.

Those people who ran for their lives in panic just now probably did not even have the time to read the question, so how could they be rational and clear-headed enough to make the right choice?

The time between seeing the puzzle and crossing the finishing line was at most two or three seconds! Any longer and they would have been caught up by the hares behind! Therefore, at the critical moment, what was being tested wasn’t necessarily your knowledge but your instantaneous response!

Bai Youwei murmured, “The track in the sports ground is a 400-meter circle.
If we choose the wrong finishing line and cannot backtrack, we would have to run another 400 meters to pass the correct finishing line.
After calculating, it’s equivalent to running 600 meters with the fastest speed.
It’s impossible to do it unless you’re a professional athlete.”

Moreover, Shen Mo was still carrying her.
Once they missed the 200 meters finishing line, Shen Mo and her would undoubtedly end up as hares…

Shen Mo said, “I wonder what’s the question for the next round.”

Bai Youwei slowly shook her head.
“Actually, it doesn’t matter what the question is, what matters is the sequence.
There’s actually a way that can guarantee we win the competition.”

Shen Mo’s pace paused for a bit.
“A way that will guarantee we win the competition?”

“Mhm.” Bai Youwei quietly observed the expression of others, and whispered, “And it’s very likely…that someone has already thought of that way.”

T/N: So the answer is 2.
Did you guess the correct answer? XD


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