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Chapter 58.1

Hua Zi Zang seemed to have been frozen in place, his body stiffened and he did not respond for a long time.

Wen Chi was a little puzzled so he walked behind Hua Zi Zang and called out again, “Young Master Hua?”

Only then did Hua Zi Zang seem to notice and turn around very slowly.
He had a stiff smile on his face that did not match the stiffness of his body, he then pulled the corners of his mouth with great effort and said: “Young Master Wen.”

Wen Chi saw that Hua Zi Zang’s face turned pale and there were a few drops of cold sweat on his forehead, so he couldn’t help but ask with concern: “Your complexion doesn’t look good.
Are you unwell?”

“No.” Hua Zi Zang quickly shook his head, “Thank you Young Master Wen for your concern, I’m fine.”

Since Hua Zi Zang had already said so, even though Wen Chi still had doubts, he could not say anything else.

Then the two sat down side by side.

Although Wen Chi is relatively more familiar with Hua Zi Zang than any of the others, in the end, he had only met him a few times and was not considered a close friend.

So after sitting down, if Hua Zi Zang didn’t speak, then Wen Chi had nothing to say.

So both of them remained silent.

Wen Chi was used to being a loner, he was not very talkative, so Hua Zi Zang’s silence not only did not make him feel awkward but also made him feel relieved.

The process of waiting for others was undoubtedly very boring.

If Wen Chi had the leisure and elegance, he could stand up and appreciate the paintings hanging on the walls of the hall like everyone else.
Unfortunately, he doesn’t have that artistic talent, so he just sat there and stared.

Hua Zi zang, who was previously admiring the paintings, was infected by him and sat beside him in a daze.

It’s just that Wen Chi always felt that Hua Zi Zang was casting sideways glances at him intentionally or unintentionally.

At first Wen Chi thought he was being paranoid, but later, on a whim, he suddenly turned his head to look at Hua Zi Zang.

Caught unexpectedly, Hua Zi Zang was unable to withdraw his gaze and was frozen in place.

The two looked at each other like this.

Wen Chi’s eyes were full of doubts, while Hua Zi Zang’s eyes were filled with all kinds of complicated emotions that Wen Chi couldn’t understand.

After a long silence, Wen Chi spoke weakly: “Does Young Master Hua have something to say to me?”

This sentence brought Hua Zi Zang back from his thoughts.

He didn’t know what had suddenly occurred to Hua Zi Zang, but his white face turned red in an instant, and even the roots of his ears were so red that they looked like they had been dipped in red ink.
He averted his gaze in a panic and stammered, “No, no.”

Wen Chi pursed his lips, thought for a while and said: “If you find it inconvenient to say it, you can tell me when it is convenient.”

Hua Zi Zang was taken aback for a moment, then turned his head and saw Wen Chi gazing at him calmly with a sincere expression that was not faked.

Wen Chi’s eyes were light in shade, a light woody brown and his eyes were harmless looking almond eyes and when he looked at Hua Zi Zang for a moment, he was inexplicably reminded of his sister.

His sister was only nine years old and she also has such beautiful eyes and she likes to look at him so directly.

Mysteriously, Hua Zi Zang said, “Actually, the one you gave me…”

Before he finished speaking, a bellowing voice suddenly came from the distance, “Zi Zang, you’re early!”

Hua Zi Zang, who was interrupted, immediately blushed and closed his mouth.

Wen Chi saw that Hua Zi Zang was still hesitating, so he didn’t take this matter to heart.
He followed Hua Zi Zang’s gaze and saw General Lin, who had changed into regular clothes, walking over in a refreshing manner.

The arrival of General Lin made Hua Zi Zang feel as if he had seen a savior and he immediately pulled General Lin to talk about something, but the redness on his face and the roots of his ears did not subside.

As time went by, more and more people gathered in the hall.

This is a translation hosted on KnoxT, copies found elsewhere are either stolen or plagiarized.
Please support the translator by reading it at KnoxT.

When those young talents came, they stepped into the hall and immediately saw Wen Chi sitting next to General Lin.
Their expressions changed drastically and they sat down like dogs with their tails between their legs in the farthest seat from Wen Chi.

Although General Lin is normally nonchalant, he is still extremely perceptive sometimes.
He glanced at the few people sitting far away, tilted his head and asked Wen Chi, “Have you made a feud?”

Wen Chi was afraid that General Lin would think that he had caused trouble, so he quickly explained what happened at the inn this morning in a few words and finally made a solemn promise: “I was really answering his question truthfully, I had no intention of causing trouble.”

Unexpectedly, General Lin burst out laughing upon hearing his words.



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