Chapter 29


The three people stared at each other for a few seconds.
Qin Shi and Mo Ling looked at Lu Zetian standing at the door without moving, and immediately laughed.




Qin Shi and Mo Ling were so happy that Lu Zetian suddenly felt embarrassed.
His fingers shrank and rubbed with each other a few times.
Then he straightened up and said politely to Mo Ling, “Hello.”


Mo Ling laughed and waved to him.
She didn't wait much and was ready to leave.


Qin Shi sent her out.


Lu Zetian saw that they had left.
He was inexplicably relieved and hurried back to the house.


In the yard, Mo Ling laughed hard: “I was a little embarrassed when I saw him come in, but I suddenly felt funny when I saw his stiff appearance.”


Qin Shi also laughed, and she also felt very interesting.
After all, the relationship between the ex-wife and the present wife is not bad, it is something unheard of even in the real world.


Qin Shi doesn't like Lu Zetian.
They are just superficial couples.
She is not embarrassed.
She just feels funny.


“All right, all right, I'm leaving, and the matter of clothes will left to you,” Mo Ling went out of the door and turned to Qin Shi and said, “I still have to explain that I really have no feelings for Lu Zetian, we have nothing to do with it! It's just that the clothes arrived at noon today.
I'm afraid I can't catch up, so I sent them to you early.”


It's definitely not a chance encounter!


Qin Shi understood her subtext, smiled and nodded: “I believe you.”


Her eyes are sharp.
She can see what kind of person Mo Ling is.
Her eyes are clean and frank, and she is definitely not the kind of person with evil intentions.


Mo Ling felt relieved when she saw Qin Shi laughing again and again.
She waved at Qin Shi and said, “Come and play with me when you are free!”


Qin Shi responded with a smile.


Aunt Zhao next door saw this scene, and her eyes widened with surprise.
How could she have thought that they were talking and laughing, and the relationship was so good.


When Mo Ling came out, she saw the two aunts looking at her all the time, whispering something.
She immediately rolled her eyes impatiently, raised her chin and left.


The two aunts watched Mo Ling leave, and then reacted when she was completely gone.
Their eyes flashed with gossip, and together they were amazed.


Before long, the news that Lu Zetian's two wives seemed to have a good relationship was spread.
Many people were surprised and wanted to see if it was true.


But Mo Ling was in the army, and Qin Shi was busy at home in addition to classes.
There was no one to see at all.
People were so hungry for gossip that the more they waited, the more unbearable it became.


It was not until the National Day that everyone really saw Qin Shi talking and laughing with Mo Ling that they completely believed and began to guess what was going on.


Qin Shi has no time to pay attention to the mess.
She stays up until midnight every day these days.
Due to making clothes and teaching classes, she doesn't even have time to cook a meal.
Lu Zetian brought it back from the canteen.


Moreover, the twins are sensible enough not to pester her.
They either stay at home with her or play in the yard.
Gu Qinghai, however, didn't have to be asked to sweep the floor and mop the floor because he does it himself.


Qin Shi decided not to do such a thing again in the future.
She would never accept urgent orders.
The children were sensible and Lu Zetian took care of her, but she could not advance like this.


After all, her main job is being a “stepmother”.
Without Lu Zetian, although she can get rid of her original family and become rich, she will never be so progressive.
She also has good food and drink every day.


Qin Shi still knows how to be grateful.
She should also take good care of the children.
Not to mention that the children are so sensible.
Qin Shi really likes them and wants to be good to them.


She was tired enough in her last life.
She'd better stop overworking this life.


During the National Day, she and Zhang Yanli rehearsed with the children in the class.
After confirming that there was no problem, she left all the makeup and other things to Zhang Yanli.
She pulled Mo Ling home and tried on clothes.
It was really appropriate.


When Mo Ling saw the finished dress, the whole person was shocked, and then there was great joy.
“Hurry up! Let me try, what can Cai Xiuqin compare with me! Qin Shi, you are so awesome!”


Mo Ling changed her clothes, and Qin Shi adjusted some details for her.
After confirming that there was no mistake, she was relieved.


“I know that you stayed up late to do it for me these days.
You treat me as a friend, and I sincerely treat you as a friend.
I should pay for the hard work.
Don't refuse it!” Mo Ling handed Qin Shi 60 yuan.


Qin Shi smiled and answered, “I'm not stupid, why refuse? Look at the black circles under my eyes!”


