Will she survive it this time?

”Your majesty, her highness, has just delivered her baby ”, the midwife bowed before the king.

”And what should I do about that? ”. He asks viciously with anger in his voice, sending a cool shiver down her spine as she immediately falls to the ground.

”My King is a baby boy ”, she echoed slowly as tears rolled down from her eyes.

”Baby boy? ”. The king asks and the midwife nods her head in a ”yes ” manner.

”Oh gods of Jeseong! Thanks for giving me an heir ”, he went on his knees and smiled as he stretched his hand to the sky appreciating the gods.

Of course he is happy because this is the first son he is going to be having, his wife has been birthing a female child all this while.

The king tried to destroy this baby thinking it was a female but it turned out to be false.

”Your majesty, there is news from the moon goddess ”, The Royal shaman said as she bowed her head.

”Shaman Han please do not hesitate to bring the good news of the gods to us ”, he said with a smile unlike before when he hardly smiles especially when the princess is being born.

”A child has been birthed into the royal palace, he is destined to do great things but his Ill fate won allow him, cause he is sharing destiny with someone born just now also ”, she said and walked out hesitating.

The king signed for sometimes as he recalled what the shaman said.

”No!! Nothing must happen to my son ”, he echoed as tears fell rolled down from his eyes.

He walked quietly into the queen chamber as he watched the midwife bath him.

”I will protect you and make you grow into a wonderful man ”, she echoed to the fragile boy as she bathed him.

The king walked in and saw the boy smiling from the wooden carved bed for babies.

Another tear rolled down as he recalled the shaman word as it melted his heart.

”Where is my wife? ”. He asks and she frowns before talking.

”Yo… Ur majesty, her highness is dead ”, she said and the king fell to the ground in agony as his eyes reddened.

”Sir it is due to the piles she took, she is too weak and can… ”

”And I never ask ”, King Jin Young said as he walked out into his chamber.

”Gingu!! ”. He called out and his guards hurried into his chamber.

”Yes your Majesty ”. He echoed and the king stood up with his hand on his chest.

”Gingu kill all the new born babies in Jeseong ”, he ordered and his palace guard quickly nodded his head and walked out.

”Lets see how that useless prophecy will come to pass ”. He said and walked into his room as he closed the door behind.

**********Ra Family********

”Sir Lady Ra has given birth just now ”, the midwife said to chief Ra.

”Oh, she has given birth? ”. He asks and she nods her head .

Lady Ra has been in labour for ten days now and the probability of giving birth is at a low rate but here we are.

”Sir, Hong Ra! ”. Ma Ra, who is his younger brother and only surviving family member, called out.

”Ma Ra what is it? ”. He asks and his brother cleans the sweat beads on his face with the back of his arm.

”Brother! The king ordered Gingu to kill all the newborn and Gingu is three houses close to ours , he said and Hong Ra scratched his head as he ran to his wife.

”Lady Ra are you okay? ”. He asked and she kept mute.

”She is weak and we have to protect this child ”, He said and raised the baby up then placed her into his robe as he tied it tight.

”Brother they are two houses closed ”, Ma Ra said and Hong ran out through the back exit with the midwife.

”Hong Ra! ”. Gingu called out and Ma Ra walked out of his brothers chamber with his sword.

”Guards enter and fetch the baby out! ”. Gingu commanded and the guard all went in when Ma Ras sword pecked through one of the guards chest and fell to the ground lifeless.

”Ma Ra, where is Hong Ra child? ”. Gingu asks after he stabbed him but he never mutters any words as Gingu enters the lady Ra chamber.

He found her sleeping on the wooden bed as she gently opened her eyes when Gingu tapped her, he placed the swords on her neck.

”Gingu what is it? Did the king come for the child he abandoned? ”. Lady Ra asked and Gingu slapped her.

”Bae Ra how dare you say that? How can a dirty thing like you bear the king a child? ”. Gingu asked as he drew the sword closer to her neck making her choke.

”Gingu go tell your king that me and my baby can do fine! ”. She raged.

”And where is that baby? ”. Gingu asked and her eyes furrowed from the slap she received.

”Gingu what did you do to my child? ”. She asked and Gingu laughed.

”Do you think you can play a prank on me?Never!… Now where is your child? ”. He asked and she blinked her eyes in surprise.

”Where is my child! ”. She yelled at him even when the sword was close to her throat.

”Sir we didn find any baby in the house! ”. The guards he assigned to check the baby in the house.

”Bae, where did you hide your baby? ”. He asked and she put her lip in confusion as she remembered how Hong Ra took the baby through the back exit.

”Tell me before I kill you! ”. He drew the sword to her skin directly.

”Gingu help me get my baby! Hong Ra has taken my baby! ”, She sobbed.

”Sir let go after him before he runs away ”, one of the guards said and he nodded his head in agreement.

”Lady Ra you are useless now ”, Gingu said and sliced her head.

”Let go! ”.


”Master Ra! Gingu is after us, I can smell his body from afar! ”. The midwife said and Gingu came to view as he alighted from his eagle.

”Hong Ra, where is the baby? ”.

”No! I can allow her to kill her…. She is the chosen one! She is the light that the world needs! ”. He muttered as Gingu made way to stab the baby…

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