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Chapter 50.1

Wen Chi closed his eyes in despair and waited for death.

He felt that his body was falling faster and faster.
He was afraid that in a short while he would fall to the ground like broken glass and he didn’t know if it would hurt when he broke into pieces. 

He was afraid of pain and also afraid of death.

But if death was just a moment away, then he would no longer be so afraid of it.

But before dying, Wen Chi still couldn’t help opening his eyes with difficulty, he wanted to take another look at Shi Ye.

When he did, he realized that Shi Ye had already caught up with him in such a short time that he could grab his arm just by reaching out.

Gust of wind was blowing on Shi Ye’s body, his hair and clothes were dancing wildly in the wind, his face was particularly pale, his face was expressionless, those pair of phoenix eyes that seemed to be able to capture the soul stared straight at Wen Chi.

Wen Chi stared blankly at Shi Ye’s face and suddenly, an extremely strong desire to survive was ignited in his heart.

“Shi Ye! Help me!” Wen Chi waved his hands desperately, he wanted to grab the hand that Shi Ye extended to him, “Help me!”

Wen Chi fell very fast but Shi Ye chased even faster.

Wen Chi saw that his hand was about to touch Shi Ye’s fingertips but at the next moment, Shi Ye suddenly backhanded to avoid his hand.

In an instant, Wen Chi felt as if someone had tapped his acupoints.
He watched his hands get farther and farther away from Shi Ye’s hands in despair, his heart almost bursting with fear.

It’s over.

Maybe this is his fate.

Wen Chi closed his eyes again and just when he felt that he was about to touch the ground, suddenly an arm wrapped around his waist and the familiar force abruptly turned him around in mid-air.

Before Wen Chi knew what was happening, a loud pop exploded in his ears and they landed in the canopy of a tree.

This was followed by a crackling sound – the sound of a branch snapping.

Instead of hard ground, Wen Chi was greeted by a patch of tall, dense trees.

He was held tightly in Shi Ye’s arms and together they penetrated the dense and cascading branches and leaves.

Wen Chi felt the branches and leaves beating against Shi Ye’s body like a whip but he was held in Shi Ye’s arms without being touched by the branches and leaves at all.
He buried his face in Shi Ye’s arms and his body shook violently from fear.

Until finally, he heard a dull sound.

They fell to the ground.

However, the bruises that Wen Chi imagined did not come.
Not only did he not lose any arms or legs, he was not even injured at all, only his breathing was extremely short and his chest panting like a dilapidated bellows.

There was darkness in front of Wen Chi’s eyes and he quickly raised his head from Shi Ye’s arms, only then did he realize that he was firmly pressing Shi Ye under him.

There was no light around, only the faint moonlight shining down from the night sky, allowing Wen Chi to barely see the environment around clearly.

“Shi Ye, Shi Ye, are you okay…” Wen Chi didn’t realize that his voice was filled with sobs, he quickly climbed off Shi Ye and hugged Shi Ye with trembling hands,”I’m sorry, it’s all my fault for falling down, I’m really sorry ……”

As he said that, Wen Chi smelled an extremely strong smell of blood.

He lowered his head and took a closer look and found that Shi Ye’s neck and hands were covered with dark blood but Shi Ye was wearing black clothes, so he couldn’t see whether his clothes were also stained with blood.

And Shi Ye’s eyes were tightly closed, his face as white as paper.

“Shi Ye…” Wen Chi burst into tears unknowingly, he was so distraught that he was about to choke.
He stood up staggeringly, trying to carry Shi Ye on his back, “Hold on, let’s go find Eunuch Zhu… “

When his hands touched Shi Ye’s clothes, they were already soaked and even his fingers felt wet and sticky to the touch.

Even if he didn’t look, he knew that his hands were covered in blood.

Wen Chi barely managed to take two steps with Shi Ye on his back, but his legs became weak and he fell over with Shi Ye on his back.

They both fell on the grass.

This is a translation hosted on KnoxT, copies found elsewhere are either stolen or plagiarized.
Please support the translator by reading it at KnoxT.

Wen Chi got up from the ground in embarrassment.
He looked at Shi Ye who was lying motionless on the grass.
For a moment, it seemed that a big hand was strangling his neck so hard that it was so difficult for him to even take a breath.

“Shi Ye…” Wen Chi crawled over with hands and feet.

He saw that Shi Ye’s fair face was also stained with dark blood, which looked like a gorgeous hell flower under the moonlight, making the burn marks on Shi Ye’s face even more frightening.

Wen Chi probed Shi Ye’s breath with his fingertips and after feeling a faint breath, he was a little relieved and prepared to continue carrying Shi Ye.

Unexpectedly, just as he turned his back to Shi Ye, suddenly hands climbed up his back.

Caught off guard, Wen Chi was carried backwards by those hands and fell into a strong chest.
Those hands immediately wrapped around his waist from behind and held him tightly in place.

Wen Chi’s limbs were stiff and his body was numb, staring blankly at the night sky with only a faint crescent moon hanging on it.

It took him a while to realize what was going on.

“Shi Ye?” Wen Chi asked cautiously, “Are you awake?”

Shi Ye hummed lightly, his voice sounded weak.


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