Three days later, Qin Shi tidied up the room and cleaned it thoroughly.
She washed and brushed every day and almost tired herself to death.


On that day, after washing the clothes of the whole family, Qin Shi's skin on her hands became soft.


She was drying clothes and thinking about applying for a washing machine with Lu Zetian.
It was too tiring to wash by hand! Even if she paid her salary in advance, she would buy a washing machine.


Qin Shi felt that she had never washed so many clothes in her last life, cooked, or cleaned the house.
Wasn't the stay-at-home wife's life too tiring?


Underestimated it.


Qin Shi thought it over in her mind that she could not go on like this, so she had to think of a way.


At noon, when Lu Zetian came back for dinner, Qin Shi asked him, “How much salary do you plan to pay me each month?”


Lu Zetian looked up at her and said, “Is fifteen yuan enough?”


Qin Shi learned from Aunt Zhao that there was no nanny in the military compound, and she didn't know the salary of nannies in this era, but the average worker's salary was only more than 30 a month, and Lu Zetian's salary was not low.


What's more, she eats and drinks well.
She doesn't have to pay for anything.
The benefits are very good.


Qin Shi thought about it for a moment and said, “I want to apply for a washing machine.
It's a waste of time to wash clothes every day.
It's okay now, but I must be busy after working.
There is no need to waste this time.”


“I can't take my salary as a cushion.
I have to advance.”


Without hesitation, Lu Zetian said, “No, I will buy one.”


Qin Shi was happy and thought that he was so talkative and generous?


Lu Zetian paused and asked Qin Shi, “What other appliances do you want at home? I'll buy them all at once.”


Qin Shi's eyes brightened, and she didn't want to be polite to Lu Zetian at all.
She opened her mouth and said, “You can buy a double barrel for washing clothes.
You can buy an electric rice cooker to steam rice.
If you can, you can also buy a TV.” The children run away from other people every day.
It's not good.
Also, next spring, another small refrigerator? “


Lu Zetian nodded, “I will pay attention to these tickets.”


These tickets are scarce and can't be met at ordinary times.
But since Qin Shi said that, he should think of a way.


“You are so generous.” Qin Shi looked at him askew.
These things are big in this era.
He agreed without frowning?


Lu Zetian put the washed dishes on the table, and Qin Shi quickly helped him put them in the cupboard.
He was very attentive.


Lu Zetian chuckled and said, “These can be used for a long time and are convenient.
You can buy them when you buy them.”


After getting along these days, Lu Zetian can see that she is not ordinary.
She really has a way of educating children.
She never asks the children for anything and doesn't say anything, but always guides them to form good habits.


Good cooking skills, patience with children, a generous personality, intelligence, and interesting.
Within a week, the children's mental outlook will take on a new look.


Qin Shi is actually a genius for being a “nanny.”


Lu Zetian knew that he was taking advantage of the advantage, so he paid a high salary.
If she wanted furniture and appliances, he would buy them.
Anyway, it was for his family.


Rather than waste her time on trivial chores such as laundry, Lu Zetian prefers to spare her time to educate children more and communicate with them.
Even if he went to work and they learned from her, Lu Zetian would feel better.


Qin Shi's temperament always makes Lu Zetian feel that she can be an excellent professional woman and will have better development than a full-time wife and mother.


However, he had taken advantage of it and wanted her to take more care of his family.
So Qin Shi proposed to buy a washing machine, and Lu Zetian promised to get it.


After washing the dishes, Lu Zetian suddenly heard something and said to Qin Shi, “Yes, I will start to raise my salary next month.
With subsidies, I can get one hundred a month.”


Qin Shi blinked and said, “Okay.”


The higher his salary, the better her welfare!


Moreover, Lu Zetian must have a lot of savings because he is so thrifty.
Qin Shi doesn't have to worry about his inability to pay her salary during her work.


After cleaning the kitchen, they went to the next door.


It's still early.
Lu Zetian sat down on the sofa in the living room and rested, ready to go out later.


Qin Shi took a look at the children.
The twins were sticking together and sleeping like pigs.
Gu Qinghai, who sleeps in the outermost part of the bed, also keeps his eyes closed and sleeps sweetly.


Qin Shi looked at it, then closed the door gently, turned back to the room, and planned to take a nap.


Lu Zetian, who sat drinking tea in the living room, looked back from the closed door.
He glanced at the spacious and bright living room and looked at the beautiful wild flowers in the glass bottle on the table.
His face was very soft.




Qin Shi was soon awakened by the laughter of the twins.
She wanted to stay in bed for a while, but she didn't have a mobile phone to play with.
She could only stare at the ceiling in a daze.


After a few minutes, Qin Shi, bored and sleepy, got up and was ready to read.


The English textbooks given by Lu Zetian are all basic things that can't be more basic.
Qin Shi's heart soon became clear after reading them.


It's still early.
Qin Shi simply measured the children and prepared to make clothes.


The twins were very excited when they learned that they had new clothes to wear.
They didn't leave after measuring the size.
They circled around Qin Shi to see how she did it.


