The three children of the Lu family ran out of the yard hand in hand, squatted down in the corner beside the gate, and looked at each other.


“Brother, what should we do now?” An An scratched her head.
“She doesn't seem to be what everyone said.”


Ping Ping also nodded and said, “She swore to the chairman that she would not let us starve and deliberately abuse us.”


The oldest Gu Qinghai opened his mouth, but after hesitating for a moment, he immediately stood firm.
“Adults are the best at pretending.
Don't you trust her so easily.
Didn't she say that? If we are friends, we should treat her as such.”


Dad's first wife also said that she would take good care of him at that time.
At first, it was very good, but later she got impatient.


In addition, when her younger brother and sister came, she could not bear to divorce his father…
Gu Qinghai looked at the stupid and ignorant younger brothers and sisters and thought he would like to see how long this person could hold.


Anyway, he will definitely protect them.


Ping Ping and An An are only four years old.
They don't know much about many things.
Anyway, they just listen to their brother and do what he says.


Aunt Zhao, who was next door, went out with her little grandson in her arms and saw their three children crouching and muttering with their pursed buttocks.


“Ping Ping, An An, Xiao Hai, what are you doing?” Aunt Zhao shouted to them.


Gu Qinghai stood up and patted the non-existent dust on his body.
He ran to Aunt Zhao and made faces to amuse his two-year-old brother, Dabao.


“Gu gu gu!”


Dabao often meets the three children of the Lu family and is familiar with them.
At this moment, Dabao immediately laughs.


Aunt Zhao looked at the four children and felt soft.
She looked at Gu Qinghai and asked him in a low voice, “How is she? Did you see her? How do you feel?”


Gu Qinghai blinked and said, “It's not the same as I expected.”


Lu Zetian said that a man cannot speak ill of others behind their back.
Grandma Lu also said that it is wrong to talk about people behind their backs.
Gu Qinghai firmly remembered it.


Aunt Zhao was surprised to hear such an answer.
“Not quite the same? What do you think?”


Gu Qinghai hesitated: “I can't describe it.”


This is the first time that he has met such a person, which makes people feel so different.
Gu Qinghai doesn't know how to describe it.


Aunt Zhao didn't know what to ask, so she didn't ask at all.
She thought she would go to see it later.


The three children of the Lu family played with Dabao for a while.
Ping Ping suddenly wanted to go to the bathroom.
Aunt Zhao asked Gu Qinghai to hurry home with his brother and sister.
She also carried Dabao home.


In the afternoon, Aunt Zhao pulled some vegetables from the vegetable field in her yard, picked several cucumbers and two tomatoes, loaded a winnowing fern, and knocked on the door of the Lu family.


Qin Shi is still sleeping.
Lu Zetian opened the door.


Aunt Zhao felt sorry when she heard that Qin Shi was not feeling well at rest, but she didn't care.
Anyway, she would always see it when she lived here.


So Aunt Zhao handed the winnowing fern to Lu Zetian and said, “You must have nothing to eat.
Let's eat it first.”


Lu Zetian did not refuse, but thanked Aunt Zhao seriously.


When Mother Lu came home, the three children went to the neighbor's houses for lunch, but the place where they went most was Aunt Zhao's house.
She helped take care of Ping Ping's illness before, and Lu Zetian sincerely thanked her.


Aunt Zhao looked at Lu Zetian and smiled: “I'm your mother's cousin.
I'm a family.
What kind words! Ok, I'll go back first.
Dabao is still at home alone.
After that, you can send me the winnowing osmanthus back to Xiaohai.
I still need it at night.”


But in fact, this cousin, who is 180 thousand miles away from the watch, has to wear five clothes.


Taking care of the three children of the Lu family so painstakingly, the face of Mother Lu is only two points, and the rest is purely Aunt Zhao's kindness.
She can't bear to see the three children suffer.


Lu Zetian responded and watched Aunt Zhao leave.
Then he closed the door and returned home with a winnowing fern.


Qin Shi woke up when she heard something outside.
After a nap, she was much more comfortable, leaving only the inevitable strain of going far away.


Qin Shi got up quickly, and then she had the leisure to carefully look at the furnishings in the room.
The room is not only a dozen square meters, and there are not many things to put in it.
The place has a large cabinet, a small table, and a bed.


Qin Shi looked around and got up.
She opened the door, went out of the room, and greeted Lu Zetian.


Lu Zetian looked at Qin Shi and asked, “How do you feel?”


Qin Shi yawned, “Much better.” Then she didn't see the children and asked where they had gone.


“It's time to send some winnows to Aunt Zhao.” Lu Zetian explained who Aunt Zhao was and the specific relationship with his family.


Qin Shi nodded clearly and said, “When the food is ready, invite Aunt Zhao to have a meal at home to thank her for the things.”


Lu Zetian thought of Qin Shi's craftsmanship and was a little greedy.
“Well, it's hard for you.”


“Let me show you around the house.”


Lu Zetian strolled around with Qin Shi, but Qin Shi found that he didn't know where many things were; in conclusion, he doesn't stay at home most of the time at first sight.


Qin Shi can only grope for herself and prepare to tidy up their home tomorrow.


The two rooms are quite large, adding up to at least 150 square meters.
The bedroom has a master bedroom, two small bedrooms, and a guest bedroom, as well as a small study.


There are two beds in the master bedroom.
Three children sleep together.
Lu Zetian and his mother sleep in one room, respectively.
The rest of the guest bedroom is completely a sundry room.


