Chapter 7 – Which Side To Choose

The remaining 9 people returned to the starting line.

Bai Youwei softly warned Shen Mo by his ears, “Later when you run, take note of the yellow-haired youngster and that middle-aged man wearing a suit, and make sure to stay away from them.”

Shen Mo shot a quick glance from the corner of his eye at the two of them.

The yellow-haired youngster was of average height, clad in a tight T-shirt and jeans.
With bulging biceps on both his arms, he seemed like a frequent visitor of the gymnasium.

The middle-aged man who was wearing a suit had his arms on his waist and his suit jacket draped over his right arm, heaved, trying to catch his breath.
His face was flushed, and covered in sweat.
After all, he was quite old, so he had yet to recover from the 200-meter sprint.

“The middle-aged man has low stamina but he definitely won’t resign to his fate.” Bai Youwei softly continued, “I’m afraid that he might play tricks later.”

“Mhm.” Shen Mo pushed her up slightly.
“Hold on tight later, if you fall off, I won’t go back to pick you up.”

Bai Youwei tightly clung to him.
“Don’t worry, I won’t let go even if I die.”



Gentleman Rabbit raised the starting pistol.

Everyone looked straight at the finishing point in front, holding their breath.


The starting pistol was fired.
All of them dashed from the starting line in unison.

The hares followed closely after them, pursuing them relentlessly!

Shen Mo was in seventh place as he ran with Bai Youwei on his back.
The middle-aged man was last while the yellow-haired youngster was leading all of them in the front.

Bai Youwei was constantly on guard against her surroundings.
Seeing the middle-aged man gradually approaching, she freed one of her hands and subtly put it in the pocket at her waist.

“Hold on tight!” Shen Mo warned her unhappily, “I’m speeding up!”

He suddenly picked up speed and overtook two people at once, increasing their distance from the middle-aged man, and steadily maintained their placement as fourth of the group.

Bai Youwei heaved a sigh of relief.
She took back her hand from the pocket and hugged Shen Mo’s neck.


A loud shout sounded behind her! She turned her head around subconsciously to look and saw the middle-aged man throwing out his suit jacket with all his might! The young boy next to him stumbled as the jacket covered his head and face.
The boy’s hands flailed about and in his panic, he dragged the girl with glasses, who was running together with him, down.

Just like the domino effect, the three of them all fell behind from the rest of the team!

Bai Youwei turned her head back and stopped looking, her heart felt cold.

She heard screams and wails.

She could almost imagine how the hares were brutally attacking those two people and how the middle-aged man was seizing this opportunity to escape.

At such a crucial moment, what would he not do in order to survive?   

By now, they had been steadily getting closer to the finishing line.

On the finishing line signboard, the two words of “finishing line” changed once again, displaying the question for this round.

[The gall bladder of a tortoise is at its       lobe.]

Everyone was dumbstruck!

The previous puzzle was a childish nursery rhyme, but it was a serious biology question this time!

The yellow-haired youngster who was rushing at the front abruptly came to a halt.
He froze below the finishing line signboard, not knowing which side to choose!

There were left and right lobes in the liver, so was the gall bladder of a tortoise at its left or right lobe?

Unless there was a veterinarian among these people, who would know the answer?!

The second person arriving at the finishing line also stopped.
He stood with the yellow-haired youngster, thinking with a ghastly pale face.

Left, or right?

Lane No.1, or lane No.2?

“Do you know the answer?” Shen Mo slowed down and asked Bai Youwei on his back.

Bai Youwei kept quiet.
Her pair of black eyes stared unblinkingly at the two people in front of her, her lips gradually pursing tighter and tighter.


At this moment, the yellow-haired youngster suddenly made a move!

He pushed the second person with great force to the finishing line at the left!

The hares that were in both lanes seemed to have sensed that someone had answered the question wrongly! They all squeezed into the left lane like crazy, just like the traffic flow suddenly changed lanes on the highway!

Upon seeing this, the yellow-haired youngster ran to the right side without any hesitation!

The answer was the right lobe!

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