Dae Woo watch Gingu as he stretched the sword to her chest as she bend to the ground.

”Gingu must you be so absurd? ”. Prince Dal Yong said as he smiled cutely at the fragile girl who managed to stand on her feet.

”Am sorry your highness, she is the… ”.

”She is what? Meet me at home ”, with that he walked into his palanquin.

”Am sorry sir, you mistake me for someone different ”, Dae Woo said and walked home with a deep sigh.

”I almost died if not for the intervention of the prince ”, she said as she panted.

”Dae Woo are you okay? ”. Her father asked with concern in his voice.


”Your highness Prince Rae Yong needs a guard by his side because our enemy could just attack him ”, Gwa Roo said and King Jin nodded his head after he thought.

”Yes, look for the best and strongest man around his age ”, he said and the guard nodded his head in agreement with what the king said.

”Yes! My brother might want him dead and that is the only fear I have ”, he said as he walked into his chamber after that evil smirk on his face which stated nothing but devastation.

”Dal Yong you can harm my son! ”. He let out a moan as he finally fell asleep on his wooden decorated bed.


The sound of husk from bed, sun raid and passerby voices woke Dae Woo up as she stood up from her bed and quickly picked up her water pot as dressed in her usual male clothes embodied by her father.

”When will I start dressing like a beautiful maiden? Like a fulfilled lady and one day be picked up by a rich merchant ”, Dae Woo flaunted her beautiful hair as she rolled them into her cap and walked out of her small room.

”Good morning sir, good morning mum! ”. She greets them and proceeds to the stream.

”My pretty angel has grown into a fulfilled lady if only Hong Ra will allow her to live fulfilled ”, she smiles and continues with the meal she is preparing for her family.

”I know you want Dae Woo to live as a human but can she? She surely can ”, Hong said with an unusual smile on his face as if he read her mind.

”Hong Ra just stop pushing her to the wall will you? Don you know she can use her power if she keeps up with the act? Don you think her life is at risk if she can use her power? ”. She asks with her hand folded around her breast region.

”How did you know? ”. He asks with his eyes widened because the misery and tails behind Dae Woo are known to only him.

”Oh no! How did you think of hiding a secret for twenty years? How possible! ”She smiled and Hong Ras mouth pouted as he sat on the wooden seat beside him with his hand on his chest facing Lady Ra.

”But I am doing this for her sake, it is better for her to love hidden without her power and get killed with her power! ”. He said and she laughed.

”Okay! Do whatever you wish and don regret it! ”. With that, she stood up and walked into the barn.

”I hope she understands! ”.

*********At the riverside********

”Maybe I just have to live as Dae Woo and disgust myself as a male! Who knows what might be the misery behind dad wanting me to be a man! Dae Woo you are a man and act like one! ”. She let out a deep breath and inhaled it again.

He arranged his robe and tied it tight as she walked to the stream.

Several people were on the streamline but instead, he walked quietly to the front and was about to fetch his water when someone pushed her.

She was about to fall to the ground as she immediately jumped up and a punch reached out to the face of the person who pushed him.

”How dare you punch me! ”. The guy raged and walked to her as Dae Woo fold her robe and dived in the air as she jumped up and kicked him in his d**K region falling to the ground.

”Arrgh! ”. He moaned as he fell lazily to the ground with his hand around his Dick region.

”Next time learn to respect elders and if you try this next time! Im sure gonna break your balls ”, he yelled at him and placed his water pot on his head.


”She has been born again! Goodness that demon is alive! She is back to destroy those who destroy her! What are we going to do now! ”. A lady in her said as she poured a powder substance into the air and a diamond ring on her left index finger facing the moon.

”Goddess you have never betrayed but now you did! You allow her to come back! ”. She raged again.

A light ray from the moon came down in the form of a gloomy lady just in ray.

”How dare you shout at me! Do you want to be cursed! ”. The voice yelled at the lady who is in shiver now.

”Am sorry! ”. Her lip pouted in a shiver as her trembling voice echoed.

”Now are you ready to hear me out and stop the nag ”, the voice echoed as her light hair flipped through the air, if only she was human, men would drool over her.

”Yes! ”. She went on her knees immediately.

”She didn resurrect as a demon! This time an angel that will save the world! ”. She said and was about to go when the voice of the lady stopped her.

”Goddess I don want that angel! She is as good as the demon she is before! She might come as the angel to deceive people! Please do something about this , She pleaded.

”And what will I do? When her father has terminated her power to keep her alive? When she is powerless except with the aid of her other half! Without her half brother she is nothing! ”. Her light faded back to the sky.

”What am I going to do now? ”. That was the question she asked herself as she walked out of her…

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