Gu Qinghai looked at them, clinging to Qin Shi, and felt unhappy.
Just a few days ago, they were defeated by others.
Like a little fool, they laughed so happily at others.


“Xiaohai, come quickly, and I'll measure it for you.”


Gu Qinghai listened to Qin Shi calling himself and turned his head proudly and said, “I have enough clothes to wear.”


Qin Shi saw that he was awkward again and deliberately said, “Well, if you don't cooperate with me, I'll do it.
Don't blame me for wasting cloth if it's inappropriate.”


Gu Qinghai turned his head to stare at Qin Shi, who threatened him again!


Qin Shi waved to him again, “Come quickly,” little tsundere.


Gu Qinghai came over embarrassingly and said, “It's shameful to waste!”


He cooperated with her in order not to let her waste cloth!


Qin Shi chuckled in exchange for Gu Qinghai's angry look.


Qin Shi made a long-sleeved dress with a light blue doll collar and ruffles for An An.
It was just the right time to wear it.
After a period of time, it would be necessary to add a coat.



After An An got the clothes, her eyes were as bright as little stars.
She carefully touched the bow on her sleeve and screamed.


“It's so beautiful! It's more beautiful than the clothes on Duoduo's TV!”


“Qin Shi, you are so awesome! I like you so much.”


An An hugged the skirt excitedly and turned around, using the cute baby voice to “show love,” which made Qin Shi choke with cuteness.


“Change it quickly.” Qin Shi touched her head and watched her run back to the house.


Ping Ping's clothes are also blue.
They are the same cloth as An An's clothes.
He also has a doll collar with long sleeves, but there is no bow decoration.
Instead, there is a small red flower made of coarse wool sewn on the chest.


Ping Ping likes this little red flower very much.
After saying thanks to Qin Shi, he hurried to change clothes.
His face is red and lovely.


Gu Qinghai's clothes are not ready yet.
He looked at the two cubs wearing the same color clothes as they asked if they looked good.
When they show off, some expectations come up in his heart.


He looked forward to seeing what his clothes would look like.


Gu Qinghai couldn't help looking at Qin Shi.
Their eyes collided.
Gu Qinghai looked at Qin Shi, who smiled at him.
He immediately turned away from her eyes and dared not look at her again.


Qin Shi smiled, and Gu Qinghai got up and ran.


Qin Shi teased Gu Qinghai and felt very happy.
She continued to step on the sewing machine to make Gu Qinghai's father and son their own clothes.


She has thoroughly mastered the original body's sewing skills and is familiar with the use of sewing machines.
She has a needle and thread flying in her hand and a sewing machine pounding on her feet, which makes it very fast.


Before the sun sets, Gu Qinghai's clothes are almost ready.


However, it was getting late.
Qin Shi packed up and prepared to cook.


She doesn't want to be busy today.
Just mix up some cucumber and eat it with tomato and egg noodles.


Qin Shi reconciled the noodles and clapped the cucumber for mixing.
As soon as she picked up the vinegar bottle, she heard someone outside clapping wildly at the door and shouting something else.


Qin Shi quickly put down her things and walked out of the kitchen.
She saw an unseen child standing at the gate, crying anxiously: “Auntie! Are you at home? Ping Ping is bleeding! An An is fighting with others! Go and have a look!”


Qin Shi was so worried when she heard it that she could not even lock the door.
She just closed the door and ran away with the child.


“What's the matter?” Qin Shi looked very serious.


The child couldn't explain clearly.
He just saw that the fight was still ongoing and was scared to run to call for adults.


When she arrived at the place, Ping Ping sat on the ground, covering his mouth and crying, and An An stood in front of him with her hair scattered, watching Gu Qinghai fight with a group of big children.


Next to them, a group of children were crying, and the scene was chaotic.


Qin Shi looked at Ping Ping's red hands from a distance, and her brain suddenly started buzzing.
She roared: “What are you doing? Stop! No fighting!”


The children were startled, but the older children were still in a ball.


Qin Shi got angry and ran to Gu Qinghai and a thin black boy, who were hitting each other the hardest.


They were not convinced when they were pulled away and struggled to continue.
Unfortunately, Qin Shi's strength was not small.
They could not break free, so they just twisted in the same place.


“Let go of me!” Gu Qinghai glared at Qin Shi with red eyes, full of anger, and said, “You are a stepmother.
Why bother me?”


Another child also shouted, “Let me go! bullied my sister; I will kill him!”


Hearing this, Qin Shi directly released Gu Qinghai, pushed another child in front of him, and said coldly, “Come on, fight; don't go if you can't fight till death.”


The two children were stunned.
They looked at Qin Shi's grim face and suddenly felt encouraged.


“Hurry up, fight, don't talk.”




Qin Shi hugged her shoulders and looked down.
Her eyes were expressionless, her face was expressionless, and her aura was cold.
All the children were shocked, and no one dared to speak.


All that remained was the sobbing of Ping Ping.


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