Chapter 8 – Who The Weak Ones Are

The people behind immediately understood the yellow-haired youngster’s actions and quickened their pace, dashing towards the finishing line on the right!

Meanwhile, for the person who had been pushed into the other lane, that lane was already flooded by a horde of hares.

Thus, there was now one more demented hare in the horde of hares.

Even though they knew such an act was equal to murder, no one condemned nor blamed anyone for it, the survivors just sat on the ground gasping for breath.
Tears and sweat were flowing down their cheeks, each of them was in such a sorry state as if they had just climbed out of water.

A little way away, Gentleman Rabbit was waving towards everyone once again.

“Participants please return to the starting line to start the third round of the competition.”

The third round.

The last round.

As long as they could survive the last round, this damn game would be over!


Everyone struggled to summon the last reserves of their energy to stand up and slowly walked towards the starting line.

Shen Mo carried Bai Youwei on his back again, and walked behind the rest of the team.
Bai Youwei could feel the damp sweat on his body.

With the lesson learnt from the first round, everyone was putting in all their effort during  the second round and most of the people passed the finishing line.
Only two people had died.
Now there were only seven left.
However, this did not mean that the third round would have fewer casualties.

After two consecutive narrow escapes from death, everyone’s stamina was on the brink of depletion.

This also meant that during the third round, the speed of these people would be significantly slower.

Especially that middle-aged man, even by just walking, one could see how his legs were trembling.
He could not run anymore.

Bai Youwei had also noticed that the girl with glasses who had just been dragged down wasn’t dead, but she was injured.
Her entire arm was dyed red with blood, the high-heels in her hand were equally bloody.
Her thin and long legs looked eerily bloodchilling with stains of red splattered across them.

The middle-aged man probably felt guilty, so he subconsciously avoided her.

The atmosphere on the way back to the starting line was more depressing and lifeless than before.

No one uttered a single word.
It was probably because they felt despair or perhaps they were each preoccupied with planning their strategy for the next round of the game.


Shen Mo and Bai Youwei were still lagging behind the rest of the group.

He asked her, “So this is what you meant by the guaranteed way to win the competition?”

“…Mhm.” Bai Youwei lightly nodded.
“The hares can’t enter the correct finishing line.
So, as long as one person enters the wrong one, we can determine the correct finishing line from the reactions of the hares.”

Shen Mo laughed scornfully.
“Are they trying to force us to kill each other?”

Bai Youwei kept quiet.

That was indeed true… On the surface it seemed that this game is all about stamina but in fact, whoever dared to sacrifice their opponents would have higher chances of survival.

Just like that middle-aged man, as well as that yellow-haired youngster…

“You have quite the eye for people.” Shen Mo had gained a new understanding of Bai Youwei.
He asked curiously, “Why did you think the two of them would act that way?”

“It was nothing, just my gut feeling.” Bai Youwei replied.

“Feeling?” Shen Mo could not help but laugh.
“Was it possibly a woman’s intuition?”

Bai Youwei curled her lips.
“Sorry to burst your bubble, it was a cripple’s intuition.
As part of the weak ones, we are very sensitive towards the malice shown by the stronger side.”

Upon hearing this, Shen Mo thoughtfully said, “Sounds interesting.”

“It’s actually just picking on the weak.” Bai Youwei explained indifferently, “When humans get along with people weaker than them, they will naturally show aggression once malicious intent enters their hearts.
Husbands who abuse their wives, parents who abuse their child, caregivers who bully the elderly, they are normal people in life.
But why is it that they just could not hold their temper when facing their wife, children or elderly? It’s because of the great disparity in strength that the strong can magnify the malice in their heart and wilfully possess, humiliate, and even take away the life of the weak…”


As she was talking, she could not help but pause and faintly mutter, “Though, it’s not like you would understand.”

Although they were not familiar, she had heard her mother mention that Uncle Shen’s son was working in national security and he was the youngest and most promising officer there.
People like him would probably never understand the feeling of being in a vulnerable position.

“I’m experiencing it now,” Shen Mo replied.

By now, they had already returned to the starting line, and once again they watched as Gentleman Rabbit lifted his starting pistol in the air.

“Look.” Shen Mo bent down his body, getting into a ready position.
“In front of them, we are all the weak ones.”

“Ready!—” Gentleman Rabbit shouted the command.


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