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Chapter 13.1

Wen Chi suspected that Shi Ye had long been unhappy with Yue Gui and the others, and he was just using this pretext to do what he wanted to do for a long time.
But thinking about it the other way around – Shi Ye, the future tyrant, always did whatever he wanted, and even the emperor couldn’t control him.
If he wants to kill someone, he will kill him.
When does he have to design a reason to kill someone?

But that’s not the point.

The point is that if Yue Gui and the others are really killed for this, he was afraid that many people in the East Palace will blame him for the death of Yue Gui and others.
After all, many people think that Yue Shan’s death has something to do with him.

Wen Chi is not a person of this era.
He used to live in a society ruled by law in the 21st century.
He knew that murder is illegal since he was a child.
Although he does not know whether he will adapt to the laws of this era in the future, he doesn’t want to carry a few lives on his back so soon.

He saw Eunuch Zhu slowly walking out.

Wen Chi gritted his teeth, with his heart beating turbulently, he got up and knelt down on the ground: “Your Highness, I am grateful for your help but I have met Young Master Yue once.
If Young Master Yue lost his life because of me, I would be sorry in my heart, so I dare to intercede for Young Master Yue and I beg Your Highness to spare their lives.”

As soon as these words came out, Eunuch Zhu immediately stopped, as if waiting for the Crown prince’s answer.

Wen Chi warily maintained his kneeling position, his head pressed against the soft blanket, he could not see Shi Ye’s expression at this moment, but could extraordinarily clearly feel Shi Ye’s gaze roaming over his back.

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So slowly ……

As if the hunter was surveying the prey trapped in the fence from high above.

 Wen Ji was startled by his own thoughts and burst out in a cold sweat.

Just when he thought that Shi Ye would reject him, he heard Shi Ye  say: “Oh, You want to intercede for them?”

Wen Chi didn’t dare and said cautiously: “I just don’t want them to lose their lives because of me.”

“You are kind-hearted.” Shi Ye chuckled and there was no hint of laughter in it, “Why don’t you do it like this, Bengong will give them a chance and you will take out an item to exchange with Ben Gong, if Bengong likes it, I will spare their few lives.”

Wen Chi: “…”

He wailed in his heart.
The original owner is just a concubine son of the Minister of Rites, what kind of rare things can he have? Even if there is, it is not necessarily to the satisfaction of Shi Ye.

Shi Ye is a noble prince!

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Every year, all regions pay tribute to the imperial court with so many rare and precious treasures, which one is not chosen by Shi Ye? Shi Ye’s words completely blocked his retreat.

Shi Ye asked, “Why? Can’t afford to?”

Wen Chi was silent, thinking that he couldn’t save Yue Gui and the others.

Who knew, the next moment, Shi Ye’s words changed: “Zhu Xian, take him down.”

Wen Chi was dumbfounded on the spot.

As Eunuch Zhu’s footsteps approached, Shi Ye sneered and said, “Bengong kindly gave you a chance but you don’t appreciate it.
Since you can’t let them go, bengong will do as you wish and let you accompany them on the road to yellow spring1the way to the nether world.”


What’s wrong with this stupid crown prince? How can you think of one thing after another?

Eunuch Zhu moved quickly and while winking at the eunuch next to him, he grabbed Wen Chi’s arm.

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At this moment, a strong desire to survive suddenly erupted in Wen Chi’s heart.
He threw off Eunuch Zhu’s hand, knelt down again and said with a trembling voice, “Your Highness the Crown Prince, I thought of something.  I have something that I have, maybe I can bring it to Your Highness.”

“Oh?” Shi Ye was interested and didn’t ask what it was, just said, “Go get it.”

 Wen Chi breathed a sigh of relief and did not dare to delay.
He hurried out with Eunuch Zhu.

After leaving the study,  he touched his forehead, only to feel a handful of cold sweat.

It takes a lot of effort to go from the Crown Prince’s study to the bamboo flute residence.

About half an hour later, Wen Chi returned to the study with a food box.

He bent slightly and carefully placed the food box on the desk in front of the crown prince.
He opened the lid and brought out a palm-sized cake on a delicate plate.

This is the new cake that Ruo Fang and Ruo Tao made today.
They didn’t have time to put the fruit, they just smeared a few layers of very heavy cream.
At first glance it looks like a strange white mass – really does not look like food, and not very beautiful.

Wen Chi carefully placed the cake and the silver spoon and then silently took two steps back.

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He and Eunuch Zhu stood side by side.
From the corner of his eye, he could see Eunuch Zhu’s white fat face turned white to red and from red to green after seeing the white mass.
It was very exciting to see.

Eunuch Zhu calmly suppressed the surprise in his heart.
Just now, he didn’t go into the inner room with Wen Chi and he didn’t know that Wen Chi had put such a strange thing into the food box.
He glanced at Wen Chi quietly, which was like looking at a dead man.

Shi Ye still had that sullen expression, he couldn’t tell what he was thinking.
He propped his chin up, looked at the white thing curiously for a while, then raised his eyes and glanced at Wen Chi: “What is this?”

Wen Chi replied: “In reply to His Highness, this is a cake.”

Shi Ye: “Cake?”

Wen Chi explained: “It’s a kind of food, just like pastries, it’s something to pass the time.  These days, I have nothing to do, so I worked with the palace maids and eunuchs of the Bamboo Flute Residence to come up with this.
I didn’t expect that we really figured out a cake but this is not as good as what Your Highness eats on a regular basis, so I’ll make a fool of myself in front of Your Highness.”

After speaking, Wen Chi lowered his eyes and continued to stare at his toes.


1the way to the nether world

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