The decoration is very strange.
The bedrooms are all piled together.
The living room that is empty in the middle is not big.
It looks crowded.


The kitchen next door is not small, and the dining room is bigger than the living room here.
Qin Shi thinks it is not good.


“Who designed the house?” That's strange!


Lu Zetian: “An officer's wife designed it by herself.
At that time, everyone didn't like this room.
That's all.
It was cheaper when I bought it.”


Qin Shi curled her lips, looked at it for a long time, and asked him, “Will we still share the room in the future? Or will we all live here in the future?”


Lu Zetian looked at her face and said, “What are you doing?”


“If I live here for a long time, I will definitely redecorate it.
This pattern is too strange, wasting so much space in vain.” Qin Shi is not the kind of person who likes to force herself through hardships.
If she has that ability.
Why not make herself feel comfortable?



Lu Zetian: “The newly-built building of the army is almost ready.
I have room distribution qualifications.”


Qin Shi blinked: “Is this a reward for you?”


Lu Zetian nodded: “I have done meritorious service before, but it is not good to just promote me.”


Lu Zetian is the head of the regiment before he is 30.
The promotion is too fast.
The army can't help but hold on and compensate him in other places.


Qin Shi gave him a thumbs up and asked, “Is the new tube building?”


Lu Zetian said, “Hmm.”


Qin Shi felt numb when she thought about life in the tube-shaped building on TV.


“Of course, this is just my idea,” Qin Shi looked at Lu Zetian and said, “I will draw an interior design drawing for you and the children to see.
It is better to redecorate here or move.
Let's choose together.”


Lu Zetian naturally has no opinion.
In fact, he prefers to live in a house with a yard.


“It will be next year at the earliest.
I will take you to have a look.”


Before Qin Shi said anything, the children at the door answered, “What, what?”


An An is very lively.
She jumped to Lu Zetian and asked him curiously.


“New house,” Lu Zetian explained.


“Are we going to move?” Ping Ping opened his eyes slightly.


It is Gu Qinghai who knows about the new family building.
He also looks at Lu Zetian and expects him to explain it carefully.


Lu Zetian looked at the children's expectant eyes and said, “Qin Shi will draw the design drawings, redecorate here or move to a new house, and we will choose together.”


“Can we also choose?” An An was surprised.
“We are children; can we also choose?”


Qin Shi smiled: “You are a child and a part of the family.
Of course you can choose.”


“Wow!” An An opened her eyes and got excited.


Ping Ping was shocked and didn't know what he was imagining.


But Gu Qinghai keenly noticed and asked, “Is the minority subordinate to the majority? Does it really count?”


Qin Shi nodded: “Of course.”


Gu Qinghai responded to Lu Zetian, and his expression changed.
His eyes were full of excitement.


Isn't that to say that as long as the three of them unite, they can choose whichever one?


The children gathered excitedly to chatter.
Lu Zetian watched Qin Shi enter the kitchen and followed her.


It's getting late.
It's time to cook dinner.


Qin Shi opened the kitchen cabinet and checked the contents little by little.
There were a lot of rice noodles and eggs, but now it was too late to steam rice and make noodles.


Qin Shi herself is hungry, let alone the children.
We need to make it faster.


“Just cook some noodles tonight,” Lu Zetian suggested.


Qin Shi shook her head.
She didn't like dried noodles.
She always wanted to vomit the soft taste after cooking.


Don't eat if you can.


There is a bag of steamed bread in the cabinet, which is hard.
Qin Shi took it out, looked at it, smelled it again, and took it out after confirming that it was not damaged.


“I'll make a tomato and egg soup, fry the steamed bun, and make a green vegetable.
It's very fast.”


Lu Zetian didn't know how to cook and believed in Qin Shi's craftsmanship, so he didn't say anything.


“I cook, and you wash the dishes.” Qin Shi reminded Lu Zetian.


Lu Zetian nodded and said, “Okay.”


This is in the contract.
When Lu Zetian is at home and not busy, he must help Qin Shi with some housework.
He cannot watch her be busy and stand by.


Lu Zetian knew this earlier, so now he accepts it well.


Seeing that he was not unwilling, Qin Shi immediately nodded with satisfaction and said, “Go out with the children.
The meal will be ready soon.”


Lu Zetian obediently went out and just opened the door, only to find the three children lying at the kitchen door.


“What are you doing here?”


“See what to eat at night.” Gu Qinghai stared at Qin Shi's back and felt nervous.


I don't know whether she can cook or not.
Like Aunt Mo, will she burn the pot dry and the dishes burn?


“That's right! Let's see what we have for dinner!”




They were calm and safe, and they did not know their brother's worries.


Lu Zetian immediately understood the tense look of Qinghai but didn't say anything.
He just stood at the door with them and watched Qin Shi cook in silence.


Qin Shi didn't want to cook complicated meals, so she quickly prepared the materials.
She washed the pot, turned the gas stove on the hot pot, and prepared to burn oil.


Under Gu Qinghai's nervous attention, Qin Shi picked up the kitchen knife, moved it several times, cut the green onion, put it on the kitchen knife, and then threw it away.


Gu Qinghai did not look up at Qin Shi when she threw the scallions aside without looking up.
Just as he opened his eyes, he heard a “hiss” sound in the pot before he could send out his exclamation.


The attractive aroma of hot oil-fried scallion will soon come to you.

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