When I entered class I saw Margaret sitting at the front but I was confused she don ever sit in the front because she doesn like all the attention that it would brought to her so I decided to head to her and asked why she isn sitting in her usual seat.

As soon as I was infront of her I kneeled down so that we are the same height because she was sitting down.

”why are you sitting here? ” i asked

But she straight up ignored me.

”did I do something wrong? ” I asked

Because I was starting to get worried like what was her problem this is so unlike her to just ignore someone before I could even get the chance to asked her whats wrong again the teacher entered the class so I heading to my usual seat in the back where we would normally sit together.

Mara POV:

He had the nerve to come in my face and asked me whats wrong Im so over him right now but I want him to pay for hurting me but I don know how I could do that.

so deep in my thought that I didn even hear when my name was being called by the person next to me until I felt a tap on my shoulder.

”umm hi? ” I said turning to the guy that have just touched me

”oh hey whats up with you and chase if you don mind me asking ” he stated

I turned and tell him all thats had happen I can believe that I just tell a stranger all that but I really needed someone to talk to and let it all out.

”oh wow so what are you going to do about it? ” he asked

”well I wanted to get back at him for what he had done but I don know how though ” I stated

”well I got a plan to its up to you if you want to do it ”

”what do you got on your mind Im literally desperate right now ”

”okay so we could fake date it wouldn mean nothing ” he suggested

”wait what ” I said overly confused

”look it could worked and your also helping me, you see im gay and this guy that Im sneaking around for couple months now don want to left his girlfriend for me I just feel like trash so it would be a win win situation ” he stated

”sure why not so how are this thing going to work? ” I asked

”well today at lunch I will come up to you and get you upon a day and the rest is history I guess ” he said with a smile upon his face

”okay its a deal, but I don even know your name ” i said shyly

”oh Im landon ” he said with a smile

The rest of the day went by quickly and now its lunch and I can wait for our plan to be put in action we are currently texting i was sitting at our usual table no one as arrived as yet.

everyone has arrived now and are chatting with each other soon after I saw Chase heading to our table but not with the new girl that Ive saw him making out with though maybe he found someone new to stick is tongue in.

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