crown prince but from another point of view, Yue Shan was killed after leaving with him, maybe those people will blame him for Yue Shan’s death.

Thinking of this, Wen Chi buried his head even lower, wishing he could put his face in his clothes.

It’s a pity that heaven didn’t grant his wish and Yue Gui saw a person behind Eunuch Zhu from afar.
Originally he came with the intention of finding out what was going on and now that he is closer, how can he not let go of this opportunity?

Yue Gui took the opportunity to pass by and take a look.

The next moment, his originally calm expression instantly distorted. 

“It’s you!”  Yue Gui recognized Wen Chi at a glance.
The exquisite face with light makeup was full of shock.
He pointed to Wen Chi.
He pointed at Wen Chi, “It’s actually you!”

 Wen Chi knew he couldn’t hide, so he had to look up at Yue Gui.

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Today’s Laurel is dressed in bright red and purple, but with his overly flirtatious face, not only does it not make people feel gaudy but also a little more exotic and charming.

Wen Chi has seen so many men come and go, but this is the first time he has seen such a beautiful man.

Beautiful yet incomplete….

The man’s face was hideous, and his fierce eyes stared at Wen Chi, as if he would come at any time and devour him alive.

Wen Chi was calm on the surface, but he secretly leaned back behind Eunuch Zhu.

Eunuch Zhu noticed Wen Chi’s movement and immediately flicked the whisk, stood in front of Wen Chi arrogantly and said in a shrill voice, “Is there anything else, Young Master Yue?”

 Yue Gui noticed the defensive intentions of Eunuch Zhu towards Wen Chi and suddenly his face became so dark that it looked like water could drip out.

He slowly restrained the hatred in his eyes, lowered his head and said through clenched teeth, “No.”

Eunuch Zhu said, “Young Master Yue, take care.”

Yue Gui’s expression was unfathomable, he looked deeply at Wen Chi, turned his head and walked away.
The two palace maids who were serving him, bowed to Eunuch Zhu and then hurriedly followed behind him.

Wen Chi watched Yue Gui leave and the stone hanging in his heart also slowly fell down.

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After walking a little further, the group finally arrived outside the crown prince’s study.

Wen Chi lowered his head again and walked in behind Eunuch Zhu like a puppet.

When he came to the study, Wen Chi realized that there were not only the crown prince and the eunuch, but also three officials standing pensively in front of the desk, as if they were reporting something to the crown prince.

As the biggest villain in the novel, Shi Ye, the crown prince, is still sitting leisurely in his wheelchair, as usual – eyes closed, head supported, not sure if he is listening to the officials or has fallen asleep.

The officials hunched over tremblingly and looked at each other several times.

In this regard, none of them dared to say anything or ask anything.
Everyone was afraid that they would be dealt with by the prince if they were not careful.

Wen Chi’s arrival undoubtedly broke the frozen atmosphere.
The officials’ cautious voices stopped abruptly, turned their heads one after another and cast their eyes on Wen Chi.


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