Trials of an unnoticed villainess princess

Chapter 8 - More to this messy family

”What do you want? ” The boy spat at me.

What an annoying kid… I did what most adult do when a child was being a handful. I ignored him, taking to the little chalk board instead.

I didn know how to write in the language they spoke here, but I could still write in English. So I did that. I wrote all of male leads name and their current status.

Jirael Blackburn – Main ML – current status – no threat – potential future threat.

Adrian Blackburn Camellia – ML – current status – dickhead – potentially dangerous.

Ruby – stalker/friend ML – current status – unknown, but safe – no threat.

Edmund Arian – villain yandere ML – current status – extremely dangerous.

And then there was… oh yeah… I winced as I recalled him. He was a boy that mother would take in and mercilessly train to be Victors aide. He was just an orphan from the slums that mother had noticed because of his rare crystal blue eyes, she took him in and from there on had him trained day and night.

But… I wouldn be seeing him anytime soon.

I bit my lip in thought.

If I can manage to meet him before mother and gives him to start an apprenticeship… I might be able-.

”Stop ignoring me! ”

I jumped at the sudden shout from the boy. His face was bright red and he huffed out angry breaths like a dog.

”What? Im trying to think! ” I glared at him, clutching my beating chest.

”If you
e busy thinking then what am I supposed to do!? ”

”I don know! Just play or something! ” I hadn shouted so much in a long time.

He became quiet, staring at the blocks and action figures on the floor. A look of longing behind his angry amethyst eyes.

”With the toys…? ” He asked in a quite withdrawn voice.

”What else? ” I became calm at his lack of aggression.

He shook his head at me, his face no longer angry and now his eyes glistened.

”I can ”.

I frowned at his words.

”Why can you? ”, I asked back, just before I recalled a series of flashbacks of the words I read in the book before.

”My dad said I shouldn play with toys. He said Im not allowed to have toys and play ”, his voice shook.

Oh… Im a piece of shit…

It had slipped my mind how horribly abused this child was. If he hadn had such a temper I mightve remembered earlier.

”I command you to and you dare say your fathers words are above mine, the princess of Blackburn ” he jolted at my words, turning to me with wide, confused eyes.

Yes. Be confused! Because Id be more confused if a one year suddenly started declaring weird crap like this.

”N-No? ” He stuttered with furrowed brows.

”I shall report this to your father ”.

”P-Please don ! Don do that! ” He cried at my words.

I hate to use this card…

”Then play like I told you! Play till you
e sick of playing! ” I pointed a chubby finger to the mess of toys and instantly he rushed towards it.

There. Thats better.

He began to play with blocks while I turned back to chalkboard.

Now… where was i?

I couldn remember no matter how hard I tried to remember and eventually, during my lip biting and intense thinking it was lunch time. The maids came in with a tray of food, a bit too much for two kids, setting them on a table they also just bought in.

Amazing… these women…

I was pulled away from my board and sat on a chair, while a maid dismissively rubbed off all my hard work from the chalk board.

I pouted at the now clean board and sighed… Ill have to start again some other time.

Edmund sat next to me with a light smile on his lips.

”Why are you smiling? ” I asked as I picked up a sandwich.

He became embarrassed at my words and shouted back, ”none of your business squirt! ”

What the hell?

I turned back to my food in a foul mood and the brat went back to happily munching on his sandwiches.

”So… when exactly do you go home? ” I was hoping itd be soon, but at the same time I recalled his father and wanted him to stay.

”Dad said I should just stay here with you and never come back ” he didn seem to care much of his fathers words, eating the sandwich without a care.

”Oh… um… ” what to do?

The door opened while I was lost in my thoughts and a familiar dark haired boy stood there, staring at us with wide golden eyes. He didn speak at all and instead looked warily at the silver haired boy who hadn even noticed him.

”B-Brother? Why don you just come inside? ”

Was he shy?

”Who is he? ” He asked without any hesitation, eyes narrowing as he stared at the boy who without a care played with a toy plane.

”Hes uh- um?- my new friend? I guess? ” He wasn my guard yet so a friend then.

”You don need a friend. You have me! ” His face seemed to glower a red colour and he grabbed my arm.

”I- I sure do Jirael, but you see ”- i stuttered.

”Hey you! Leave! Get out of here! My sister doesn need a friend! ” He started shouting at Edmund who finally noticed him.

The boy dropped the plane, his face paled at the sight of Jirael, ”I- I ”-.

”Leave. Now ”.

”Jirael! Why are you shouting! ” My words went in and out of my brothers ears.

”B-But Im supposed to ”-.

”Ill talk to my dad, so get out of here! ”

Something seemed to snap in Edmund just then. His strange docile behaviour gone as his face became a raging red.

”No! I don want to! ” He shouted back at the two year old Jirael.

It was lucky I saw it then, the charge of attack that he intended to land of Jirael. I rushed forward, grabbing hold of the child in a hug before he could come even half-way to Jirael.

”Sister! ” I heard Jirael shout, but the boy had stopped the moment I had latched on to him.

He stared at me with a bewildered expression.

”If you hurt my brother, hell hurt you ”.

He understood who ”he ” was instantly and just as the anger left his small body that was much larger than mine, he began to shake, tearing up slightly and sniffling.

”I- I don want to leave, yet. I still want to play ”.

”And you shall stay till you
e sick of playing like I ordered ”. I let go of him just as the words left my mouth.

His tears ended not soon after, and he turned his red eyes to Jirael who watched the scene with an equally tearful face. He glared at Edmund.

”Don hug my sister! ” He shouted and I sighed.

”Jirael. Come here ” I spread open my small arms.

”C-Can I? ” He hesitantly started and then stopped and just returned the hug. It felt more like a hug since he wasn twice my size like Edmund over there.

”Its okay ”, I patted his little shaking back, hearing sniffles right in my ear.

I- I think I messed up the storyline…

”You don need another friend, you have me ”.

Yeah. Ive really screwed it up.

But, I really didn even do much. Did I?

”Jirael. Having more friends doesn mean losing old ones. You can have lots of friends. So why don you and Edmund start over ”.

”But I don want more friends ”.

”Well at least play with him first ” my reasoning got to him. He looked to Edmund with a frown and shook his head.

”I don like him ”.

Ughhh… kids…

”Jirael ”.

”But if sister says so then… ” he moved to Edmund. He picked up the plane Edmund had dropped earlier and held it towards him as a peace offering.

Edmund gave it long hesitant stare and reached out plucking it out of Jiraels hand. And then they started to smile and giggle.

That was it. That was all they needed before they started to play together as if they had always been friends. Jirael was finally acting like a child, no longer giving things looks of observation and instead care-free with laughter that wasn held back.

It made me think that he really didn need a smart kid by his side, but rather just a friend that treated him as an equal. Now that I think about it the heroine didn care about titles and things. She spoke to anyone, even if she wasn supposed to. Maybe that was the real reason Jirael fell for her?

I was finally able to relax, or so I thought before another obnoxious voice interrupted.

”Well, well, look at the genius acting like a little child ”.

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