Mo Ling likes Qin Shi's uncompromising appearance.
She picked up the clothes bag and smiled: “It's all right, but you're still beautiful with dark circles under the eyes! I'll invite you to dinner after work, and I'll go first!”


Qin Shi smiled and responded.
After seeing her off, she sat down and took a long breath.


Lu Zetian had a holiday on National Day.
He went to a meeting in the morning and came back.
At that meeting, he heard that Mo Ling had gone home.
He then came out with a child in one hand.


Qin Shi can't rest.
She has to go to see how Zhang Yanli is doing.
The children wanted to explore, so Lu Zetian simply took them to the army.


Qin Shi was busy, Lu Zetian took the children around and waited until dinner time to pick up Qin Shi for a meal before going to the auditorium together.


The auditorium is very large, and there are many people sitting there, all of whom are from the army.
Of course, there are restrictions on bringing family members.
It is impossible to let them all come.
The auditorium can't accommodate so many people.


Lu Zetian is the head of the regiment, and naturally has a position, but even he has only three.
Qin Shi's position will be occupied by the twins first, and then she will come and pick them up.


An An pointed to the banner celebrating the birth of the motherland on the stage and read it word by word.
She sat with Ping Ping and did not cry or make noise.
They waited for the program to begin.
The people next to them looked at them and thought they were cute.


After Qin Shi's delicious feeding every day, the three children grew up and had a little more flesh.
Gu Qinghai looks more and more like a growing boy, while the twins are plump and cute.


Political Commissar Zheng came with Aunt Zhao and sat in front of Lu Zetian and them.
Aunt Zhao handed her grandson to Political Commissar Zheng.
She turned around to chat with the three children and looked at them with smiles.


It seems that Qin Shi is really good to the children during this period.
The children are clean and healthy, and the most important thing is that they are more sensible and intelligent, which makes many people look up to her, exclaiming that their stepmother is actually good.


Of course, some people think that Qin Shi is faking it, and will be exposed in the future.


They don't believe that Qin Shi can treat several children of Lu Zetian's family so well after having her own children.


Of course, other people spat at them when they said this.
Who doesn't know that the three children of the Lu family are all martyrs' children, besides Qin Shi is not stupid.
How can she abuse others?


Not to mention that Gu Qinghai's situation was defended by Qin Shi some time ago.
If she really had a bad mind, how could she do it?


How can a bad person say that?


The person who started to gossip behind her back was unable to accept it.
They could only chat up and stop talking, but secretly followed Qin Shi's every move.


Well, when she came to see the celebration today, many people paid attention to the Lu family.
When Qin Shi appeared, they looked at her.


Qin Shi felt the eyes of others, but she didn't care and ignored them directly.


When the twins saw her coming, they consciously came down to give her the seat and told her to have a good rest.
Lu Zetian handed Gu Qinghai the thermos cup.
Gu Qinghai hurriedly brought it to Qin Shi and asked her to drink.


Qin Shi took a big drink from the cup, which made her feel relieved.


“Don't you need to be busy?” Lu Zetian looked at her sideways.


Qin Shi nodded: “It's all right.
Zhang Yanli is at the fourth program.
I'll go to the stage and look after it soon.”


Hearing this, Aunt Zhao turned her head to look at Qin Shi and asked, “Why didn't you sing along?”


Qin Shi smiled: “What am I going up for? Children are the flowers of the motherland.
They just have to sing to the motherland.”


Aunt Zhao looked at Qin Shi with admiration.
“You're right.”


Political Commissar Zheng also turned his head to look at Qin Shi and smiled and praised her as a good teacher.


After another chat, the celebration began, and everyone quieted down and watched carefully.


The same is true of Qin Shi.
Although the celebration is incomparable with the later generations, it is full of the characteristics of this era and is also very good.


When the second program was about to end, Qin Shi stooped out and hurried to the backstage.


As soon as she entered the backstage, a woman in a light blue dress walked out quickly, and Qin Shi almost ran into her.


The other party frowned at Qin Shi and their facial expression was very ugly.
“Be careful when you walk! Can't you see there's someone?”


Qin Shi looked at the high heels on her feet, and said with a smile, “Walk slowly with high heels.
It's not good if you fall down.
If you really want to run, I suggest you change to a pair of flat shoes.”


The person glared at Qin Shi, and walked away with high heels thumping.

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