”No, you can kill her ”, Hong Ra punched him in the face as the baby fell to the ground.

Sharp light from the sky appears directly in the middle of Gingu of Hong Ra.

Hong Ra quickly seized the opportunity and dived into the water with the baby.

”No! We miss them! ”.

*********Twenty Years after the Birth Of the prince******

”Prince Rae Yong! ”, Princess Jisoo called as she walked into prince Raes chamber with her coiled hair falling on her shoulder.

”Princess Jisoo you can be doing all this for me, maybe I should just hire a maid ”, he said and his sister roughed his hair gently.

”My boy has grown big, I really miss mum, I wish she was here to see how her child has grown into a handsome-looking man ”, Princess Jisoo said and he laughed.

”My wonderful mum made me that ”, he wink and peck her forehead.

Jisoo has been the one taking care of her brother ever since he was born.

”Jisoo, how is your brother? ”. King Jin Yong said as he pats Rea Yongs hair softly.

The smile was quickly replaced with a frown as he remembered the prophecy and how they lost the chosen one in the last twenty years and from then everything seemed wired, the prince tends to fall sick always and the fear of losing him.

”Jisoo please take care of your brother! Okay ”, he pecked her forehead and walked out.


”Dad, I can keep dressing like a boy! ”Dae Woo raged as he put on his clothes.

She is a lady but has had to act like a boy ever since she was born and hates the idea of that.

”Dae Woo please help me, just act like this till you are strong enough to fight for yourself okay? Dad loves you ”, he said as he hugged her tight to his warm chest.

He closed his eyes as he remembered everything, how they escaped from the hand of Gingu.

”I believe the goddess has a great plan for her ”, he smiled and walked to midwife RA.

She got married to Hong Ra and took care of Dae Woo and gave birth to a son for Hong Ra.

”Master Hong please let her live like an indebted lady ”, she said and Hong shot her a deadly glare.

”And what does that have to do with you? Do you want me to lose her just like the way I lost her mother and my brother? Do you want me to lose more sweet souls? ”. He asks with his ocean-red eyes piercing through her soul, almost melting her down.

”Dad is hungry! ”. Kong said and his father gave him a slice of meat he roasted.

”Dae Woo go get him food from the ban ”. He said and walked out of the old building.


”My princess can you see the king doesn love you! ”Her maid said as they combed her hair.

”Stop, my dad loves me and besides he never fails to blame Rae Yong when he is wrong! ”. Jisoo replied and her maid quickly shot her mouth up before she continued with her work.

”Always interfering in what they never called her for ”, she echoed and looked at herself in the mirror.

”Mum you look dazzling ”, Rae Yong pecked her after he walked into her chamber with his hand in his robe pocket.

”Thanks, sweetheart! ”. She pecked him and he held his head with his palm as some words kept beeping in his head making his head spin.

”If we meet again we are going to be enemies! ”. He holds his head firm as he keeps hearing the sound of that word.

”Rae Yong, are you okay? ”. She asks and he nods his head.

”I guess Im feeling sleepy ”. He said and walked to the bed.


”Dae Woo! ”. The market women all hailed him as he walked into the market in a purple dazzling robe that matched his cap.

”Don you know Dae Woo? ”. A woman asks the older woman beside her who finds the hail exaggerating.

”Who is he? ”. She asks with an irritating voice.

”He is the strongest man in Jeseong ”, she said and went to attend to her buyers.

”I wish I could be addressed as a lady ”, she smiled faintly as she imagined how she would look if she got dressed in a female robe.

”Hey miss ”, a faint voice echoed from her back.

”Am sorry I am not a female, I am a male! ”She threatened and the person raised his head slightly.

”You and your father think you can run from me! Never! You aren gonna live under my nose ”, a masculine voice echoed and drew his sword out when he lifted it up.

”Isn he? He has the exact body structure, frowns and glimpse ”, she echoed to herself when he threw his sword up and it cut her hair down.

”No, he has black magic! What am I going to do now, am not even with my swords ”, she exhaled her breath and bent gently making the sword fall off his hand.

He quickly uses his magic to draw his sword closer and it gets close to her stomach.

”Am d…E…. ”


”Master Hong, where is Dae Woo? ”. Lady Ra asked as she walked into his chamber.

”She has gone to the market for some things ”, he said as he yawned on his wooden bed.

”Instead of sleeping lazily on the bed, why not go check on the girl you said you can lose! ”, She smirks.

”And what for? ”. He asks and she smirks.

”What for? Haven you heard that Gingu Is in the river side of Jeseong? And at the marketplace? ”. She asked and he quickly jumped up from his bed and walked to his Woodend table where he kept his sword.

”Are you really telling me the truth? ”. He asked and she laughed.

”Please go or if anything happens to Dae Woo, pronounce yourself dead ”, she raged.

”Mum I saw a man who stabbed Dae Woo, he is talll and hefty with beards , Kong said as he rushed to his dad who freeze for some time.

”Will she survive it this time?.

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