e who didn’t give up were those young talents who didn’t like Wen Chi.

One of them seemed a little dissatisfied and boldly stood up and said to General Lin in a lackluster manner: “General Lin, there is a first-come-first-served basis for everything, we are the ones who came to Prince Xuan first…”

Before the poor man finished speaking, he was interrupted fiercely by General Lin: “I am ordered by the emperor to protect Prince Xuan.
Do you still want to disobey His Majesty’s order?”

The man stammered: “But, but…”

General Lin raised his voice and said: “Bold, you dare to disobey the emperor’s order, it seems that you are really tired of living, then let me fulfill your—”

With that, General Lin’s hand flashed and he drew out the long sword at his waist.

The sharp blade shone coldly under the bright light, as if trying to blind the man’s eyes.

The man was so frightened that he took a few steps back and bumped into the accomplice behind him.
Then his eyes rolled up and passed out like this.

Seeing this, Shi Jin suppressed the discomfort in his heart and shouted: “General Lin, you’ve gone too far!”

General Lin also realized that he had overplayed his hand and hurriedly put his long sword back into its sheath.
He took a closer look at the man who had passed out and stuck out his tongue: “Hey, I’m just playing around.”

The man’s accomplices didn’t dare to argue with General Lin, so they hurriedly called the servants nearby to carry the fainted man away.

Then the rest of them prepared to leave.

Just as they were passing, General Lin suddenly turned his head to look at him and gave a heavy sigh.

Those people were so frightened that their souls flew out of their bodies and they ran out of the hall rolling and crawling.

Wen Chi: “…”

Why didn’t he realize that General Lin was such a funny person before.

Shi Jin was annoyed and helpless but in the end he didn’t say anything.
He only asked the guards around him to prepare the carriage first.

General Lin walked towards Shi Jin: “Prince Xuan, don’t worry, we have brought so many people this time so everything will be resolved in the end.”

Sensing General Lin approaching, Shi Jin felt as if he had seen a scourge and stepped back while raising his hand: “Don’t, don’t, don’t come any closer.”

General Lin looked puzzled but stopped in his tracks: “Prince Xuan, you seem to be repulsed by me?”

Shi Jin held his forehead with a headache: “This is a long story.
If there is a chance in the future, I will explain it to you.
These days, I have to trouble General Lin to keep a distance from me.”

General Lin frowned, showing a rare hurt expression: “Can Prince Xuan give me a reason?”

Shi Jin had been rubbing his temples and seemed to be having a hard time, before he could speak, it was Wen Chi, who pulled General Lin and asked “General Lin, dare I ask if you have picked up anything recently?”

General Lin turned his head to look at Wen Chi.

Wen Chi waited for his answer.

General Lin thought for a long time, then suddenly slapped his head: “Oh yes, I picked up a small colorful stone.”

As he said that, he let go of Wen Chi’s hand, raised his hand to touch his neck and found a thin red thread, he tore it off directly and there was a small colorful stone hanging from it.


1(be knowledgeable) 2(The eyes grow on the top of the head, that is, the eyes are higher than the top, which means that the hands and eyes are high and the power of knowledge is strong.
It is also a metaphor for being arrogant and conceited.)3(15 min)

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